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Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Treadmill Desk - For those who can walk and type at the same time! Woodway desk treadmills and the Steelcase walkstation bring fitness to the office cubicle.

The Office Treadmill – The Perfect Way to Multi-Task - The office treadmill desk is a good choice to help you stay fit while getting more done; a rather unconventional route of exercising and working at the same time!

The Treadmill for Swimmers – Endless Pool Review - The treadmill for swimmers is convenient, affordable, and fits almost anywhere. Why own a Jacuzzi or hot tub when you can get more use out of the Endless Pool?

The Treadmill Bike: Dare to Destroy Your Dignity - The treadmill bike, another weird contraption from Bicycle Forest, maker of the 4-passenger quadricycle, the rowing bike, and the couch bike popular with the granola crowds.

The Blade Hockey Skating Treadmill - Used in elite sports training facilities all over the world, this treadmill offers athletes an off-ice training program.

Underwater Treadmills: A Variety of Useful Designs - Personal aquatic and canine underwater treadmills, compact, portable units for use in a home spa.

Split-Belt Treadmills: Rehabilitating Stroke Victims - Split-belt treadmills are the latest in innovative technology to help rehab patients re-wire their brains to command their legs to move.

Zero Gravity and Vertical Treadmills Make Indoor Climbing Fun - Vertical treadmills (TreadWalls) are used by more than fit rock climbers: wall treadmills provide total body workouts. Zero Gravity Locomotion Simulators for astronauts.

Anti-Gravity Treadmills - The G-Trainer from Woodway: experience the high of space age training. Medical rehabilitation treadmill helps amputees learn to walk again.

How a Treadmill Stress Test Can Save Your Life - Why the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a cardiac stress test, also known as an ECG treadmill test, for patients who appear to be at medium risk for developing coronary artery disease.

Is Your Pooch Fat? A Dog Treadmill Will Get Him in Shape - The dog treadmill gives your furry friend much-needed exercise without you having to leave the couch! Motorized canine treadmills with manual incline and paw-friendly easy-grip surface.

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The Skating Treadmill from Express Fitness Products - The Skating Treadmill for skaters will allow for skating stride training on a machine rather than on real ice.

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Mini Treadmill for Tots

Mini Treadmills for Tots - Our children are becoming obese! The toy industry has responded with treadmills for tots. Parents love them, experts say they do more harm than good.

The Lokomat® Robot-Assisted Treadmill - Patients with significant disability due to stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury benefit from gait therapy using a treadmill that supports the patient in an upright position while moving the legs through a normal walking pattern.

Treadmill Workouts for Dogs - Dogs need at least half an hour of exercise daily, enough of a workout to make them pant and tire them out. That's only possible if your dog can run off the leash - or you make him run on a treadmill!

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