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    ProForm 790T - Decent motor, good cushioning, loaded with entertainment features.

    ProForm 1050T - Adjustable cushioning system: reduces impact on the joints up to 33% compared to road running; iFit and MP3 compatible.

    The ProForm 9.0 Competitor – an affordable model with features you won’t find in other budget machine.

    The ProForm Perspective ES – a decent SpaceSaver® treadmill with TV and entertainment console

    The ProForm 5.0 Crosstrainer - An attractive unit. Crosstraining targets the arms, shoulders and back

    The ProForm Perspective 1.0 LX - Light on features/heavy on extras.

    The Proform iLog 750 - Snazzy stuff and cool electronics, but frequent mechanical problems.

    The ProForm i-Series 785E - Great for serious walking.

    The Proform 6.0 GSX - A trusted name, but is this model to be trusted?

    The Proform Crosswalk Caliber Elite - A treadmill with upper body workout

    Proform 350 - A cheap machine for basic workouts

    Proform 595 Pi - Will it last longer than its warranty?

    Proform 645 - A step up from past models

    ProForm 980 CS - A decent buy considering the full size tread belt, quick incline/speed controls, and all the extras.

    ProForm 415 LT - A discontinued model that offers a short walker’s belt matched to an above average motor.

    ProForm Boston Marathon Training Treadmill - A machine developed by ProForm and the Boston Athletic Association to appeal to serious runners.

    Quantum Q-3.1 ES - Rehab-oriented features provide secure exercise experience for the less-than-fit user.

    Quantum Q-3.2 EX - a rock-solid, elegant looking model based on a medical rehab machine; accommodates larger users or those with special ambulatory needs.

    Quantum Q-3.3 ESD - A high-end commercial treadmill with large 2" OD handrails, low step-up floor height and rehab-oriented features; used for medical stress testing.

    Reebok ZigTech 710 - An entry level model at the upper price range.

    Reebok T 12.80 - The Reebok T 12.80 has received some good reviews, but you wonder what they are comparing it to. There are better treadmills at even better prices than this model.

    Reebok R5.80 - The specs look good, but consumers are not impressed with this model. You want a treadmill that will give you 5 to 10 years of problem-free use, and you won’t find that here.

    Reebok CrossWalk RT 5.0 - The Reebok CrossWalk RT 5.0 with upper body workout arms, DMX Zone cushioning and iFit Live. Why we don’t recommend it…

    Reebok V 6.80 Treadmill - A good looking machine that offers pre-set aerobic and performance workouts as well as compatibility with iFit workout cards.

    Reebok V 8.90 Treadmill - The Reebok V 8.9 offers a list of decent features plus a new gimmick: a built-in weight loss center where you choose the number of calories you want to burn off.

    Reebok 8000C - Sells for around $799; there’s no way you should buy a cardio machine for that much with only a 90-day parts warranty.

    Reebok 8400C - one of the best Reebok models made in recent years.

    Reebok 9500 ES - A foldable model with built-in flat screen TV.

    Reebok VISTA - One of those TV treadmills that rely on impulse purchases.

    Reebok VISTA 8500 - A foldable treadmill with a TV!

    Schwinn 820p Treadmill - This discontinued Schwinn model is a waste of money at any price. Listed as a 'Best Buy' years ago by a leading consumer magazine, reviewers do not have the same high opinion of it.

    Schwinn 840 Treadmill - Easy to assemble, runs quiet, nice variety of programs, heavy frame provides a stable platform.

    Schwinn 860 Treadmill - Some praise from new owners, but reviews by treadmill experts are less impressed with it. Short warranty serves as a red flag for potential buyers.

    The Pulse 260 - A $3500 Machine That Will Last a Lifetime - A 4 HP AC motor, 425 lbs user weight capacity and lifetime warranty make this one of the best treadmills on the market.

    Sole F60 Folding Treadmill - An impressive achievement for 2013, with a low sticker price and a few improved features. If you've been waiting to buy a Sole, now may be the time.  

    Sole F63 Folding Treadmill - The 2013 Sole F63 improves upon the popular earlier version with a few upgrades while keeping the durability and quiet performance that it's always been famous for.

    Sole F65 Folding Treadmill - The F65 improves upon the F63 by increasing the power of the motor, increasing the deck size and adding a more generous 7.5 inch LCD console display.

    Sole F80 Folding Treadmill - Originally designed as a dependable, folding treadmill for hotels that could take a beating and still run smoothly and quietly. The 2013 model continues to outperform other machines at similar price points.

    Sole F85 Folding Treadmill - Quite simply the best foldable treadmill on the market. Upgrades to the belt, weight limit and motor improve an already outstanding performance.

    Sole S73 Non-Folding Treadmill - An upscale, non-folding model designed for heavy at-home use. New 2013 model has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and the belt is two inches wider.

    Sole S77 Non-Folding Treadmill - The new version of the Sole S77 includes a beefy 4.0 hp motor, an increased weight limit and an improved warranty that reflects the company's confidence in their products.

    Sole TT8 Non-Folding Treadmill - Sole's impressive entry into the light commercial arena. A powerful 4.0 horsepower motor and the company's widest running deck are both notable features.

    Sole F65 Folding Treadmill - Easily one of the top foldable models selling at the $1,299 price point.

    Sole F83 Folding Treadmill - One of the quietest folding treadmills on the market.

    The Sole S73 Treadmill - An excellent choice in a home treadmill.

    Spirit XT285 Folding Treadmill - A step-up from the XT185 model offering a better deck and cushioning, two more heart rate programs, and an audio speaker system.

    Spirit XT 385 Folding Treadmill - Ideal for anyone who loves the style and appeal of the XT185 and XT285, but wants a runner’s motor, stepper incline, and longer deck for big strides.

    Spirit Esprit ET-2 Folding Treadmill - An entry level machine that is over-priced and over-matched in the $1000 range, but looks at least somewhat of a good choice when on sale for a lot less.

    Spirit Esprit ET-6 Folding Treadmill - a basic runner’s model that doesn’t bother with the frills; the best value of the Esprit Spirit ET line-up.

    Spirit Esprit ET-8 Folding Treadmill - a strong model with decent cushioning, a rugged belt and motor, basic but well-designed programs, and a very solid frame.

    Spirit Esprit ET-10 Flatbed Treadmill - Kudos for reliability, power, cushioning, and quiet operation; a good choice if the price is right.

    Spirit Esprit ET188 Folding Treadmill - The Spirit ET-188 has the type of features that were considered exciting five or six years ago.

    Spirit Esprit ET288 Folding Treadmill - Average marks for power, reliability, noise, and overall value.

    Spirit Esprit ET388 Folding Treadmill - A basic model with an average motor and cushioning, and below average warranty; fine for light jogging.

    Spirit Esprit ET488 Folding Treadmill - Some solid features, but there are no outstanding features, no bells and whistles, no single component that separates this $1499 model from the pack.

    Spirit Esprit ET588 Folding Treadmill - A decent model for running but the warranty is short for treadmills at this competitive price level.

    Spirit XT8 - Smoothest ride for the price.

    Spirit XT9 - A high performance model

    Spirit XT10 - A stable folding model at the right price.

    Spirit XT200 - Another quality budget priced model

    Spirit XT600 - A great combination of function, form, and style

    Spirit XT800 - An investment in quality

    Spirit Z100 Treadmill - A great combination of durability and fun features

    Spirit Z500 Treadmill - A blend of function, user friendliness and durability

    Spirit Z8 - A solid contender that stacks up well against more expensive brands.

    Spirit Z88 - A distinct improvement over the Z8.

    Spirit Z900 - A top contender for your exercise room.

    SportsArt Fitness T611 - The T611 gets high marks in reviews for being a sturdy, reliable machine with precision engineered parts. ActiveZone shows which muscle groups you're targeting.

    SportsArt Fitness T621 - The T621 Treadmill features whisper-quiet performance, superior performance and a deck system that balances cushioning against stability.

    SportsArt Fitness T631 - Incredibly quiet and smooth; MyFlex deck cushioning system reduces heel strike impact significantly to preserve your joints.

    SportsArt Fitness TR20f - A premium folding model that can give you an excellent workout without having to pay an arm and a leg

    Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill - Not a quality machine by any stretch but it is certainly usable for light use, very portable, and easy to assemble.

    Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill - Requires no motor so you can use it anywhere, anytime, and it easily folds up and can be wheeled out of the way when not in use.

    Star Trac E-TR - The E-TR is the entry level model of Star Trac’s E-Series line which focuses on entertainment features.

    Star Trac S-TRx - A club quality commercial model that retails new for $6,595.

    Star Trac S-TRc - An upgrade of the S-TRx and S-TR.

    Star Trac 3900 - Reviews on this commercial unit are universally favorable since Star Trac makes some of the best and most popular commercial machines in the world.

    Star Trac TR901 - Rated "Best Buy"

    Star Trac 4000HR - Buy remanufactured and save!

    Star Trac 4500HR - Reconditioned model a great investment for home user.

    Star Trac Pro 4500 - A quiet, smooth treadmill with “club feel” from the world’s best-selling commercial treadmill maker.

    Star Trac Pro 7600 - A commercial club model designed for heavy duty use, up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Star Trac Pro S - A popular machine at the health club.

    Trimline T340 - A well-built, high-quality machine that will last for years

    Trimline T360 - A good choice for the casual walker.

    The Trimline T370 HR - A high-end model for serious workouts.

    True ES7.0 Treadmill - A solid machine for achieving great cardio and calorie burning workouts.

    True ES9.0 Treadmill - Top marks in reviews for stride space, quietness, cushioning, powerful drive and incline motors, programs and outstanding warranty.

    TruPace M100 - A nice size motor, a power incline, a soft-drop folding frame, and lots of other cool features makes this one a contender as the best treadmill for under $500.

    TruPace M120 - The M120 treadmill offers an amazing list of specs and features for just $699. It compares with competitor models that sell for hundreds more.

    TruPace M150 - More features than the M120, but that doesn’t mean more is better. We suggest you check out the specs on the M120, which is the best value in the TruPace line.

    Tunturi T20 - A great choice for anyone.

    Tunturi T40 - A quality machine that will give you years of use.

    Tunturi T50 - Unique Position Speed Control (PSC) automatically adjusts the belt speed to match the user’s pace.

    Tunturi T85 - Rated for home or light commercial use.

    Vision T9200 Deluxe Treadmill - Reserved endorsements in reviews for the pre-waxed phenolic deck, the expanded fitness training programs and an attractive design.

    Vision T9550 Deluxe Treadmill - Not a bad model for its overall package of components, style and programs; we have yet to see it on sale at a price low enough to be considered a good value.

    Vision Fitness T9500 Treadmill - Rugged, sturdy, and dependable, can be customized to your style of training.

    Vision Fitness T9600 Treadmill - Rates well in all areas – power, reliability, solid frame, noise level, cushioning and walking area; nominated runner-up in the Best Buy category.

    Gold’s Gym VX5000 - A good buy if you can get it for under $1000.

    Weslo Pro CrossWalk 7.8 - A budget machine for the lightweight, casual walker.

    Weslo Cadence 60 SE - Goal setting aspect a major plus.

    Weslo Cadence 80 - Not an investment you want to make.

    Weslo Cadence C44 - Small enough to slide under the bed.

    Weslo CrossWalk 5.0t - If you like a flimsy frame, lots of plastic, a restrictive walking area, cheap deck, weak motor, short 90-day warranty, and notoriously bad customer service, this is your baby.

    Weslo CrossWalk S 7.9 - A total waste of money and you’ll be stuck trying to unload it in a year. Spend a little more and get a treadmill that offers better value and a good warranty.

    Weslo CardioStride 2.0 - A bargain basement manual treadmill with one of those ‘hamster belts’ where you provide the power to move the belt under your feet.

    Weslo Cadence G-40 - A small lightweight person might be able to use this machine for a year or two without problems, just long enough for the 1-year motor warranty to run out.

    Weslo Cadence G-5.9 - A more attractive model than other Weslo machines, but with the flimsy design and weak motor there’s no point in taking a chance on this one.

    Weslo Cadence 60 CT - A very basic model designed to be used sparingly by walkers a few times a week. There are no treadmills that sell for $299 that we can recommend in good conscience.

    Best Budget Treadmill - The Weslo Cadence C72 - Consumers like the Impact Absorption system, motor size, incline and speed range.

    Weslo Cadence G-25 - Great workout for a hamster.

    Weslo Cardio Stride Plus - Not a good buy at any price.

    The Weslo 50SE - a bargain-basement folding model.

    Weslo AerobicStride 2.0 Manual Treadmill - a total waste of money!

    Woodway Bariatric Tread-Ergometer - The smoothest, quietest, and most reliable medical treadmill available. Used for rehab, bariatrics and other medical applications, with accurate testing results.

    Yowza Sebring Transformer Treadmill - The new 2012 Yowza Sebring with Intelligent Weight Management (IWM) is an amazing space-saving machine ready to transform your body into a whole new you.

    Yowza Osprey Transformer Treadmill - The 2012 Yowza Osprey Transformer treadmill has a folding, spacesaving design yet is built to feel and perform like a non-folding treadmill.

    Yowza Daytona Commercial - Lose weight with the 2012 Yowza Daytona. Ships with a free IWM™ wireless weight scale that downloads your weight and BMI to the treadmill’s computer.

    Yowza Lido - The new Yowza Lido folds into an amazingly compact upright position that practically hugs the wall; it's ideal for those with limited space. No assembly required!

    Yowza Siesta - The new Yowza Siesta treadmill, possibly one of the best folding models in the under $1000 category.

    Yowza Biscayne - Slimmest folding design of any treadmill on the market; no other machine folds up to near vertical like the Biscayne.

    Yowza Keewadin - Swing Arm shock absorption system absorbs up to 63% more impact; backed by the best warranty in the business plus a 60-day money back guarantee.

    Yowza Smyrna - One of the better buying experiences for treadmill shoppers; reviews by pros and home users rate it as one of the best mid-priced machines they have ever stepped on.

    Yowza Juno - A solid choice for home users; a heavy-duty yet attractive treadmill created by the same designers who made the line of Smooth treadmills so outstanding.

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