Xterra Treadmill Reviews - Bargain Priced Machines

If you're looking in the sub-$1000 range, or perhaps something a bit more advanced under $2000, an Xterra treadmill could be just what you are looking for.  

Although not as popular as brands like NordicTrack, Sole and ProForm, the company does give you some nice features and capabilities in their new line-up.

A Well-Regarded Company

Xterra Treadmills

Xterra used to be the lower end brand of international corporation Dyaco, a company that also manufacturers Spirit, Club Fit and the popular Sole line of treadmills.  

With a focus on providing high quality at an affordable price, Xterra offers elliptical machines, bikes, rowers and accessories in addition to their entry-level treadmills.

But recently the company has expanded their offerings to include some higher priced treadmills that are actually quite good.

The Current Xterra Treadmill Lineup

Xterra introduced a brand new lineup for the latest model year, hoping to compete directly with similarly priced models from NordicTrack, ProForm and Horizon.

There are a number of different models to choose from, all with solid cushioning, heavy duty steel frame and easy folding capability, among other interesting features.

Let's take a look at the latest offerings...

Compact Series


This is the most affordable treadmill in the lineup, currently sold exclusively at Amazon. It's basic and compact, and a perfect entry level machine. It comes with a 16" x 50" deck, 12 built in programs, 3 manual incline levels, grip heart rate monitoring and a nice 5" LCD display. It has a max user weight of 250 lbs.


Moving up you have the TR200, which is nearly identical spec-wise to the TR150. The only real difference is more advanced cushioning and a larger 5.5" LCD display.


The TRX1000 is not as compact as the TR150 and TR250. It stands about 9" higher. It also comes with the XTRASoft running deck, a cooling fan, an MP3 jack and speakers.

Sport Series


The TR300 is also larger than the entry level models, and features a larger deck than the others: 20" x 55", making it a better choice for taller individuals. It also can accommodate up to 300 lbs., as opposed to 250 lbs. on the others.

It has a 2-ply deck, 10 levels of incline, a 2.25 hp motor, speeds up to 10 mph, handlebar speed and incline controls, and a lifetime motor warranty on top of the lifetime frame that all of the Xterra treadmills share.

It also comes with an impressive 24 built in programs.


The TR6.4 steps it up with a larger 20" x 58" deck, 12 levels of incline and speeds up to 12 mph. It can also accommodate up to 325 lbs. and has a stronger 2.75 hp motor.


The TR6.6 is the most durable treadmill in the Sport Series lineup, with the largest footprint: 79.5" long x 35" wide x 53" high. It has the most powerful 3.0 CHP DC motor, and a roomy 20" x 60" deck. This one is for those who will be running hard on a regular basis, or for families with multiple users.

Performance Series


Interestingly, although it looks different design-wise, the TRX2500 shares all of the same specs as the TR300. Perhaps one of the two models will be phased out since they are so similar.


The TRX3500 is another step up, and definitely more of a runner's treadmill with a larger 20" x 60" deck, a stronger 3.0 HP motor, inclune up to 12%, 30 built in workout programs, Bluetooth capability (Xterra Fitness App), a larger 6.5" LCD display and a 350 lb. maximum weight capacity.


The TRX4500 has an even stronger motor (3.25HP), same deck size as the TRX3500, up to 15% incline, 7.5" LCD display and also a wireless heart rate chest strap included. The warranty improves to 5 years on the deck.


The TRX5500 is one of the newest Xterra treadmills in the lineup. It's very similar to the TRX4500 except you get a 10.1" touch screen, a first for the company. If the idea of a touch screen appeals to you, then this is going to be a great choice.

So as you can see Xterra has a treadmill for everyone, starting with the very basic TR150 and moving up to the more commercial-grade TRX5500.

All of them come with a very strong warranty, which speaks to the quality of these cardio machines.

Which Xterra Treadmill Should You Choose?

There are a number of options when it comes to Xterra treadmills, so choosing one over the other isn't as easy as it is with some of the other brands. Its competitors, NordicTrack and ProForm, also offer a number of different options.

The base TR150 costs about $699 on sale currently, and it goes up from there as you move up through the lineup. However, almost all of the treadmills in the lineup are $1500 or less, so there are a lot of great choices.

If you are just using the treadmill for light workouts, walking and perhaps some light jogging, the TR150, TR200 or TRX1000 will be perfectly fine.  You get some incline, a nice array of built in workouts, music capability and a decent display.

If you think you might be doing some running also, or if there are additional users at varying weights, you should consider one of the higher level Xterra treadmills.

The TRX3500 gives you a larger deck so you can really spread out, as well as a stronger motor to accommodate more intense workouts.  You also have a larger assortment of workout programs to choose from which is always a good thing, and a bit more incline for increased cardio and leg muscle targeting.

The TRX4500 and TR6.6 will give you even more incline, and an even more powerful motor, but you don't necessarily need that so the TRX3500 will be a perfectly good choice.  The TRX4500 and TR6.6 do however have the strongest warranty and the largest display, two things that certainly justify the additional $100.

So unless you are using it alone and doing very light workouts, we would recommend the XR3500 or XR4500, as they also give you the tracking capability not found on the entry level Xterra treadmills.

The Pros

Our Xterra reviews showed a lot of things to like about this new lineup.  For starters, the price is right.  So all of the treadmills are under $1000, which makes them very affordable.

You also get a lot of nice features, in spite of the price.  All models come with decent motors, incline capability for ramping up your workouts, a large amount of built in programs and very solid warranties, a company hallmark.

You also get easy speed and incline controls right on the handlebars, the unique Xtra Soft Cushioning system, and easy folding capability.

So Xterra treadmills really pack it in, and typically you'd have to be at $1500 or more to get all of these features.

The Cons

There's not too much to not like here.  However, they do have some very stiff competition in the higher priced category.  For example, if you compare the $1,499 TRX4500 with a similarly priced NordicTrack treadmill, you can quickly see how the latter model might be the better choice.

Even the entry level treadmills from NordicTrack and ProForm have touch screens with internet access, a big step up from the LCD displays on all of the Xterra treadmills except the top of the line TRX5500.

Still, they do compare favorably in some categories and are certainly worth considering. Especially the Xterra warranties which are much better these days.

You can read more in-depth reviews of the Xterra treadmills below to find out more about each model, including specs, pricing, buying tips and other helpful info to help you make a more informed decision.

Xterra Treadmill Model Reviews

Xterra TRX3500 - the most popular of the three models with a powerful motor, large deck, 30 built in workouts and easy folding capability.

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