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Top ranked True treadmills have an award-winning lineup to choose from. It is one of the most highly respected names in the business and has been since its inception in 1981.

These are some of the most stylish machines you’ll find on the market, especially the distinct sweeping pedestal handrails on some models made from solid steel plates.

Along with the elegant look, their top machines offer superior suspension, deck, belt, rollers and electronics — all commercial grade — which makes for long life, durability, and a solid, comfortable ride.

A Look at the Current Lineup

True Treadmills

All of the True Fitness treadmills get a perfect score for walking area, super quiet motor, long warranty and overall quality.  They have received numerous awards over the years, and deservedly so.

Where True machines really stand out is in the deck cushioning; the Neoprene shock absorbers located in the front part of the deck serves to cushion the foot strike while the back section of the deck has a firmer surface for the push off. 

Most True Fitness models include the patented Soft Select™ in which you can adjust the level of softness or firmness of the deck to your liking as well as an orthopedic belt on some models.

The current lineup includes the M Series, Performance Series, Z Series and Excel treadmills...

M Series

True's entry level M Series includes the M30 and M50 treadmills, both very popular choices.

The M30 (possibly discontinued) features a Soft System belt, 3.0 HP motor, heavy-gauge steel construction, speeds up to 12 mph, incline up to 15%, wireless heart rate monitoring and a 7" LCD screen console with 9 built in workouts.

The M50 is a step up model with all of the same features as the M30, only it features a more advanced orthopedic belt.

Performance Series

The Performance Series include more advanced True treadmill, with features that are not found on the entry level M models.

The Performance 1000 features a Soft System belt, larger 8.5" LCD display with 13 built in workouts and 20 saved workouts, 4 user profiles and fitness app integration with Wahoo Fitness RunFit workout tracking for keeping tabs on your progress. A 9" touch screen is optional.

The Performance 3000, like the M50, has everything the Performance 1000 with an orthopedic advanced cushioning belt.

The Performance 8000 features a stronger 4.0 HP motor, 9" touch screen display with 12 built in workouts and 35 custom workouts, along with 6 user profiles.

Z Series

The Z 5.0 is heavy duty treadmill with a higher max weight capacity than the rest of the series, at 400 lbs. vs. 300 lbs., so it's much more of a commercial grade machine.

It has speeds up to 12 mph, incline up to 15%, 10 built in workouts and a 54" x 20" running surface.

The up-level Z 5.4 adds an upgraded 9" touch screen display and double the amount of built in workouts.

Both Z Series treadmills feature the GymTrakr app so you can manage workout data and track performance.

Excel Series (potentially discontinued)

The lone 950 is the only model in the series, and the most expensive True treadmill at around $6000+ on sale.  This one gives you a choice of two consoles:  the Showrunner II or the Envision II touch screen, a 4 horsepower motor, incline capability and a 400 lb. max weight capacity.  So you get the best of all of the M, Performance and Z Series treadmills and then some.

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Which True Treadmill Should You Choose?

True Fitness treadmills are all sturdy machines that can hold a max user weight up to 300-400 lbs., with roomy running area of up to 22"W x 60"L on the largest machine, plus big commercial rollers (3" to 3.5"), and long-life reversible flex decks. The warranty is excellent: lifetime on the motor; premium parts have a 10-year warranty; and labor is covered for two years.

TRUE has expanded the line a bit over the years, but has been able to keep the high quality even in the lower priced M30 and M50 machines, which have become some of the most popular and highest rated treadmills on the market today.

You can't go wrong with any of them, but with True it really comes down to what your budget is.  The M30 and M50 range in price from $1699-$2199; the Performance 100, 300 and 800 range in price from $2999-$4199; the Z5.0 and Z5.4 $3899-$4699 and the Excel 900 as we mentioned, over $6000.

So there is definitely a big swing in price here.  For most home users, the M30 and M50 will be perfectly fine.  They are just missing the additional workouts and the tracking capability.  If you are someone who wants or needs to keep tabs on your workout, then definitely choose one of the Performance Series models.

If you want something more commercial grade, with the most durable construction that can stand up to the heaviest use, then consider the Z Series.  This is better if there are going to be multiple users hitting the treadmill hard on a regular basis.

If you simply want the top of the line model with the best of everything, then look at the Excel 900.  It and the Performance 800 are the only True treadmills with touch screen consoles, so that's also a consideration.

How Do True Treadmills Compare to the Other Brands?

True definitely offers some of the most compact treadmills on the market today, and also some of the most advanced belts.  But they can get quite pricey as you've read about, especially if you are considering one of the more advanced models.

So it makes sense to consider some of their competitors, as they may have more appealing options for you, and you can also save a little money as well.

We would start looking at Matrix treadmills, which start at around $2499 and go up to $3999 for the top of the line model.  These are some of the best club quality machines on the market today, all with great cushioning as well.  You get 3 console options on all of them, and some even have folding capability.

Other options include Life Fitness and Precor, both with a variety of options to choose from.

Are True treadmills worse or better than any of these top brands?  No, they are just different.  And it's always good to look into your options, especially when spending a lot of money on a treadmill.

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Popular Models

TRUE M30 Base Model - a Best Buy winner many years in a row, the M30 treadmill is an affordable machine with comfort features, a strong motor, wireless heart rate monitoring and HRC Cruise Control.

TRUE Performance 300 - Previously called the PS300, an advanced treadmill with great cushioning, incline and heart rate monitoring.

Older Models

TRUE ES7.0 Treadmill - a solid machine for achieving great cardio and calorie burning workouts.

TRUE ES9.0 Treadmill - Top marks in reviews for stride space, quietness, cushioning, powerful drive and incline motors, programs and outstanding warranty.

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