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ProForm treadmills are the more affordable brand from ICON Health and Fitness, and the second most popular behind NordicTrack.  They offer a ton of value, with some really great features that you don't usually find on machines at this price level.

Many of their models have been on our Best Buy lists for several years in a row and the company continues to improve the quality and design that goes into these treadmills.

Proform Treadmills

Tons of Great Features

Most folks won’t realize what improvements ProForm made “under the hood” in recent years, but they can still appreciate the full range of features (“bells and whistles”) that these budget machines are loaded with.

No other manufacturer has been able to match ProForm treadmills in terms of the expanded number of programs, heart rate control features, large running area, entertainment, incline and resistance levels, easy folding designs, and so on.

The lineup is quite diverse and changes often, so it's a bit hard to keep up with everything that have to offer.  Currently, they have the popular Pro series, the Premier Series, Sport Series, Desk Series, the Boston Marathon series and a few Performance and Power models.

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Choices For More Serious Runners Too

Although the company is well known for their entry level, light to moderate use treadmills, their recently introduced Pro Series and Boston Marathon Series have really gained in popularity.

These are more geared towards runners who need a little more out of their treadmills.  Although they are a bit pricier, they have stronger motors, roomier decks, better cushioning and several other features and capabilities that runners will appreciate.

It's interesting to note that there has been an increase in significantly positive customer reviews on all ProForm models in recent years, and this is likely due to better construction and user-friendly design.

As we mentioned, ICON Fitness has upgraded the quality of the machines over the past two years but did so without increasing retail prices. They’ve added better motors and higher quality rollers, and with fewer needed repairs on these expensive parts, ICON is able to offer much longer treadmill warranties.

The ProForm Warranty Has Improved

Even the lower end ProForm treadmills now feature a 25-year motor warranty with at least 1 year on parts and labor, and ICON Fitness has decided to expand coverage on mid-priced treadmills with a lifetime motor warranty, a lifetime frame warranty, 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor.

With so many great features and capabilities, Proform treadmills are an affordable choice and definitely worth taking a look at.

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ProForm Treadmill Model Reviews

Most Popular Models

Pro Series

ProForm Pro 1000 - the newest in the series, at just $999 a good buy given all of the features and capabilities.

ProForm Pro 2000  - one of their most popular models, offering great features at a very affordable price.

ProForm Pro 5000  - Another new entry for 2016 featuring incline and decline, a powerful motor, generous running deck and bluetooth iFit capability.

ProForm Pro 9000 - The Pro 9000 gets a resounding thumbs up from in-home users as well as trainers and athletes; ProForm's most feature-packed treadmill.

Power Series

ProForm Power 995i - Big 3.0 CHP commercial pro motor, iFit technology, a touch screen display, and a 20" x 60" belt, all for a sale price of $999? Awesome!

ProForm Power 1295i - New for 2017 with a 7" smart HD display, iFit Coach technology and a generously sized, maintenance-free deck.

Performance Series

ProForm Performance 400i - Ideal for seniors or casual walkers who want easy access to daily walking exercise without having to go outdoors; a ton of features for $599!

ProForm Performance 600i - Above average scores in reviews; a decent budget machine for walkers with advanced features that are normally seen on more expensive models.

Boston Series

ProForm Boston Marathon 3.0 Treadmill - A machine developed by ProForm and the Boston Athletic Association to appeal to serious runners.

ProForm Boston Marathon 4.0 Treadmill - A stepped up version of the 3.0 with SpeedRing technology and wireless chest strap included.

Sport Series

ProForm Sport 5.0  - The newest entry level model introduced in 2016 with Bluetooth iFit technology, incline capability and 20 workout apps to choose from.

ProForm Sport 7.5  - A newer model in the popular Sport Series, featuring the new Round Watts Display so you can see that zone you are in.

Older Models

ProForm Premier 900 - One of two models in the new series introduced in 2016 with web-enabled touchscreen and iFit built in, plus a strong motor and other nice features.

ProForm Premier 1300 - the up-level model also new for 2016, with a 10" web-enabled touchscreen, 3.5 CHP motor and large running belt.

ProForm Pro 7500 - A very popular commercial-grade model with incline/decline, strong motor and SpaceSaver design for easy storage and setup.

ProForm Pro 2500 - The feature-rich Pro 2500 has some fun gadgets such as a 7-inch Touch Screen Display and iFit Live™ technology, an innovative -3 degree decline feature, a big 3.5 chp motor, and new surface suspension system.

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