Are Used Treadmills a Good Buy?

You may begin considering used treadmills after the sticker shock you get when first shopping for a treadmill. After reading a few reviews and trying out various models you may realize that for the quality you want, you just don’t have the money (or aren’t willing to spend it). Are used machines a good idea? In some cases, they are an excellent choice.

Where to Buy Used Treadmills

You don’t want to look through the classified ads or buy a used machine from “a friend of a friend” unless you’re willing to forego all warranty protection and take a chance. Since you don’t know why that person is selling the treadmill, you’re taking a risk that could cost you big in the long run.

Used machines can be purchased from reputable dealers that have taken the time to either refurbish or remanufacture the treadmills they are selling. In many cases, you can find commercial grade used machines that are being sold for substantially less after only a year of use in a health club or gym.

Used Treadmills - Trotter Remanufactured

Companies that specialize in selling these machines take the time to inspect, tune up and clean the treadmills before resale to insure that they are in good working order, and will usually come with a 30-90 day warranty. One company that has an excellent reputation as a used equipment seller is BigFitness.

What Makes a Remanufactured Treadmill Special?

The remanufacturing process used by reputable used equipment sellers is comparable to the best in the industry. What you get when it’s finished is as close to a new machine as you can get, yet you’ll be paying something close to half the price.

Here’s how it works:

  • The used machine is completely disassembled and the frame is sandblasted, powder coated and baked.
  • All mechanical and electrical systems are rebuilt with new parts to meet new specifications.
  • The treadmill is reassembled, painted and finished.
  • It’s then put through extensive diagnostic testing.

By the time the remanufacturing process is completed, the only original feature may very well be the frame. Technically, you’re getting most of the parts new, so this is much better than buying used treadmills that don’t come with any kind of inspection or tuning. If you buy a remanufactured treadmill, no one but you will know it isn’t brand new.

Model Reviews

The Precor C956 - Save $1000s and enjoy years of punishing use by buying a remanufactured club treadmill.

The Precor C962 - A remanufactured commercial-quality machine for the home gym.

The Precor C964 - This remanufactured model is a steal at $2700!

UPDATE: September Treadmill Sales are on!


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