Smooth 6.25 Treadmills Come with Shock-Assist Folding Feature

Smooth 6.25 treadmills are rather unique because they’re folding treadmills that are also designed for serious runners.

While we love the portability of folding models, we aren’t often impressed with the quality of them in terms of performance – the Smooth 6.25 is the exception.

There's a lot to like here, and this one is worth considering for your home gym.  Let's take a closer look and see what this one has to offer...

The Machine

For about $1,700 (although you can frequently find them on sale for $1,500), Smooth 6.25 treadmills pack a lot of features.

Smooth Fitness has only recently introduced this model to replace the older 7.1, and they’ve made an outstanding treadmill for the price.

The folding mechanism includes gas shocks that make raising and lowering the deck nearly effortless, eliminating back strain.

Smooth 6.25 Treadmills

Some of the best features include:

  • 2.75 HP continuous motor
  • 20”x 54” phenolic deck
  • 8 programs
  • 9 user profiles
  • 300 lbs. weight limit
  • 15% maximum incline
  • LED display console
  • Target heart rate settings
  • Lifetime motor & parts, 1 year labor warranty
Smooth 6.25 Console
Smooth 6.25 Folded

The treadmill warranty alone makes the Smooth 6.25 a great buy, but they are also sturdy, smooth machines that even serious daily runners will be comfortable with.

The Buzz

UPDATE: The Smooth 6.25 has been discontinued and is no longer being sold.

The most comparable current treadmill that the company offers is the 890, but we no longer recommend Smooth treadmills as the parent company, ICON Fitness, does not focus on this brand anymore.

As an alternative, you can check out the higher end models from NordicTrack, as well as other great choices under $2,000. Those will be much better bets for your home gym.

Smooth definitely started out great, and offered some feature-packed treadmills, but they have definitely gone downhill over the past few years.

The model lineup has not been updated, and the website has remained the same with no new information.  Plus, two of the three featured models are out of stock...that's never a good sign.

On the market only a short time, the Smooth 6.25 folding model is already racking up honors, winning awards from The Treadmill Doctor and others.

Professionals all say the motor is powerful enough for full-out runs and the generous deck size means you won’t feel cramped.

Those who own the Smooth 6.25 like the phenolic treadmill deck and specially woven belt. These combine to provide one of the most comfortable, quietest workouts on the market. The shock assisted folding mechanism is also popular.

Smooth 625 - Bottom Line

Even if they didn’t fold, Smooth 6.25 treadmills would be worth the price. Smooth Fitness put so much thought into improvements with this model. Belt life is increased with oversized rollers and generous program choices and incline range all make this a truly special machine.

When you add in the patented, easy-to-use gas shock-assisted folding feature, it’s surprising you can get the Smooth 6.25 folding treadmill for under $2,000.

You’re also protected with the best warranty you can get, so it’s an investment without risk.

Editor's Note: As a result of our latest review, we advise you to steer clear of Smooth treadmills.  There are a lot of better options out there these days, especially in this price range.

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UPDATE: Spring Treadmill Sales are on!


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