Home Treadmill Assembly Is Not That Difficult

Just about anyone can do his or her own treadmill assembly once the machine is brought inside the house. The instructions and diagrams are easy to follow. Here are a few thoughts to give you an idea of what to expect when your new baby is delivered.

Opting for Delivery Assistance

If you buy a treadmill from a box store such as Costco, it will be up to you to load it and bring it to your home. On the other hand, if you buy from an online fitness specialty store, they will give you a few options for delivery and treadmill assembly.

Almost all dealers offer free shipping, although there is a catch; it will only be to the curb – it will be up to you to get it inside. In most cases you can pay extra for in-room delivery (the treadmill box carried inside your home und up one flight of stairs), as well as have it assembled for you.

Since a treadmill can weigh from 150 to 400 pounds, it is a good idea to opt for the inside delivery, even if it does cost you extra. The weight and bulkiness of getting a treadmill into the house, not to mention up or down a set of stairs, is the single biggest challenge of this purchase. Once the machine is in the room, however, you will find you can DIY – do it yourself.

UPDATE:  You can now have a professional installer come to your house for a special low price.  Check out the new Treadmill Assembly from Amazon Home Services.

For less than $99 in most cases, you can have a local pro assemble any treadmill for you, usually in under 4 hours.  They work around your schedule and are very accommodating.  Plus, it's backed by Amazon so you know it is the real deal.

Putting it Together

Most people are surprised to find that treadmill assembly is straightforward. Some models arrive 95% assembled and some are even fully assembled; while most need only the console and support frame to be attached.

Once out of the box, it will take about half an hour to set up using a few simple tools. Usually the hardware and an Allen wrench are included in the carton. Other than that, you might need a Phillips head screwdriver.

Follow these easy steps for assembly and adjustments before turning it on:

Treadmill Installation & Assembly
  1. Set the deck of the treadmill in place.
  2. Fasten the handlebar/console support posts to the deck to the left and right sides of the treadmill. Don’t tighten the screws yet.
  3. While holding the console, connect the cables for incline, speed, etc., according to the instructions. The wires will be marked and will snap into the slots. Before you attach the console to the two support posts using the four screw points, be careful that the wiring is clear and not pinched anywhere.
  4. Once the support posts are aligned with the console in place, tighten the screws.
  5. Next, check the belt tension. The running belt is pre-installed at the factory and should not need to be adjusted. To check the tension, you should be able to lift each side of the belt about 3" or 4" off the walking platform. If the belt has shifted to the left or right during treadmill assembly or unpacking, tighten the bolt a ¼ turn on the side where it is off. If the belt is too loose, tighten both bolts a ¼ turn each. The adjustment bolts are located next to the rear rollers. They will be either an Allen wrench head or a hex head.
  6. With the treadmill level and assembled, plug in the power cord. Your baby is ready to roll!

Treadmill Troubleshooting

If you have any problems with the treadmill assembly, you should find the answer in the treadmill’s manual. If this manual is missing from the carton, check the treadmill manufacturer’s website to download a PDF file of the manual.

For example, ICON Fitness, the world’s largest manufacturer of treadmills, has iconservice.com for customer service and manuals for treadmills by Epic, NordicTrack, Proform, Gold’s Gym, HealthRider, Image, Reebok, FreeMotion, and Weslo.

You can also order replacement parts at the site or view the list of Frequently Asked Questions for tips on treadmill assembly.

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