Treadmill Hill Training – Reach Your Fitness Goals Faster

If your machine offers a 10% or 12% incline, treadmill hill training is a convenient way to boost your calorie burn rate as well as increase your endurance and build strength.

Benefits of Running Steep

In addition to the many health benefits of a treadmill hill workout, you also have a primary tool to use for race training, since running hills will help you with your overall speed and pace, as well as other improvements you may not realize.

While you know that running (or even doing a brisk power walk) using an incline promotes cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning, it also:

  • Improves leg strength
  • Increases overall body conditioning and toning of the legs
  • Improves speed since hill training also increases stride length and frequency
  • Improves endurance and running economy
  • Burns more calories through use of the large leg muscles
  • Improves lactate threshold tolerance

Treadmill Hill Training

A Sample Hill Workout

Using incline intervals is the best way to prepare for treadmill hill training. A typical, gradual run will start out on a flat belt for two minutes, increase the incline to level 2 and run for two minutes, increase to level 4 for two minutes, and continue until you reach the max incline on your treadmill.

Use the same intervals as you decrease elevation back down to the zero level. Walk or run at a pace that is challenging but not so taxing that you cannot keep up the pace through the entire workout.

An Effective Training Method

If you are out of shape, start out slow and have the goal of finishing. If it is too easy, then increase the pace on your next workout. Intervals are a challenging method of working out and will help you reach your fitness goals that much faster. Running up hill is a well-known training regime when outdoors, but you can simulate much of this effective and productive method at home using treadmill hill training.

More Tips for Treadmill Workouts

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