The ProForm 505 CST - Still a Popular Choice

Although it is a few years old, the ProForm 505 CST remains a very popular choice due to its ideal mix of features and capabilities.  At under $1000 on sale, it's an attractive treadmill definitely worth considering.

The Machine

The 505 CST features a space-saving, easy folding design with advanced cushioning and a 5" backlit display providing all of the workout feedback you need, including distance, time, incline, program and more.

Let's take a closer look at some of the best features...

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill
  • 2.5 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Motor
  • 20" x 55" Tread Belt
  • 0-10% Quick Incline™
  • 1-10 mph Quick Speed™
  • 18 Workout Apps
  • ProShox™ Cushioning
  • Dual-grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • iFit Coach Ready
  • iPod® Compatible Music Port
  • 325 lb. Weight Capacity
  • SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist
  • Dimensions: 73.5"L X 36.75"W X 61"H
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 25 year motor, 1 years parts/labor

The Buzz

Proform 505 CST Console

The ProForm 505 CST gets very good reviews from users and that's probably why it's remained a top seller for the company, despite the introduction of newer, similar models to the lineup.

It's definitely more of a beginner/intermediate treadmill for walking and jogging, rather than a serious runner's treadmill.  But it has plenty of features to give you a solid cardio workout regardless of your current fitness level.

The deck is very well cushioned with the company's patented ProShox Cushioning, which minimizes impact on the knees and joints. The running area is 20" x 55" which should be fine for all but the tallest of users.  If you are on the taller side look at the ProForm 600i which has a longer 60" deck and a slightly stronger motor.

You can go up to 10 mph with the QuickSpeed Control buttons, and bump up your incline 10 degrees with the QuickIncline Control buttons, which allow you to change from one to the next seamlessly while you work out.

The ProForm 505 CST comes with a nice array of built-in workouts, 18 in all. You can access an endless library of additional workouts from iFit Coach, the company's all inclusive app with not only workouts but tracking, personal training, diet recommendations, Google maps and many more built in features to help motivate you and on target to reach your fitness goals.

Note that iFit Coach does require a monthly fee, but it's well worth it for all of the tools you are getting to help you to get into shape.   You just won't find something like iFit anywhere else.

Other great features include heart rate monitoring in the hand grips, the SpaceSaver design with easy folding capability, an integrated tablet holder, audio port for your music, a 325 lb. max weight capacity and a very impressive warranty.

All in all, the 505 CST gives you a lot of bang for the buck, as most of the ProForm treadmill lineup does.  The company is known for its ability to pack a lot in without charging a lot, which is why it has been so successful over the years.

How does the 505 CST Compare to other ProForm Treadmills?

Unlike most of the other series, you can find the ProForm 505 CST for sale at many different places, including Walmart, Amazon and Sears, among others.  You'll find a wide variety of prices, but typically it is priced between $599 and $699, which is exactly where it should be.

It is definitely an entry level treadmill, especially when you compare it to the other machines in ProForm's lineup.  Let's see how that comparison looks...

The 505 CST is in its own series, i.e. it is not one of the current Performance, Power or Pro Series treadmills featured on the company's site.

As you've read above, you get a 2.5 CHP motor, 10 degrees of incline, up to 10 mph speed, a 20" x 55" deck and 18 built in workouts.  

It is nearly identical to the newer Performance 400i, the only real difference being that the latter has a new Round Watts Display.  The 400i is the base model in the entry level Performance Series.

All of the other current ProForm treadmills will be much more advanced, so if you need something more than just a basic, walkers machine you definitely want to look at the other models.

The upper level Performance 600i will give you more of everything...incline, motor, belt size, workouts, speed, incline and warranty, for only $200 more.

Stepping up another level you have the Power Series (Power 995i and 1295i), which have even stronger motors (3.0 CHP+), up to 15 levels of incline, 20" x 60" belts, even more workouts (30+) and max weight capacities up to 300 lbs.  The 1295i even has a touch screen console.

At the top of the line is the most popular Pro Series, featuring the the Pro  2000, 5000 and 9000, with the most powerful motors, most advanced cushioning, incline as well as decline and large runners decks.

So as you can see, the ProForm 505 CST does have ample features for basic workouts, and is certainly well priced, but if you want something more advanced, you'll need to step up to the Power or Pro Series.

What We Say About the 505 CST

According to our latest ProForm 505 CST treadmill review it is a good option in the price category, offering many more features and capabilities than most of its competitors on the market.

You get a decent motor, up to 10% incline, a well-cushioned deck, plenty of workout programs, iFit training, easy folding and a high max weight capacity.

We'd also look at the slightly higher priced Power 995i which gives you a stronger motor and longer deck, as well as additional workouts and more incline.  That one may be a better option for you, depending on your needs.

Either way the 505 CST is a decent choice, and is one of the few remaining "older" models on the company site...a testament to its popularity.  We're not sure how long the company will be featuring it, so it might not be there by the time you read this review.

If that is the case, there are plenty of other great models to choose from on the ProForm site, and with their ongoing sales you can definitely find a good deal.

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