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ProForm treadmills are the mass market brand from ICON Health and Fitness. ICON is the largest retailer of budget machines offering models priced between $500 and $1000, but it also offers a select few units in the $1000 to $2000 range.

While some treadmill reviews may have issues with some models in ICON’s line, there are many surprisingly good treadmills which carry the ProForm name, and all the units are affordably priced.

Proform Treadmills

Tons of Snazzy Features

Most folks won’t realize what improvements ProForm made “under the hood” in recent years, but they can still appreciate the full range of features (“bells and whistles”) that these budget machines are loaded with. No other manufacturer has been able to match ProForm treadmills in terms of the expanded number of programs, heart rate control feature, large running area, incline and resistance levels, easy folding designs, and so on.

A Light Duty, Sturdy Machine

While we aren’t suggesting that serious runners should consider these budget machines, we do feel that the vast number of people who want a home treadmill for walking or light jogging will have no problems with ProForms for many years of continuous use. In fact, the company’s premier TV model, the ProForm Perspective ES (now discontinued), is one of the sturdiest entertainment units we’ve seen, and we don’t often recommend TV models.

ProForm Treadmills - Factory Direct

We might also mention that we’ve been made aware that there has been an increase in significantly positive customer treadmill reviews on mid-priced models, i.e., the $899 to $1199 ProForm treadmills. As we mentioned, ICON Fitness has upgraded the quality of the machines over the past two years but did so without increasing retail prices. They’ve added better motors and higher quality rollers, and with fewer needed repairs on these expensive parts, ICON is able to offer much longer treadmill warranties.

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The ProForm Warranty

A few of the lower end ProForm treadmills feature a 10-year motor warranty with 90 days on parts and labor, but ICON Fitness has decided to expand coverage on mid-priced treadmills with a 12-year motor warranty, a lifetime frame warranty, and one year on parts and labor. Now with the extended serivce plans you can purchase, Proform treadmills are an affordable choice and worth taking a look.

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Model Reviews

ProForm Boston Marathon Training Treadmill - A machine developed by ProForm and the Boston Athletic Association to appeal to serious runners.

ProForm Power 995 - Big 3.5 CHP commercial pro motor, iFit Live, a touch screen display, and a 20" x 60" belt, all for a sale price of $999? Awesome!

ProForm Power 1080 - Rates well for power, quality, cushioning, reliability, running/walking space, and warranty, but don’t pay full price: catch it during a blowout sale.

ProForm Performance 400 - Ideal for seniors or casual walkers who want easy access to daily walking exercise without having to go outdoors; a ton of features for $599!

ProForm Performance 600 - Above average scores in reviews; a decent budget machine for walkers with advanced features that are normally seen on more expensive models.

ProForm Performance 900 - A runner's machine, new for 2011 at $1,999, but don’t expect that price to hold up, since Proform will drop prices dramatically during sales events.

ProForm Performance 1450 - This machine with built-in web browser seems to offer everything you dream of in a treadmill, but the reviews on the touch screens have been a red flag, enough to make this model a questionable buy.

ProForm Pro 2500 - The feature-rich Pro 2500 has some fun gadgets such as a 7-inch Touch Screen Display and iFit Live™ technology, an innovative -3 degree decline feature, a big 3.5 chp motor, and new surface suspension system.

ProForm Pro 4500 - The Pro 4500 goes big in all areas a runner wants: commercial-grade tread belt, full surface suspension, 1-Touch™ incline and the fold up design with hydraulic lift assist.

ProForm Pro 7000 - Excellent performance and lots of workout options in a machine packed with extras to make your workouts more enjoyable.

ProForm Pro 9000 - The Pro 9000 gets a resounding thumbs up from in-home users as well as trainers and athletes; ProForm's most feature-packed treadmill.

ProForm 590T - an attractive model with some nice features including ProTech Cushioning, a 2.25 CHP Motor, and Quick incline and speed controls.

ProForm 415 LT - A discontinued model that offers a short walker’s belt matched to an above average motor.

Discontinued Treadmill Models

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