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Smooth treadmills have been around for over 30 years, and since the beginning have been sold directly to consumers from their online store. They were recently acquired by ICON Health & Fitness, the same company that brings you NordicTrack, ProForm, Healthrider and other popular brands of residential cardio equipment.

They offer a lot of unique features and interesting designs, and have models in each price category.

Unique Design and Nice Features

Unlike most of the other ICON brands, Smooth Fitness only offers a few different models to choose from, so it's much easier to narrow down your options.  They currently have the 800 model, the A35T, the 890 and the 13.75 TL, ranging from $899 all the way up to $3999.

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Although ICON treadmills tend to look the same from one brand to the next, Smooth is a bit different.  Their designs incorporate different features from different machines, creating a unique look you just don't find anywhere else.

All of the Smooth treadmills have powerful motors, incline capability, a good number of built in workouts, generous belt sizes, Surface Response Cushioning, music ports and  CoolAire fans.

Best of all, now that they are part of the ICON family, all of the treadmills include iFit technology, which gives you access to hundreds of professional workout programs, including routines from Jillian Michaels, the ability to track, monitor and share your results, and the ability to choose any destination in the world and virtually run there with the scenery unfolding right in front of you.

You also get pretty solid warranties, one-step speed control and dual grip heart rate monitoring.

Model Prices Span The Full Gamut

UPDATE: It looks like Smooth Fitness is no longer making new treadmills. Check out the latest NordicTrack treadmills to find a comparable machine.

As we mentioned, there's a Smooth treadmill in every category, so if you like the brand and you have a budget in mind, then choosing one is very easy.

The Smooth 800 treadmill is the entry level model, yet includes a lot of great features that you typically don't find at under $1000.  That one competes directly with machines from ICON's other brand, ProForm, so definitely compare those models as well if you are looking in that price range.

You then have the A35T, at around $1500, which offers incline and decline, HD video workouts, a 7" touch screen and a powerful motor.  It is one of the most popular treadmills in the series. (Discontinued in 2016)

Stepping up you have the popular Smooth 890 at just under $2000.  This one adds a 15" HDTV, 10" full color, web-enabled touchscreen, decline as well as incline capability, as well as additional workout apps built in.  This one competes directly with ICON's NordicTrack and Sole Fitness, which offer a number of different models in the $1000-$2000.

At the top of the line you have the Smooth 13.75 TL, which is the coolest looking machine in the lineup.  At $3,999, it should be.  :) This is their commercial grade machine, with a monster 5.0 CHP Commercial Pro Motor, Reflex Cushioning, built-in wireless technology to sync with a host of entertainment options, and a bumped up warranty.  This one competes directly with the high-end brands like TRUE, Life Fitness and Precor.

Experts Like the Smooth Treadmills

The bottom line here is that Smooth makes solid machines that fit every budget, and customers tend to be very happy with their purchases.

Experts also like Smooth treadmills, and the 800, A35T, 890 and 13.75 TL have all won Best Buy awards in their respective price categories.  With the ICON name now behind them, they are sure to continue to thrive and produce better, stronger cardio machines.

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Model Reviews

Popular Models

Smooth 800 Base Model- winner of numerous Best Buy awards this entry level model packs a punch with a large runner's deck, numerous workout programs, iFit compatibility and easy folding design.

Smooth 890 - this treadmill offers incline/decline as well as a 15" HDTV with internet capability, and a stronger motor/wider belt than the A35T model.

Smooth 13.75 TL - the top-of-the-line treadmill with incline and decline, a 10" web-enabled display and a powerful 5.0 CHP commercial motor.

Older Models

Smooth A35T - one of the top models in the lineup featuring incline and decline, HD workout videos, iFit and Space Saver design.

Smooth 6.25- a solid choice with numerous features like incline and easy folding with gas shocks.

EVO 3.1- a higher end treadmill with a strong motor, Polar heart rate control, 9 user profiles and 36 workout programs to choose from.

9.45TV- a runner's treadmill with a a 15" flat screen TV as well as hands-free speed control.

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UPDATE: Spring Treadmill Sales are on!


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