Precor Treadmill Reviews -Rock-Solid With the Smoothest Ride

Precor treadmills have received rave reviews from trainers, fitness experts and consumers alike.

No wonder, Precor has been a leader in fitness equipment for twenty years by investing tons of money into research and development to bring you equipment, “Engineered to move the way you move.”

Let's look at this top rated brand to see what it is all about...

Patented Responsiveness

Precor treadmills are designed to follow and respond to the natural ergonomics of the body as well as the natural stride of each individual step during any type of stride from walking to full-out running.

Their patented Footplant Technology takes into account the acceleration and deceleration of the foot during each stride and adjusts the motor speed up to 100 times per second to accommodate the changes.

Precor Treadmills

Precor machines also have a patented suspension system that improves the deck’s responsiveness to your body pressure, weight and stride.

Because Precor is continually innovating and improving, it almost always has a few features on their treadmills that are exclusive to them because they are patent-protected.

The engineering of these treadmills is just plain well-thought-out. Standard features on every Precor model are an oversized deck, a powerful motor, quality electronics and a reversible belt.

Essentially this gives you a more comfortable running area, better flow to your stride (no jerkiness), reliable read-outs on the console and double the treadmill belt life. It’s a great combo package in terms of fewer repairs and more reliability.

A Look at the Current Precor Treadmill Lineup

The current 2021 lineup includes the Energy Series, with the TRM 211, 223, and 243 and the up-level Precision Series 425 and 445 models.  

All of these are commercial grade, durable powerful machines, and you can't go wrong with any of them.  (The top of the line Experience Series, consisting of the TRM 811 and TRM 835, is no longer part of the residential lineup.)

Prices range from just under $2,000 for the base TRM 211 to up to around $5,400 for the top-of-the-line TRM 445.

Energy Series

Precor TRM 211

The base model in the series features Energy Stride shock absorption, up to 12 mph speed, up to 15% incline, 6 built in workouts, touch heart rate monitoring, a 3.0 HP motor and a 57" x 20" deck.

Precor TRM 223

This step up model adds three additional workouts, 2 user IDs and wireless heart rate monitoring, along with all of the same features of the TRM 211.

Precor TRM 243

The top model in the series, this one adds a 7-inch touch screen console, lever controls, 4 users IDs, 23 preset workouts and the company's patented Preva workout tracking.

Precision Series

Precor TRM 425

One of two higher level Precor treadmills, this one has Integrated Footplant Technology and Ground Effects Impact Control, a step up from the Energy Stride absorption system in the base series, as well as 9 workouts, free wireless chest strap and incline as well as decline capability.

Precor TRM 445

The top end model has all of the features of the TRM 425 but adds the touch screen, 4 user IDs, 23 workouts and Preva tracking that the TRM 243 has.

Which Precor Treadmill Should You Buy?

Precor used to offer a larger selection of home models, including the higher-end Experience models.  But they have since narrowed it down to make it easier to select.

We would go for either the TRM 243 in the Energy Series or the TRM 445 in the Precision Series, simply because they offer so many more features than the other models do.  You get a lot more workouts, the touch screen display and the ability to track and share your results with Preva integration.

So if it is within your budget, choose one of those two models.  If you want to save a little money, then opt for the base TRM 211 or TRM 425 in the upper end series.

Also look at the offerings from Life Fitness, which has some of our Best Buy picks, as well as Matrix Fitness, which also offers a wide selection of high-end treadmills for the home.

Authorized Dealers Only

Precor sells their equipment online and only through authorized dealers offline. It guarantees a few things – no one is buying a knock-off, and they have full control over warranties and repairs.

Fortunately, they have very good customer service, so it works both ways. It’s good for Precor and good for the consumer, unless you don’t have a dealer near you.

Also a good deal – the ten year warranty on treadmill parts, although the one year labor coverage is a bit skimpy when you consider you’re paying $3,500 or more for a Precor treadmill. Others in this price range routinely offer at least two years on labor.

There’s also a certain undeniable appeal to owning a Precor. After all, some of the best health clubs in the world use Precor commercial treadmills. Some people quibble over the price of a Precor, but we consider that a budget issue.

While this brand may not be the best value, they are arguably the best treadmills. If you’re really serious about your workout and want a machine that can take anything you can give it, Precor treadmills are worth every dime.

Below you will find more in-depth reviews of all of the models in the Energy, Precision and Experience Series', so can learn about the benefits and drawbacks of each before you make a decision.

Precor Treadmill Model Reviews

Energy Series

Precor TRM 211 - the entry level model in the series with Energy Stride technology, 6 built in workouts and SmartRate heart monitoring.

Precor TRM 223 - the mid-range model with more workouts than the 211 and 2 users IDs for storing profiles.

Precor TRM 243 - the top model in the Energy Series with many built-in workouts, tracking capability through Preva and advanced cushioning.

Precision Series

Precor TRM 425 - the first model in the Precision Series, features a strong motor, solid construction, incline and decline and other gym-level touches.

Precor TRM 445 - the top-of-the-line residential model with incline/decline, Preva workout integration, patented shock absorption and a powerful yet quiet motor.

Experience Series

Precor TRM 731 - the newest model in the series first brought out a couple of years ago, it features the same great technologies at a more affordable price.

Precor TRM 811 - the base Experience Series treadmill with technology to minimize impact, high grade construction and incline capability.

Precor TRM 835 - the top of the line Experience Series model with a huge runner's deck, advanced cushioning plus incline and decline capability.

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