The Weslo Cadence 80 Treadmill - Not an Investment You Want to Make

The Weslo Cadence 80 treadmill is a low-end model that’s short on features and long on problems. It lacks quality and durability, and doesn’t pass the frame sturdiness test -- the one where you get on it at Costco and jump up and down until some security guy escorts you out of the store.

Treadmills should be able to handle the “jump test” without wobbles, creaks, squeaks, breakage, or any other sort of calamity befalling it. This little putz can’t handle “the jump.”

The Machine

Priced as a budget model at $399, the Weslo Cadence 80 treadmill offers a 3-level manual incline, a folding design, and some attempt at cushioning on the belt. The spec list includes:

Weslo Cadence 80 Treadmill

  • 1.3 CHP Motor
  • 0 – 10 mph DigitalSpeed™ Control
  • Manual incline: 2, 5, 8%
  • 16" x 45" tread belt
  • 250 lbs. max. User weight
  • SpaceSaver® folding design
  • Comfort Cell™ Cushioning
  • Warranty: 90 days on parts and labor

The Buzz

UPDATE: The Weslo Cadence 80 is no longer available. Check out the full lineup of Weslo treadmills at reduced prices here.

Who knew they even made a motor rated at a lowly 1.3 CHP? Can that really pull a tread belt with a 250-lb person standing on it?

No wonder the warranty on the Weslo Cadence 80 only lasts for 90 days; experts will warn you that this spec sheet is loaded with red flags. Toss in some cheap components under the hood and you’ve got yourself one of the least appealing budget treadmills on the market.

Consumers are rejecting this machine because of the small walking area (don’t even think about jogging on this machine!), the dinky motor, a nothing of a warranty, and the bother of a manual treadmill incline that requires you to stop your workout to dismount and make the change, and then remount the machine.

The Weslo Cadence 80 is not an investment you’ll want to make.

What We Say

A piece of junk isn’t affordable at any price. (And we were kidding about the “jump test” by the way.)

The shocking thing here is that they actually set a price of $399 on this machine; we’ve seen similar value products for half that amount. We suggest that if you are serious about getting a low cost walking unit, forget about the Weslo Cadence 80 treadmill, and take a look at the HealthRider H150i, or save your money and step up in price for something like the NordicTrack C2155 treadmill.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Treadmill Sales are on!


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