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Endurance treadmills are imported by Body Solid, a company known for outstanding home gyms and weight-lifting equipment. Body Solid has been in business for over twenty years and has a very good reputation, so they’ve begun branching out in the last several years.

The Body Solid Warranty - Best in the Business

No matter what company you look at, you won’t find a better warranty than the one on Endurance treadmills. They have the same coverage as all Body Solid products and the coverage is a reflection of their tag line, “Built for Life!” All parts are covered for the life of the machine for home use – and that includes the wear parts, electronics, frame, belt – everything. Labor is usually covered for a year.

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Endurance Treadmills

It’s an amazing warranty – if you buy an Endurance or Body Solid treadmill and the belt wears out from home use fifteen years from now, you get a new belt. The electronics go bad twelve years down the line? Bam – you get new electronics or a replacement console.

Limited Extras

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced treadmill that you won’t have to pay for in repairs over the long run, Endurance brand treadmills are a good choice. But if you want cutting-edge extras and technology, you won’t find it with Endurance. Treadmills by Body Solid have the basics but the company hasn’t spent a lot on giving buyers anything unique or scaling up the appeal of the treadmills, even at the higher end of the price range. We suspect that Body Solid’s research funding goes into the weight equipment and home gym segment, with not much left for treadmill innovation.

Back to Basics

You will get a good, utilitarian machine that will last just about forever with Endurance treadmills (after all, you can always get those free replacement parts from Body Solid), but most don’t give you optimal specs. The belts are a bit shorter and narrower than on similarly priced models, for instance. And you may get a console that lacks features you can find elsewhere for the same cost.

We suggest that Endurance treadmills are good, basic machines for someone who wants a machine that will take a beating and really perform without worry. The company stands behind their warranty with incredible customer service, too. So if you’re looking for "serviceable and steady," Body Solid provides it. What the company doesn’t provide is "cutting edge" or "innovation."

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Enudrance Treadmill Model Reviews

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Endurance T3- Simple design, great warranty.

Endurance TF3i- A no-frills folding treadmill with lifetime warranty.

Endurance T10-HRC- Rates well in reviews for running area, deck cushioning, quality components, and a quiet ride. See what other models in this price range have to offer.

Endurance T6i-HRC - Folding treadmill scores about average to above average in reviews for power, cushioning, programs, and noise.

Endurance T8-HRC - Health club-style features include a roomy walking area, quiet and powerful motor, superior cushioning, and a great warranty.

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