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Buying a treadmill isn’t an inexpensive investment. This treadmill reviews and ratings guide will help you get the most for your money. We don’t get paid by manufacturers to review their products, so you can rely on us to give you unbiased ratings based on several criteria that we think will be important to you.

Find the Ideal Treadmill For Your Home

When you begin shopping for a treadmill you’ll be amazed by how many brands you need to review, which may leave you frustrated and confused. We’ve checked out websites, stores, the opinions of users, buyers and fitness pros and come up with excellent information, ratings and reviews on all the major brands and treadmill models. Lastly, this site depends on user input and we encourage you to submit your own review and share your opinion with others.

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Our Expert's Best Buys for 2017

One of the most popular features on the site is our 2017 Best Treadmill For Home Use section that gives you top picks in four different categories.

We suggest reading our in-depth treadmill reviews and ratings, but if you want to get a quick overview to get started, our price comparison charts give you information like price, features and warranties at a glance.

Treadmill Reviews and So Much More

Do you want to review a particular kind of treadmill you are interested in?

Whether it’s a budget or discount model to get you started, a folding treadmill that you can hide away in your apartment, or an incline treadmill for walking we have suggestions that have been thoroughly researched.

Our reviews and ratings cover manual, motorized, home and commercial treadmills. You’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Best Treadmills for 2017 By Price Range

Under $500 | $500-$1000 | $1000-$2000 | $2000-$3000


Best Overall: NordicTrack Sole

Best Budget: ProForm | Horizon

Best High End: Matrix Life Fitness 

Don’t forget to check out our section on used treadmills (remanufactured and reconditioned. These are often overlooked at other sites offering treadmill reviews and ratings, but we give them the attention they deserve. We even let you know the best online stores to purchase them!

If you want to search by brand you can check out the top ICON treadmills such as NordicTrack and ProForm, as well as some of the most popular brands like Horizon, Sole, Matrix, Life Fitness and Precor.

Buying Guide/ Tips on Treadmill Workouts

Our treadmill buying guide will turn you into an educated buyer so that shopping for a treadmill will be enjoyable – you’ll understand the importance of horsepower and what to look for in running surfaces. After you’ve made your treadmill purchase, come back and visit us again.

Our tips on treadmill workouts will help you get the most from your new fitness equipment. We’re betting that with the help of our treadmill reviews you will invest in the right machine which will lead to better health for you and your family!

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Top Treadmills For 2017

Best Overall


Best Budget Brands



Life Fitness

Buyer's Check List

Desirable features to look for in a treadmill.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews

Rave or rant about the treadmill you bought or used at the fitness center. Read reviews submitted by others.