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Spirit treadmills aren’t going to be the treadmills that set the world on fire, but they are an excellent value for the money. These are the kind of machines that define the words “durable” and “reliable.” For the mid-level price point, they’re in the top several brands, but they probably wouldn’t crack the top three. Spirit models just don’t have enough outstanding features to give them any distinction to set them apart.

Plain Janes that Get the Job Done

Spirit treadmills used to be known for being durable but ugly, but they’ve been working on changing that image. When the huge conglomerate Dyaco purchased the company, they invested considerable funds in updating the look and feel of the treadmills. It’s pretty apparent that they’ve improved in this area, but they’re still not sleek or stylish.

Spirit Treadmills

What these treadmills do give you is reliability that lasts for years. Most Spirit models have a lifetime frame and motor warranty with 1-3 year coverage on the deck and parts. Customer service is generally responsive enough, although a bit slow at times. Because the parts come from overseas, you can expect a bit of a wait if you do need them.

The current model lineup consists of the XT185, XT285, XT385, XT485 and XT685, ranging in price from $1399 to $2399.

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Even a devoted fitness enthusiast or marathon trainer will get their money’s worth in the performance department from Spirit.

These babies take a pounding without wearing down, over-heating or dragging. Part of the credit goes to the design – all Spirit treadmills are made with good components, in fact the quality has improved since Dyaco has taken over the company.

Consider What You Want

If you’re a style maven, the Spirit brand may not be for you. We’ve never rated style as one of the important deciding factors when choosing a treadmill, so it’s not a sticking point for us.

The consoles provide all the necessary information and the pricier Spirit models include features such as heart rate monitors. Spirit machines don’t include bells and whistles, but we’ve reviewed some other treadmill brands with lots of extras that we weren’t as impressed with because they tended to wear out in a few years.

These treadmills won’t; they’ll last for years and give you the solid, comfortable performance that you want if you need a quality workout that won’t let you down.

We look for Dyaco to continue improving the look and feel of Spirit treadmills to make them more attractive in a competitive market. Until then, we still like them for rock-solid performance and stability.

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Spirit Treadmill Model Reviews

Most Popular Models

Spirit XT285 - A step-up from the XT185 model offering a better deck and cushioning, two more heart rate programs, and an audio speaker system.

Spirit XT385 - Ideal for anyone who loves the style and appeal of the XT185 and XT285, but wants a runner’s motor, stepper incline, and longer deck for big strides.

Older Models

Spirit Esprit ET-2 - An entry level machine that is over-priced and over-matched in the $1000 range, but looks at least somewhat of a good choice when on sale for a lot less.

Spirit Esprit ET-6 - a basic runner’s model that doesn’t bother with the frills; the best value of the Esprit ET line-up.

Spirit Esprit ET-8 - a strong model with decent cushioning, a rugged belt and motor, basic but well-designed programs, and a very solid frame.

Spirit Esprit ET-10 - Kudos for reliability, power, cushioning, and quiet operation; a good choice if the price is right.

Spirit Esprit ET-188 - The Spirit ET-188 has the type of features that were considered exciting five or six years ago. For 2011 and beyond, you can easily find better-built, better-featured treadmills than this.

Spirit Esprit ET-288 - Average marks for power, reliability, noise, and overall value. Quiet ride and nice cushioning for lightweight users who will feel comfortable on a smaller walking belt.

Spirit Esprit ET-388 - A basic model with an average motor and cushioning, and below average warranty; fine for light jogging.

Spirit Esprit ET-488 - Some solid features, but there are no outstanding features, no bells and whistles, no single component that separates this $1499 model from the pack.

Spirit Esprit ET-588 - A decent model for running but the warranty is short for treadmills at this competitive price level.

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