The ProForm SMART Pro 9000 Treadmill Review – Packed with Great Features

The ProForm SMART Pro 9000 treadmill is the company's top of the line Pro Series model, with commercial grade features, plenty of power and extras you usually only find on high-end machines.

If you're looking for a high performance machine for your home without the hefty price tag a club-quality treadmill, this one just might be the perfect choice for your home gym.

Let's take a closer look to see what this top of the line model is all about...

SMART Pro 9000 - The Machine

The next step up from the SMART Pro 5000, the 9000 treadmill adds a few more workouts for a total of 40, large deck and a very powerful, yet quiet motor.

The new 10", full-color Smart HD touch screen monitor is top notch for everything from tracking your progress to surfing the web to watching training videos from top instructors across the world.

Here are some of the most important specs...

Proform Pro 9000 Treadmill
  • Running surface: 22" x 60"
  • 4.0 HP commercial grade motor
  • Speed: 0.5 to 12 mph
  • Incline/Decline: -3° to 15°
  • 40 built in workouts
  • Pulse grips for heart rate; wireless chest strap included
  • ProShox cushioning
  • iFit enabled
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Warranty: 10 years on frame, motor; 2 years on parts, 1 year on labor

The Buzz

Proform Pro 9000 iFit Console

The SMART Pro 9000 is ProForm's most feature-packed treadmill and reviewers are nearly unanimous in their praise of the impressive selection of 40 pre-set workouts, which include calorie burning programs, intensity programs, speed training and incline/decline workouts.

You also get additional workout options through iFit Coach, as well as sharing and tracking capability and Google map integration to virtually run anywhere in the world.  The machine automatically adjusts its incline and decline to match the trail that you pick...a very cool feature.

Many reviews also noticed that the Pro Shox cushioning system seemed to genuinely reduce impact on the joints, which should be expected at this price point.

The majority of ProForm Pro 9000 treadmill reviews mentioned the powerful, 4.0 HP commercial grade motor. Users say it's incredibly quiet and gives an incredibly smooth performance whether you're taking a simple stroll or pushing the envelope at up to 12 miles per hour.

The quality of parts and exceptional "entertainment" package of iFit Coach training, Google maps trails and complete Internet interface options all got a resounding thumbs up from in-home users as well as trainers and athletes.

If you want to save a little bit of money, take a look at the SMART Pro 5000 model, which is essentially the same machine with slightly less powerful motor and no wireless heart rate monitoring.  Everything else about the two treadmills is pretty much the same, give or take a few features.

Another option is the entry level Pro 2000, which is not as advanced as the Pro 5000 and Pro 9000, but still a great option.

How Does the SMART Pro 9000 Compare to the Rest of the ProForm Treadmills?

The SMART Pro 9000 is the very top of the line when it comes to ProForm treadmills.  It is the most advanced model in their commercial-grade series, packed with all of the features and capabilities you could ever want.

It is similar to the NordicTrack Commercial 2950, also the top model in the most advanced series their sister company offers.

So how does it compare to the others?

The ProForm Pro Series consists of the Pro 2000, 5000 and 9000, and you get more as you move up in the lineup.

The Pro 2000 is the base model, with a 7" Smart HD display, 3.5 CHP motor, 22" x 60" deck, up to 15% incline and 3% decline, ProShox cushioning and 32 built in workouts.

The Pro 5000 has all of the features of the Pro 2000 but adds a larger 10" Smart HD touch screen display, a 3.75 CHP motor and an additional 6 workouts for a total of 38.

The Pro 9000 has all of the same features of the Pro 5000 but adds a 4.0 CHP motor, 40 workout programs in total and wireless heart rate monitoring.

So the Pro 9000 provides the strongest motor and the biggest variety of workout programs.

As far as the rest of the ProForm treadmill lineup, you have two other series:  the Performance Series and the Power Series.

The Performance Series consists of the 400i, 600i and 800i, three entry level treadmills built for very light use featuring weaker motors, less advanced cushioning and lower incline levels than the Pro Series treadmills.

The Power Series (possibly discontinued), which includes the Power 995i and 1295i, sits right in the middle of the Performance and Pro Series, with more features and capabilities than the 400i and 600i, but not nearly as many as the Pro 9000 and the other Pro treadmills.

So which ProForm treadmill should you choose?

The Pro Series is your best option and our favorite of the ProForm treadmills, simply because they have a lot more to offer and will suit your needs regardless of your fitness level.  They are jam-packed with every feature you could want, and are very affordable to boot.

Of the three Pro treadmills, our favorite is probably the SMART Pro 5000 with the 9000 a close second.  The Pro 5000 is a big jump up from the 2000 with a stronger motor and the touch screen which the 2000 does not have.  It's certainly worth the additional $200.

The ProForm 9000 is awesome as well, but you have to decide if it's worth the extra $500 for the larger 10" touch screen.  If you have the budget, great...if not, go for the Pro 5000 instead.

SMART Pro 9000 Review - Bottom Line

Every part of the ProForm SMART Pro 9000 treadmill says quality and durability. ProForm is part of ICON Fitness and the company is dedicated to using superior quality engineering and mechanics.

The 4.0 CHP motor is finely balanced and precision tuned for nearly silent operation that holds up without overheating even with multiple users.

While listing at $2,999, it's usually on sale for $1,999 or perhaps even less, which is a good deal for all that you are getting. It costs about $500 more than the ProForm 5000, but it does have the stronger motor and wireless heart rate capability.

The Pro 9000's 10 year warranty on the frame and motor, 2 year coverage of the parts and 1 years of labor is one of the stronger warranties you'll see on a machine costing less than $2000, making it a steal for even the most serious athletes.

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√ Large Running Belt

√ Incline/Decline

√ 4.25 CHP Motor

10" Touch Screen

√ 40 Workouts

√ iFit Coach Training


ProForm 1295i

ProForm Pro 2000

ProForm Power 995i

ProForm Pro 5000

ProForm 1295i iFit Console

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