Life Fitness Treadmills – A Reputation for Excellence

Best known for their excellent commercial units, Life Fitness treadmills designed for the residential market also offer an exceptional value. They are a dream machine among treadmills; big horsepower, comfortable ride, built for performance, and styled with a sophisticated console and striking profile.

Like any good treadmill nut, you want to know which makers are the best in the biz and why. For high end, club-quality models, the brands you should know are: Bodyguard, Precor, Landice, StarTrac, Matrix—and this brand, Life Fitness treadmills.

Life Fitness has a reputation for excellence with its treadmills, ellipticals, and the Lifecycle Stationary Bike which you may have seen in numerous health clubs.

The great thing about the new marketing strategy of the company is that consumers don’t have to pay up to $8,000 for an elite Life Fitness model. Their lower end treadmill models (starting at $2,199) are also up to the task of supporting indoor runners who put in a lot of miles every week.

Life Fitness Treadmills

Same Outstanding Quality; Lower Prices

These are premium treadmills which look expensive, but the good news here is that Life Fitness dropped prices dramatically a few years ago to be more competitive. Whichever price level of treadmill you choose, you are getting full value — especially in the TV models.

Now that Life Fitness models are more affordable, take a look at what you get: a powerful continuous-duty motor that’s paired with a custom motor controller board and is kept in top running condition thanks to an advanced cooling system.

This motor system comes with a lifetime warranty which you may not have need of — the treadmill is low maintenance and well-designed with big rollers and the proper belt type and size to help alleviate strain on the motor.

The current lineup features the affordable F1 and F3 folding treadmills, the T3 and T5 non-folding models, and the upper end Life Fitness Club series and Platinum Club series.  

Prices span from just over $2000 for the entry level F1 to just under $9,500 for the Platinum Club model.

What the Pros Say

Life Fitness treadmills are listed on many Best Buy categories and have won numerous awards. Reviewers find the line of models to rate well in terms of a quiet ride, with reliability, power, cushioning, programming, long warranties, and exceptional value for the price.

Why You Should Take a Look

When you compare high end models, it may be hard to choose a Landice over a Bodyguard, or a True over one of these Life Fitness treadmills. We can’t say one is better than another; they are just different and thus it becomes a matter of taste and preference. But Life Fitness has chosen to make things more interesting and more competitive by knocking a few hundred dollars off the price.

Life Fitness Treadmill Model Reviews

Folding Models

Life Fitness F1 Smart Folding- The entry level treadmill with solid cushioning, heart rate monitoring and FlexDeck cushioning.

Life Fitness F3 Advanced Folding- Just a really nice, solid machine with some of the best programming ever installed. This one leads the pack in stability and reliability for a foldable model.

Non-Folding Models

Life Fitness T3 - Feels solid and it's well-built, but overpriced.

Life Fitness T5 - Rates well in reviews but despite the quality of components, experts still question the high price.

Life Fitness Club Series - Rated near perfect for power, cushioning, warranty, reliability, programs, comfort, and overall quality. A ‘Best Buy’ winner for many years.

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series - The ultimate gym-quality treadmill with multiple console options as well as internet connectivity, app syncing and a built-in TV.

Life Fitness treadmills are currently on sale


Life Fitness T3

Life Fitness F3

Life Fitness Club Series


 Solid Build

 Great Cushioning

 Model Selection

 Strong Motors

 Incline Training

 Solid Warranty


Life Fitness Club

Life Fitness Plat Club

Life Fitness T5

Life Fitness F1 Smart

Life Fitness T3

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