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Buying a treadmill isn’t an inexpensive investment. This treadmill reviews and ratings guide will help you get the most for your money. We don’t get paid by manufacturers to review their products, so you can rely on us to give you unbiased ratings based on several criteria that we think will be important to you.

Ratings & Reviews of All Major Brands/ Models

When you begin shopping for a treadmill you’ll be amazed by how many brands you need to review, which may leave you frustrated and confused. We’ve checked out websites, stores, the opinions of users, buyers and fitness pros and come up with excellent information, ratings and reviews on all the major brands and treadmill models. Lastly, this site depends on user input and we encourage you to submit your own review and share your opinion with others.

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Comparison Charts/ Best Buys for 2016

One of our most popular features is our Best Treadmill Buys for 2016 section that gives you top picks in four different categories.

We suggest reading our in-depth treadmill reviews and ratings, but if you want to get a quick overview to get started, our price comparison charts give you information like price, features and warranties at a glance.

Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to review a particular kind of treadmill you are interested in? Whether it’s a budget or discount model to get you started, a folding treadmill that you can hide away in your apartment, or an incline treadmill for walking we have suggestions that have been thoroughly researched. Our reviews and ratings cover manual, motorized, home and commercial treadmills. You’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Best Treadmills for 2016 By Price Range

Under $500 | $500-$1000 | $1000-$2000 | $2000-$3000


Best Value: NordicTrack Sole Yowza

Best Budget: ProForm | Horizon

Best High End: Life Fitness | Precor | TRUE

Don’t forget to check out our section on used treadmills (remanufactured and reconditioned. These are often overlooked at other sites offering treadmill reviews and ratings, but we give them the attention they deserve. We even let you know the best online stores to purchase them!

Buying Guide/ Tips on Treadmill Workouts

Our treadmill buying guide will turn you into an educated buyer so that shopping for a treadmill will be enjoyable – you’ll understand the importance of horsepower and what to look for in running surfaces. After you’ve made your treadmill purchase, come back and visit us again. Our tips on treadmill workouts will help you get the most from your new fitness equipment. We’re betting that with the help of our treadmill reviews you will invest in the right machine which will lead to better health for you and your family!

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Table of Contents:

AFG Treadmills – Reviews of an Emerging Brand
AFG treadmills come in five folding and two non-folding models ranging in price from $1000 to $2500. Good size motors, hydraulic lift assist in the folding models, decent warranties.
Bodyguard Treadmills – Reviews Highly Positive
Bodyguard treadmills beat the competition in every category. Giving these treadmills Best Buy kudos just doesn’t seem like enough of an endorsement.
Bowflex Treadmills - TreadClimber® Reviews
Bowflex treadmills - decent warranty in the mid-price range but the parts are less than ideal. The Bowflex TreadClimber®, an innovative product from Nautilus Fitness.
Reviews of Cybex / Trotter Treadmills - A Quality Line
Are Cybex treadmills worth their price? The Cybex Trotter treadmill line – quality for a price, few or no repairs.
Reviews of Endurance / Body Solid Treadmills - Good, Basic Machines
Endurance treadmills are covered by the best warranties in the industry. Body Solid treadmills are built for life, but do they have the features you would expect? Find out in our review.
Epic Treadmills – Reviews of ICON’s Top-Selling Brand
Epic treadmills, affordable and well-designed, big 12-year warranties and lots of cool features; the new models are greatly improved.
Fitnex Treadmills – Reviews of a Quality Brand
Fitnex treadmills offer excellent quality in components and workmanship but it all comes at a cost. For a factory-direct business plan, these models cost hundreds of dollars more than other brands.
Freemotion Treadmills – Reviews of ICON’s High Performance Brand
Freemotion treadmills get high marks from leading consumer magazines and review sites. A club-level luxury brand with a premium warranty from ICON Fitness!
Reviews of Gold’s Gym Treadmills – Okay But Pricey
Gold’s Gym treadmills from ICON Fitness. Our review of the company’s only treadmill model marketed under the Gold’s Gym name. Compare all brands/models.
Reviews of Healthrider Treadmills – Good for Walking, Jogging
Healthrider treadmills are great for walking or mild jogging, but are you getting what you pay for? These treadmills are attractive and come in a variety of styles, but the cons cancel out the pros.
Horizon Treadmills / Reviews – A Whole New Way to Get Fit
Horizon treadmills are engineered for quiet performance, reliable operation, and long life. Latest models land on Best Buy lists at review sites, and in leading consumer journals.
Ironman Treadmills / Reviews – Built for Athletes
Ironman treadmills – moderately priced models for the in-home exerciser. Quality parts, lifetime frame and 10-year motor warranty. Reviews of all Ironman models, comparison charts.
Landice Treadmills / Reviews – Designed for Fitness Devotees
Landice treadmills are made for avid runners. Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty on all parts! Designed with true fitness devotees in mind.
Life Fitness Treadmills / Reviews – Exceptional Value for the Price
Good news: Life Fitness treadmills have become more affordable than ever. Whichever price level you choose, you are getting full value — especially in the TV models.
Lifespan Treadmills Reviews – Great Value for the Money
Lifespan treadmills rank on many Best Buy lists. Reviewers come away impressed with the line's solid feel and low-impact performance. Lifespan offers smallest unit on the market.
Livestrong Treadmills: First Reviews of a Promising Brand
Livestrong treadmills are turning the heads of trainers and dealers: big motors, comfortable deck cushioning, and a strong warranty will land these new models on several Best Buy lists.
Matrix Treadmills Get Great Reviews For Gym Quality Construction and Features
Matrix treadmills get overwhelming positive reviews from industry experts as this high-end Johnson Fitness company builds quality machines.
Reviews of Nautilus Treadmills – Two Reasonably Priced Home Models
Nautilus treadmills are reasonably priced models, but they don’t stand out from the competitive pack of manufacturers who place their sole emphasis on building treadmills.
NordicTrack Treadmills Reviews – Lots of Bells and Whistles
Are NordicTrack treadmills built for serious athletes? Compare features and warranties of all Nordictrack models, detailed reviews.
Pacemaster Treadmills - Good Marks in All Reviews
Pacemaster treadmills, best fold-up design in the business. Rave reviews for economical prices, quiet ride, powerful motor, roomy deck, cushioning, solid warranty and overall quality.
Precor Treadmills / Reviews - Built for the Serious Workout Buff
Are Precor treadmills a good investment? Find out why a thoughtful design, exclusive features and a decent warranty make these treadmills a best buy.
ProForm Treadmills / Reviews – Better Quality, Longer Warranty
ProForm treadmills have seen significant upgrades ‘under the hood’ in recent years. Customer reviews are significantly positive on mid-priced models.
Quantum Fitness Treadmills Score Average in Reviews
Quantum Fitness treadmills get best marks in reviews for the good warranty, cushioning and size of walking area, average scores for quality, reliability, and noise.
Reebok Treadmills Reviews – Good Features But Paltry Warranties
Interested in Reebok treadmills? If the brand name appeals to you, read this! Good performers in the economy to mid-range market, but there are others that do just as well.
Schwinn Treadmills – Reviews of the Current Line
Schwinn treadmills have been around since 1994 when Schwinn Fitness came out with its first non-motorized treadmill, the Easy Tread. Reviews of the 840 and 860 models.
Smooth Treadmills are Well Designed and Built To Last With Great Features
Experts like Smooth treadmills for their unique features and sleek design, incorporating the best aspects of other models.
Sole Treadmills Reviews Show Lasting Quality, Long Warranty and Ergonomic Design
Sole treadmills are strong, stable machines rivaling others at twice the price. Find out why Sole folding treadmills are used in 1000s of hotels. Reviews of all models.
Spirit Treadmills – Reviews of Rock-Solid Performers
Spirit treadmills take a pounding without wear. 30-year warranty on motor/lifetime on parts. Review all Spirit treadmill models, compare to other brands.
Reviews of SportsArt Fitness Treadmills – The High-End, Premium Brand
SportsArt Fitness treadmills are quickly developing a following for in-home use by serious athletes; you simply won't get a better price on a high-end, premium treadmill anywhere else.
Stamina Treadmills Get Above Average Reviews
Stamina treadmills are by far the lowest priced manual treadmills on the market and offer surprising value for the money; ideal for people who don’t want to deal with a heavy motorized machine.
Star Trac Treadmills / Reviews - Outstanding Electronics
Are Star Trac treadmills too pricey for the home gym? Review Star Trac home and commercial models, compare to other popular brands.
Trimline Treadmills / Reviews - Sturdy Design/Great Warranties
Trimline treadmills are well-built and covered by a decent warranty, but we cannot whole-heartedly endorse this brand.
True Treadmills Review – An Award-Winning Lineup
True treadmills get a perfect score for walking area and cushioning, super quiet motor, deck cushioning, long warranty and overall quality. Best buy awards from review sites and consumer publications.
Tunturi Treadmills / Reviews – Good Looks/Good Performance
Find out why Tunturi treadmills in the $1500 - $2000 range are the best deals. These treadmills are a very nice option, especially if you value a product that looks good while performing well.
Vision Treadmills - Reviews of Award Winning Machines
Vision treadmills, entry-level to club-quality folding and non-folding machines you can customize before ordering online; a fine line of models in terms of reliability and overall quality.
Weslo Treadmills / Reviews - $500+ Models are The Best
Weslo treadmills come with swell gizmos at a great price. Find out why models starting at $500 are the only ones you should consider.
Yowza Treadmills – Reviews of an Outstanding Line With Loads of Features
Yowza treadmills are built to last: one of the best-designed and manufactured machines for home use in the USA; quality and workmanship make the brand stand out from the rest.
Best Treadmill Buys for 2016 in Four Categories
Our selection of the best treadmill buys for 2016. Folding and non folding, best overall value, top machines for runners, best budget-priced treadmill option.
Used Treadmills / Remanufactured Models – Save up to 50%
Where to buy used treadmills at substantial savings. Like-new remanufactured treadmill models come with decent warranty.
Treadmill Comparison and Rating Guide – Compare Prices/Specs/Features
Detailed treadmill comparison and rating charts to help you find the best treadmill in your price range. Compare motor horsepower, display, programs, running surface, weight capacity, warranty, etc.
Buying a Treadmill Online – Where to Buy With Confidence
Tips on buying a treadmill online. 5 reliable Internet stores where you can buy with confidence. Merchants offering free shipping on treadmills.
Guide to Treadmill Workouts & Cardio Exercise For Maximum Results
Tips for safe treadmill workouts and motivation. Treadmill exercise that gets results. Cardiovascular workouts, toning and weight loss. Reviews of popular brands and models.
Where to Buy Treadmill Parts Including Motors, Belts and Accessories
Find the right treadmill parts – order online and save. Treadmill replacement parts, motors and control boards, treadmill belts, maintenance kits, protective mats and more.
Treadmill FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Cardio Machines
Top 10 treadmill FAQs: get the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding treadmill use, maintenance and common problems.
Honest Treadmill Consumer Reviews from People Like You - User Reviews & Comments
Treadmill consumer reviews and first-hand knowledge from actual treadmill users. Are you a treadmill owner or user? Here's your chance to rave or rant about the machine you bought or used at the gym.
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Reviews of the most popular treadmill brands and models. Compare prices, specs and features with our detailed charts.
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Consumer Reviews

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