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The emerging brand of AFG treadmills has an idea that customers want durable, powerful machines that are less complicated. If you don’t want to bother with a lot of busy entertainment on a console, this brand will appeal to you.

About the Company

Headquartered in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, AFG is a relatively new company owned by Johnson Health Tech, the fourth largest maker of fitness equipment in the world. Sold in more than 60 countries, the Johnson brands include AFG, Horizon, Livestrong, and Vision for home users, and the premium commercial brand Matrix.

AFG Treadmills

A special design team at Horizon Fitness was given the task of coming up with a specialty-only brand for Johnson. Launched as AFG, or Advanced Fitness Group, it makes treadmills, ellipticals, ascent trainers, stationary bikes, and functional strength training home gyms. This complete line of cardio and strength equipment emphasizes comfort, simple operation, and quality components. Like the other brands under the Johnson umbrella, none of the components in AFG treadmills are outsourced, they are all made by Johnson, which is also the largest fitness equipment manufacturer in Asia. With plants in Shanghai, China, and Taiwan, this integration ensures that parts work well together.

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About the Products

AFG currently makes five folding treadmills and two non-folding models ranging in price from $1000 to $2500. These treadmills have shorter running areas at 55" in length, but offer good size motors, hydraulic lift assist in the folding models, easy to read LED display windows, and AFG’s exclusive ProFILE™ performance tracking technology that records the user’s stats for later evaluation. The warranty on the machines is lifetime on the motor and frame, and up to five years on parts, with one-year in-home service.

Will the Brand Succeed?

Several pro treadmill reviewers have questioned why Johnson came out with the AFG line, especially treadmills, since they already have the well-reviewed Horizon budget brand in the $600 to $1200 range, the Livestrong machines ranging from $1000 to $2000, and the customizable Vision machines from $1500 to $3000. While AFG can draw on the success of the design and engineering put into Horizon treadmills, that leaves the question of — why do it?

AFG treadmills have not been as well received as the exciting new Livestrong line, endorsed by pro cyclist Lance Armstrong, or the upgraded Horizon machines, which were already considered some of the most reliable treadmills on the market. But on the other hand, if Johnson puts as much effort into AFG as they have their other winning brands, there is no reason for AFG not to establish its place among the strong Johnson line-up and finding success among consumers.

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Model Reviews

AFG 1.0 AT - Average scores for power, reliability, warranty, and above average marks for noise level and overall value. A decent choice if you can find it on sale.

AFG 2.0 AT - Everything you need in terms of mechanical design, especially in the areas of power, cushioning, programs, value, and warranty.

AFG 3.0 AT - Delivers in terms of cushioning, noise level, power, and quality. Unfortunately, the asking price exceeds that of competitor models.

AFG 3.1 AT - A quiet and smooth machine that offers big features for a very reasonable price. The updated redesign of the console and the side arms is a huge improvement over the 3.0 AT.

AFG 5.0 AT - An above average treadmill with standard features and a big price tag.

AFG 5.1 AT - Outstanding features, programs, and solid treadmill feel – it’s a durable ride at every pace.

AFG 7.1 AT - This treadmill is big in every way: power, cushioning, warranty, and value – but not in price. It’s a good value at $1,999. 

AFG 13.0 AT - The AFG 13.0 AT gets nice reviews and even earned a Best Buy distinction from Consumer Reports. If you can get it at the right price, it’s a good deal.

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