The Matrix TF30 - High End and Feature-Packed

The Matrix TF30 is one of two folding treadmills in the company's new residential lineup, along with the up-level TF50.  With advanced cushioning, solid steel construction and a smooth, powerful motor, it's a great option for those looking for a high-end machine.

The TF30 has made our Best Buy list in several categories, and is one of the leading gym quality machines on the market today.

Matrix TF30 - The Machine

The TF30 has an easy-fold design with transport wheels, a black and dark gray frame and a choice of three different consoles so you can choose the one that most appeals to you.

Let's look at some of the other specs on this treadmill....

Matrix TF30 Folding Treadmill
  • 3.25 HP continuous motor
  • .5 -12.5 mph speed
  • 0-15% incline
  • 20" x 55" deck
  • 2-ply, 1.6mm deck
  • Ultimate Deck cushioning
  • Three console options
  • 81.3" L x 35.8" W x 62" H
  • 350 pound max user weight
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, motor and cushioning; 5 years parts, 2 years labor
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The Buzz

The Matrix TF30 has been a big seller for the company, a step up from the base T30 model with more incline capability and a strong motor.

At around $2,699 with the base XR console it is on par with Life Fitness' F1 folding treadmill, but a better option in our opinion.

Early reviews have been quite favorable, with many users noting the similarity between the commercial units they've been using at the gym and the new residential ones.  The company has made it a priority to keep the consistent feel and design, which is a very good sign.

The TF30 has a lot of great features, including Johnson Health's Ultimate Deck cushioning system that minimizes impact and the Johnson Drive system motor which is powerful, yet very smooth and quiet.

You get up to a 15% incline and 12.5 mph speed, and the easily folded treadmill can be moved to another location or into a closet with the included transport wheels.

The running area is 20" x 55", so if you are very tall you might want to consider one of the other two models such as the TF50 or non-folding T50 which feature a longer 20" x 60" deck.

The Matrix TF30 treadmill comes with three different console options: XR, XER and XIR.  The XR is a basic LCD display; the XER and XIR are touch screen displays.

Additional options will depend on which console you select.  The base XR comes with ViaFit tracking, Sprint 8 intervals, Passport (watch HD videos on your own TV) and 10 built-in workout programs.  

The XER, with its 10" touchscreen,  has all of the features of the XR plus Virtual Active (videos on the unit itself), Bluetooth, speakers, internet connectivity with app integration, smartphone syncing and a USB port.

The XIR has all of the same features as the XER, except it is a 16" HD touch screen rather than 10".

You can expect to pay about $500 more for the XER and another $500 for the XIR, so it's a matter of figuring out if you need/want the enhanced displays.  In our opinion they are well worth the additional money.

Other features include heart rate grips, a water bottle holder and water bottle pockets.

How Does the TF30 Compare to the Other Matrix Treadmills?

The Matrix treadmill lineup is pretty straightforward, with two folding models and three non-folding models.  All are great choices, so you really can't go wrong with any one of them.

Let's take a closer look at all of them to help you make a comparison...


The base model in the series gives you a 20" x 55" running area, up to 12.5 mph speed, up to 12% incline capability, a 3.0 CHP motor, the Ultimate Deck system, 2-ply, 1.6mm belt, easy folding, ViaFit workout tracking and a 300-lb max weight capacity.


As you've read above, the TF30 steps it up with 15% incline capability and a stronger 3.25 CHP motor.  It's not as compact as the T30 however.


The up-level TF50 gives you all of the features of the TF30, plus a longer 20" x 60" deck, thicker belt, more advanced cushioning, aluminum side rails, soft touch buttons and a 400 lb. max weight capacity.


The T50 is nearly identical to the TF50, except it does not fold.  It is also about 2" shorter and 30 pounds lighter than its folding cousin.


The top of the line Matrix treadmill is the T75, which replaced the former T70.  This one has the largest running belt at 22" x 60" and a more powerful AC motor, on top of all of the features and capabilities that the T75 offers.

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Which Matrix Treadmill Should You Choose?

We love the entire Matrix lineup, as these treadmills are truly awesome and just as good if not better than what you get from Life Fitness and Precor.

The TF30 has been a Treadmill Talk top overall pick for home use for a few years running, as it gives you the opportunity to own a club quality machine without having to pay $3000+.  

So we definitely recommend that one, or the new T30 if you don't need something that folds and want to save a little money.

If you are very tall and/or want something even more commercial grade, take a look at the TF50 as well, which gives you that longer running area and an even more impact-reducing deck.

If you don't need a folding treadmill, you can opt for the T50 instead, which is more compact and lighter than the TF50.  It's also about $100 cheaper.

Finally, if you just want the top the line model, with the roomiest deck and most powerful motor, consider the T75.  Note that it's about $1,500 more expensive than the Matrix TF30...something to consider.

What We Say About the TF30

We have been working out on Matrix treadmills at the gym for many years, and they never disappoint.  And you really can't tell the difference between the commercial and residential lines, which is pretty amazing.

The TF30 gives you everything you could want in a home treadmill...folding, good cushioning, solid construction, incline training, lots of workouts, tracking capability and console options.

Again, if you are a serious runner or are taller or heavier, the deck may be a bit small for you.  If that is the case check out the other models in the series.  They have longer/wider decks and higher max user capacities.

All of the new Matrix treadmills are as good as it gets in the home treadmill market, and the TF30 is one of our three Best Buys for this year.

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