NordicTrack Treadmill Customer Feedback

by KD

UPDATE: Note that some of the NordicTrack treadmill consumer feedback below is about older models that are no longer being sold.

To read our expert reviews of the latest NordicTrack treadmills just follow that link.

After I assembled the Nordic Track A2350 treadmill, I got error C526 on the console.

I called Nordictrack and they wanted me to pay a $45 trip charge to get this diagnosed, or else buy an extended warranty to avoid these charges.

If you are like most people, you wonder why would you pay for something to be fixed when it didn't even work in the first place! In other words, Nordictrack ships you a defective product to begin with and expects you to pay for it to be fixed... Never experienced such horrible customer service.

After arguing with the first person, they finally agreed to waive the trip charge as if they were doing me a favor. This is the worst customer service you can ever get.

I am waiting for the diagnosis on the Nordic Track A2350 to see how they will resolve it.

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Nordic track treadmill sucks
by: Renee W

I bought the Nordic Track T6.5s treadmill in June 2019. I used it 5 days a week, 5 miles a day going at a 4.0 speed and 1.5 incline.

Within 6 months of buying, it broke down, needed belt replaced. Seven months later it broke down again, the control panel blew. Luckily I bought the Amazon 3 year warranty.

Both times the Nordictrack tech service misdiagnosed the problem, so when the repair company came out they couldn't fix it. They had to order the correct part.
Both times resulted in me not having my treadmill for at least 3 weeks. It is an absolute piece of garbage that I'm now stuck with.
Buy another brand because this one is the absolute worst.

Nordic Track poor service
by: Anonymous

I bought a 2450 treadmill from NordicTrack for over $2000. Received in late January 2018, set it up and worked once. The console did not come on after that.

Went through your iconfitness outsource and determined it was a bad console February 10, 2018. They said they would ship a console within 6-10 days (which is a long time) and I still have not received.

They say this part is back ordered, but I do not really care. Have not been able to use the treadmill for over a month, including the ifit Coach program I was forced to purchase.

Error code C526
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know what the error code means? Very dissatisfied with NordicTrack.

I will NEVER purchase any of their equipment again!

Broken treadmill
by: Anonymous

I try and start my treadmill the circuit board lights up. It will do nothing but beep.

Heart Rate Monitor Feature Sucks!
by: Anonymous

I try not to touch the area that takes your heart rate because it is so inaccurate and all over the scares me sometimes. I know my heart rate isn't 170, especially when I am just starting my workout.

Even though you know it isn't really going that fast, it scares you. Besides why pay for a feature that doesn't work? It isn't like you can just bring it back to the store. It either says it's too slow...not very often...usually it says too fast.

I wanted that feature on the treadmill I was purchasing and I am sure I was charged for that little feature, so why isn't it accurate?

I don't have any other complaints about the treadmill other than that. If that is one of the features you want and the difference between buying a more expensive treadmill, versus buying a cheaper one without the feature, save yourself some money.

They don't work! It would be nice if they did, but they don't.

Your NordicTrack Treadmill
by: NordicTrack

Dear Customer:

My name is Cameron and I represent NordicTrack Fitness. I read over your comments on this site and want to help.

I see you had some initial problems with ordering a part and being charged for that. Please let me know the current state of your machine and I'll take care of you.

Also, we want to offer you something for any frustration our machine gave you initally.

My email is cstechops(at) Thanks.

Icon Health & Fitness
Customer Care
September 14, 2009

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NordicTrack A2750 Pro Treadmill - Such a Disappointment

by Janine
(Rhode Island, USA)

Here is our review of the NordicTrack A2750 Pro treadmill. Unfortunately, both my husband and I are very dissatisfied customers.

My husband and I have owned a treadmill for over twelve years, our first and only model was a NordicTrack 1800C. We both used this treadmill for many, many, thousands of miles.

This year it was time to purchase a new perfect fit, the NordicTrack A2750 Pro.

WE WERE WRONG! We made our purchase on January 1, 2010 and to this date February 2, 2010 do not have an operating treadmill. I would not recommend this treadmill to anyone.

We have been delivered 5, that's right, I said 5 treadmills, each one of them with some of the same, yet different problems.

The first one stopped inclining after two days of use. The second one that was delivered, wasn't even taken out of the box, because it was so badly damaged. The third, was stuck at 12% incline and the 4th stuck at 0% incline, the fifth and final, doesn't even run.

As you can imagine we are at an end with the NordicTrack A2750 Pro as well as the service that we have been receiving. The tech that came to repair (or attempt to repair) the fifth didn't even know how to take the motor cover off.... such a disappointment.

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NordicTrack Elite 7500 Treadmill - BAD Experience!!!!

by Leslie
(Iowa, USA)

I got my NordicTrack Elite 7500 treadmill in November. It seemed to work great, but after about 4 weeks I got an FF on the monitor.

I called the company, and was told that I needed a new console, so they shipped one. Well, unless you know a LOT about electronics, you will not be able to install that by yourself. It was also broken in shipping.

So they were going to ship another one, but it's in back order. They cannot tell me when it is going to ship. They did send somebody out to fix my treadmill, but that takes another week.

So right now, I have no treadmill and they can't even tell me when I am going to get the part for the NordicTrack Elite 7500.

Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT purchase from this company. Their customer service is terrible, I have already gone 6 weeks without my treadmill and no end in sight.

Feel free to contact leslie245(at) if you have questions for me. In the future I will only purchase from a fitness store and never ever from NordicTrack.

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Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill Consumer Review

by Darin Raguse
(Lincoln, Nebraska)

We have had an awful experience with NordicTrack and their Commercial 1750 model.

The first one we ordered had defective (broken) parts. NordicTrack agreed to send us a new one.

Despite the fact that they delivered and set it up, the electronics on the replacement (the 2011 model) did not work (frozen screen). This prevented us from being able to use the treadmill at all. We once again called NordicTrack support. They said they would send us a new console.

The new console arrived and appeared as if it was going to work. However, the screen began cutting out which disabled the treadmill. There is nothing more frustrating than starting a run and having the treadmill completely quit.

Sometimes it would appear that everything was working and something as simple as adjusting the volume or turning on the fan would crash the on-board computer.

Maybe we are just unlucky or perhaps there is a larger problem with the electronics in the NordicTrack 2011 model Commercial 1750 (which are different than the 2010 model).

We have elected to send the treadmill back for a refund because of the length of time it will take to fix something that is supposed to be brand new. I say this because it will take a technician 2 weeks to come out to look at it.

If the tech has to order parts, which is likely, there would be another wait for part delivery followed by yet another wait to set up a second tech appointment.

After three tries with two different treadmills and a brand new console, I figured NordicTrack would bend over backwards to make this right. They did not.

I know NordicTrack has received good reviews, but best of luck to anyone that has to deal immediately with their customer service or returns/exchange departments.

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Non working treadmill since day one
by: Anonymous

I got a brand new treadmill and since it came out of the box has not worked. Trying to deal with customer service is a nightmare. I got fed up and wanted to return it but they wanted to charge me $250.00 for shipping to get a defective treadmill back to them. Please help!!!

What strategies have worked for you to get them to respond in a way that a reputable company should???

Defective Treadmill
by: Anonymous

I've had my 1750 for less than a week. It arrived defective. No luck getting any customer service from NordicTrack.

How do they get away with this? Do consumers have any recourse?

Same thing here
by: Anonymous

I am currently waiting for my second console. This treadmill has been down more than it has been working and because the dates of the previous reviews here compared to mine I would say they never fixed the issue but continue to sell this machine.. That so not very credible!!!

Ran on two times
by: Anonymous

Used my 1750 two times & it would not come on the next time I used it. Called customer service & the lady put in a order for a new switch / wire harness. I got out my fluke to test the harness / switch & informed the lady that the wire harness & switch seemed to be working correctly. She then asked if the light on the board was working. It was not, so she sent the board & scheduled the tech to come replace it. That was nearly a year ago & I have not had any more problems. Customer service was very helpful but not real knowledgeble.

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Same here!!
by: Anonymous

I am on my second console. I ordered the machine in late December and here it is mid-April and I have gotten to use it all of 4 times. I am so dissapointed. The service man is coming again this week. If he says another console has to be ordered, I am sending it back. I have had enough.

Here we go again...Nordic Track 1750
by: Anonymous

I recieved this treadmill 1/28/11. The control console has been replaced already, and now the new one is starting to have the same problems. It starts with the incline on the screen not showing the true incline (treadmill will fold up at 1%, not 0). Then on the trail programs, 9% on the screen can be an obvious decline.

The first time I called customer service, they were great. The second time, I called to check on the backordered console and they were a little testy. I can't wait to see what happens this time.

Same Problem
by: Anonymous

We had the treadmill running for 4 days, one time my girl friend tried to turn on the fan and it completely crashed the treadmill and it has not come back on since. We had the technician come by after a week and he admitted to never having worked on the 1750. He said he would place an order for a new wire harness and never did. I had to call customer serive myself and order a new wire harness, main board and console. So far the console has not arrived and the wire harness was not the issue. I am considering getting a full refund after finding out so many people had the same problem.

Bad Console
by: Anonymous

My experience has been the same. The console on our NordicTrack Commercial 1750 died after two uses. We had to wait two weeks to get a third party technician to assess, and now we have to wait for a new console to arrive, which is on backorder (probably due to many returns). I have a feeling that this is a systemic issue with the new consoles, so buyer beware. If our console does not ship shortly, we will be returning our treadmill.

Console Issues
by: Anonymous

I ran on my new NordicTrack 1750 commercial treadmill once. It hasn't worked since. It was delivered 2 weeks ago. A technician finally came today, and said that a new console has to be ordered, which will take another week before it arrives, and then it can be fixed. This is VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I really did like the "feel" of the treadmill, but I'm not too sure my husband wants to deal with NordicTrack any more. We just want a treadmill that works!

Nordictrack Commercial 1750
by: Renee

I had the exact same issue and the customer service was horrible. They drag their feet but it could be because they know they have issues. I don't get it why in some of the reviews this machine is rated so highly and yet there are so many issues. I expect the rating will tumble. Livestrong will get my business. Great reviews with the quality in production of the product.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750
by: Anonymous

Same exact issues as the previous review. Two machines out of the box had issues, and had to be sent back. This model definitely has flaws and I would not support purchasing this model.

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Nordictrack 1750 User Comments

by Anonymous

The NordicTrack 1750 is a good treadmill for the price.

I'm a heavy guy and I've been using it for the last 2 months and getting good comments from coworkers. One teased that I no longer looked pregnant. Yes, not my favorite coworker.

Anyways, it was a good buy and I like the iFit and decline. Also I used money from FSA. Only problem was that I didn't find a coupon code until after I purchased the treadmill ($100 off if you enter N4j2IA at the NordicTrack website). Much better buy then.

Another issue is that it doesn't do well going slow speed at the higher inclines > 12%. I'm not sure if I'm too heavy and gravity is taking over or I need to get it looked at.

The 3 year warrranty on the NordicTrack 1750 isn't bad either.

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Nordictrack 7600 Treadmill - Console Broke

by Alison Malloy
(Aston, PA)

I have had the Nordictrack 7600 treadmill since 2004 and I did love it. Easy to use, nice running support and it folds up. However the customer service at this company has made me say that I will never buy from them again!

The console broke and I called in July to reorder another console. On October 16th I canceled the order because after 12 calls the part was still not shipped.

What happened later that night??? They shipped the $600 part that I didn't want and charged my credit card.

Stay away from NordicTrack.

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NordicTrack T9 ci Treadmill - Console Problems

We bought a NordicTrack T9 ci treadmill in Nov 2009. The display failed after a week.

They shipped us a new console but the connector plug had been smashed in shipment. The box it came in was very flimsy so it was no surprise.

ICON Fitness (the maker of a lot of treadmills marketed under different names) sent us yet another console for the NordicTrack T9 ci about 6 weeks later.

Initially the display worked but a few days later it completely failed again. We are now in the painful process of moving this 250 pound NordicTrack treadmill from our basement back to ICON Fitness for a refund.

Buy a treadmill with better electronics and better customer service.

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Bad Design
by: Anonymous

What you are seeing is a common problem which I encountered on 3 separate displays.

I have since diagnosed the problem and am currently life-testing a working solution. The real problem is very poor design of the negative voltage generator circuit for the display contrast. Everything else is working fine except that circuit. I have designed and installed in my treadmill a replacement circuit that is much stronger and am currently testing it.

Email me at zubatcha(at)gmail(dot)com for more information

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NordicTrack - Bad Customer Service

by Lauren A.
(Maplewood, NJ)

I purchased a NordicTrack treadmill last month and after waiting 5 weeks for delivery, it finally arrived. I paid an extra $239 for their "Platinum Delivery Service" to deliver and assemble the machine.

I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. The delivery guys showed up, had no idea on how to assemble the treadmill, and eventually figured out that none of the hardware or parts were included in the box.

It's now been 3 days and I've talked to their Customer Service, Customer Care, Sales and Marketing Departments, and no one seems to be able to help me get the parts, or re-schedule the assembly. What a complete waste.

This truly has been one of the most frustrating & disappointing experiences, and I work in retail!

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Worst customer service ever, ever, ever
by: Robert Sessions

We purchased a Nordic Track i11 unit for over $2200 and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

The computer console will stop and won't boot up. We have contacted them at least 6 times regarding this issue and they send out a tech after at least a two week waiting period and he gets info and sends it back to Nordic Track and nothing happens.

Oh we want to send you an SD card and you can update it your self.

Why in the world would we have a warranty period if they were not going to fix it. Do yourself a favor and buy any other brand but this one.

They don't know what customer service is. Nothing but a run around. Lousy service and product.

Bad customer service /1750
by: Anonymous

Hi i have to inform everybody be carfull ordering with NordicTrack, I pass order to be deliver and billed after my vacations, i was told to get that price i needed to place in order and that they would bill and delever when i request.

Fact is that they billed me right away and tried to delivery, no one home so devery company sent back. Seeing that they not respect what i have ask, I requested a refund, it's been one month and still did not get money back, seems that they have made a request to proced my credit yesturday even thow i have that resquest 10 days ago? it was not in the system, but the web site say 30 upon return.

They say i returned it so my responsibility, but they have the tape , i specifikly requested delevery and billing 3 weeks after that date, they say processing credit takes 4 to 6 weeks then I should expect and other 30 days since bank will keep money.......

They seem to be a distributor saying just anything to get rid of you, downgrading experience bad experience not solve yet....... Hope to get money soon.

Horrible Company
by: David

I owned a NordicTrack C2200 treadmill for 4 years. While I never buy extended warranties, I did purchase their 4 year contract. Right before the warranty ran out, the motor died and the deck broke. Because a deck was no longer made for this particular model, I was given full credit for the purchase of a new model. Of course, no one ever told me about the deck not being made anymore....after waiting for it to arrive for 3 weeks, I had to call the company to find out. So I pick out a new treadmill....the A2750, as it was close to the credit price. Funny thing though, if you were to buy this same treadmill, you would get a 3 year parts and electronics warranty as well as a 1 year labor warranty. Because my treadmill was a replacement for one on an extended warranty, I was given only a 90 day warranty across the board. Same machine, way different warranty. I guess this is their way of selling more extended warranties. I decided not to purchase the extended warranty as I only would be using the treadmill for 6 months a year. Well, sure enough, in the fifth month of ownership, and only 200 miles of use, the electronic console malfuntioned, meaning nothing works....speed, start, off, etc.....totally inoperable. The third call to customer service (wait times are ridiculous) produced the diagnosis....a broken console which would cost 600 dollars for a replacement. They refused my offer to buy a service contract. But the rep was kind enough to offer me a 20% discount off this only $480 plus shipping.....send me 2 please. Requests to speak to someone higher up were denied. I then wrote a letter to the company and was not even given the courtesy of a reply...totally ignored. So the bottom line is that I received a 1600 dollar list price treadmill which I now have to throw away after 4 plus months of use. Even if I decided to fix it, there is no guarantee this will not happen again or another major problem will not occur. Great to see this company back up their products. Good luck if you decide to deal with them.

Worst Customer Service Experience Ever
by: Melanie

I ordered the Norditrack C900. It arrived at my house with three large cracks, and I never even took it out of the box to see if there was additional damage. So I called customer service. First, I was on hold for over 2 hours. Second, the customer service representative tried to say I broke the treadmill, which would be impossible, I never even took it out of the box!!!! Third, even though their website indicated the item as "in stock" I was told they had none left. Last, once they agreed to take the broken product back they said it would be 6 to 8 weeks before they returned my money because they had to inspect the machine to make sure I was not the one who had damaged it. It was nearly broken in half, how I would have possibly done that, I only weigh 120 pounds! They also refuse to let you speak to a manager and I have not heard from anyone even after sending multiple emails. This was by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life!

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NordicTrack Customer Service is Disjointed

by Paul
(North Carolina, USA)

I recently bought a NordicTrack C900 treadmill.

The treadmill arrived with the box in shambles. The freight company left it on the front walk ("I am not allowed to get it in the house").

For an additional $99.00 it will be delivered inside your door, for $149.00 they will deliver it to the room you are going to use it in and for $199.00 they will set it up. Please consider these costs when looking at various treadmills from competitive companies.

Once I opened the box and started carrying in as many pieces as possible to lighten the load, I noticed that the plastic cover over the motor was cracked and the NordicTrack logo was loose in the box.

I was concerned that the machine may have been dropped at manufacturing or somewhere through their logistics system.

I called their customer service 877 number and oh boy ... when trying to navigate their VRU (voice response unit) I wound up with a guy on the phone who said he could only ship the replacement cover.

I told him I was concerned that the machine was dropped and he said there is nothing I can do. I told him exactly what I wanted which was to have a technician come to my home and repair the treadmill, set it up and ensure there was no damage. He told me he would call back in one hour. No call back.

I called again and got a different department and spoke to CJ. CJ was nice and seemed informative but is limited in what NordicTrack allows her to do to resolve customer situation. I asked to speak to a supervisor.

CJ said they are not permitted to transfer a call to a supervisor but the supervisor would call me back. Again no call back.

By the way, in the ten calls to the same 877 number the average wait time is 45 minutes. After three relentless days there is not a resolution. Please consider another company.

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Definitely Disjointed Service
by: Lori M

In regards to your comments about delivery to your door, delivery in your door, and delivery and set up to the room of your choice, it is false advertising on NordicTrack's part!! I paid the $299 for the "Platinum" delivery, delivered to the room of your choice with set up and removal of all garbage. I got a call today from Old Dominion trucking who stated they could not come out to my house, as their truck is too heavy with the road postings right now. I had to drive 8 miles to meet him and as he was putting it in the back of my truck, he said "I'm not supposed to be doing this, we are just supposed to drop it off in your front yard." What?? I called NordicTrack who then said that is correct. They "dump" it off in your yard and a few days later you will get a call from a tech who will set up an appt with you to come and set it up. Now, I have a 300+ pound treadmill stuck in the back of my truck that I cannot move and God only knows when the tech will call. I called ICON Fitness (the company that sets up the tech coming over) to make sure that they had this scheduled, as I have heard nothing yet, and low and behold, they knew nothing about it. I have no idea how long I would have waited just to find out that no tech was ever notified to come out and take care of this, and I have no idea at this point how long it will take before he gets here. This is ridiculous and totally false advertising on the part of NordicTrack. Sadly enough, I already had one bad experience with NordicTrack, but gave them the benefit of the doubt. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I should have learned from the last time.....

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NordicTrack C2200 Treadmill Consumer Review

7 years ago I quit smoking and bought a NordicTrack C2200 treadmill and I was told it was for walking only.

I bought it with the intention of walking only while watching hockey games, as I never ran or stretched at the start of a workout.

Well, 2100 miles later, the walking platform split in half. I now weigh 200 lbs but started at 230 lbs. My family includes two college or ex-college interscholastic athletes who used this treadmill during offseason training, plus my wife.

The NordicTrack C2200 is one of the best investments I have made and if I could find a replacement in this price range I would buy it.

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NordicTrack Treadmill Complaint

by Michael A. Knaub
(York, PA)


I bought a brand new treadmill back in the beginning of January. When I used it for the 1st time and it got stuck in the upright position and would not come down.

Called service and they scheduled for a service rep but sent an incline motor 1st. Took two weeks to get the motor. It then took another two weeks to get the service rep to get here. When he shows up and tries to fix it it isn't the motor but the control console.

Takes another two weeks for the console to arrive. Now here it is seven weeks later and no service rep.

Ready to take this unit back to Sears and dump it in their parking lot!!!!


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NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer User Review

by Steve
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

I had such high hopes for the NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer when I first bought it and for the first while it was an awesome training device.

There were a few glitches at first which I was able to live with but over time those glitches have accumulated.

For starters, the timer has always been off by over 3 minutes per hour and the heart rate monitor never worked properly even when standing still and you should be able to take readings while moving otherwise what's the purpose.

I was able to live with these glitches as I always wear my heart rate monitor watch anyway which is far more accurate and I know it is consistent throughout all forms of training.

I consider myself to be very athletic and use the machine at a fairly good pace and for long periods of time, sometimes over 2 hours. I thought the machine was quite noisy as well but then thought I could live with that too as I normally wear headphones and it blocks most of the noise.

But the drive shaft broke on the unit and I was told it would be weeks before anyone could come out. I decided to purchase a drive shaft myself and install it for the $60.00 it would cost and I had it up and running in three days.

So now finally the speed is off and again it will be weeks before anyone can even come and look at it let alone how long it might take to actually fix the unit; this is getting to be far too much and I would have to recommend highly against buying this machine, if these types of things continue past warranty, it will be nothing but one hassle after another.

The NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer is essentially an extremely expensive piece of junk that is fast becoming a very expensive ugly piece of furniture only good for hanging clothes on to dry out.

After going for a run on a real treadmill, stay away from this unit, and if you are thinking about spending this kind of cash, go with another company that has better service, you may regret the day you bought this heap of junk just as I do!!

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Nordic Track 9500 Treadmill (purchased from Sears)

by Janet
(Greensburg, PA)

I purchased the NordicTrack 9500 treadmill from Sears five weeks ago. The plastic casing surrounding the motor was damaged in several places. In addition, a part below the base had obviously been previously broken and glued back together. It fell off the first time we attempted to fold the treadmill. The treadmill was also badly scratched in several places.

This is beyond a shadow of a doubt a used, damaged machine that Sears and / or NordicTrack attempted to pass off as new. To date, I have received nothing but empty promises and the run around from Sears in my attempts to get this resolved. Let my experience warn you, both brand wise and store wise. Neither NordicTrack nor Sears is a reputable company that cares about their customers. I have tried for five weeks to resolve this within their system and failed. I fear that legal action will be my nest step.

Please, please, please stay away from both companies for your own sanity.

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NordicTrack Reflex 4500 Pro Treadmill User Review

by Steve
(Swansea, MA)

Well, I'd stay away from the NordicTrack Reflex 4500 Pro treadmill and for that matter, any NordicTrack product.

My first model died after 5 years, needing a new motor, running board and rollers. Since NordicTrack didn't make the running board for that model anymore, they sent a new treadmill, however only guaranteeing it for 90 days....yup, a $2000 list price treadmill and they guarantee it for only 3 months cause they want you to buy a new extended warranty.

Well, of course the new model (the NordicTrack 4500 Reflex Pro) lasted exactly 124 miles and 6 weeks of use. The console, which costs $600, died, making the treadmill inoperable and the company would not back up the product because it was past the 90 day deadline (I was away for 2 months, thus not using the treadmill).

Yup, that's right.... the product lasts for 6 weeks and 124 miles and I'm told I'll have to spend $600 to fix it. So deal with them at your own peril.

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NordicTrack Nightmare

by Roland Puppa
(Dundas, Ontario, Canada)

I bought and paid for a NordicTrack 1750 in February of 2013. It never worked properly, even after two visits by a technician.

The incline setting never worked and the treadmill was stuck on a decline. Technician ordered a new board...that didn't work either.

Company refused to have someone take it apart and lug it upstairs..."we do not have a service that does that" they I was responsible for disassembly and lugging it back upstairs and out to the garage.

NordicTrack also would not get me a new one and assemble it. Shocking and brutal customer service....long waits on phone lines, miscommunication between returns department and delivery people.

I will never buy a NordicTrack product again. With all of the other solid fitness products and treadmills out there, at comparable prices, STAY AWAY FROM NORDICTRACK!!!

Did I mention the treadmill was picked up by NordicTrack a week ago and I still do not have my money back. Stay away folks!!!!


(Now looking at a sole F80 or an AFG 5.1 or 7.1)

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Company sucks
by: Anonymous

Ordered treadmill and after three week shipping company called to set up delivery, said would be delivered in five more days.

After five days shipping company called said would be delivered in 3 to 4 more days, we told them we would not accept it and to send it back to Nordic track.

Called them for return autheration, after holding for 45 minutes finally got return authorization, been 10 days, still no refund.

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NordicTrack A2105 Treadmill User Comments

by Bruce

The NordicTrack A2105 treadmill is a nice machine, but lately we have been having a problem.

While you are working out, the beating heart will appear on the screen and it will give several different pulse readings and we're not even holding the bars that read the pulse.

It becomes very annoying when you're watching the time so you can change elevation and/or speed for your workout. It even does that during preset workouts that are on the system.

Is anyone else having that problem with the NordicTrack A2105?

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Returned my NordicTrack

by Sam
(Kelso, Washington)

I found the deck very stiff,despite changing the deck option to cushion. I have been running for 30 years, the past 10 on treadmills.

I recently purchased the NordicTrack 1750 and began running on it immediately. After three days I was so stiff and sore, I could not use it.Tthe incline would go up without notice, as well as other glitches with the WiFi.

I called NordicTrak and their response was that the 1750 was "a hard deck, not recommended for people with bad back and knees." I asked to speak with someone that could tell me about other models that would have a softer cushion, sorry, I was told, the sales department was very busy.

I have waited a week for a return call, did not happen, I am returning the treadmill today. Too bad, my old NordicTrack was a winner.

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NordicTrack X11i Review

by StuckInNJ
(Princeton, NJ)

This certainly is an impressive machine. A couple of things about which to think when ordering:

There are weeks of uncertainty about when the trainer will arrive. Logistical support is poor. It's big - I don't mean big in the sense that it takes up room - it's big and heavy for moving. You may need to arrange for someone to come and move it, especially when taking it down stairs. We didn't recognize that the trainer comes almost assembled so the treadmill is a heavy piece for two strong adults to move. The manufacturer does not have any services to help in this regard. If you want to use it right away, be ready with movers. And add that to the cost of ownership. It was already expensive before adding this into the mix.

Set-up is easy. Very little in the way of issues there. It is a beautiful machine.

Unfortunately, when we did the calibration, the treadmill inclined all the way and never reset. Not sure what the issue is - the repair person who supports the warranty won't come out until a replacement motor is sent out. He doesn't want to waste his time. Since his time is more material to the manufacturer than mine, I guess this makes sense. Factor this in when you consider the warranty.

The part hasn't arrived by the way. It was shipped in early May and is stuck in some limbo between the post office and our house (for some reason, the shipper uses two separate delivery companies in combination to optimize the potential for failure).

The second try at getting the part to us is left in another limbo called "spare part is currently unavailable but we will ship it to you when we have it." This is not a positive review. I think the machine is fine (though I've yet to try it) but the support effort is offensive.

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NordicTrack C1500 Treadmill

by Roy
(Ballston Spa N.Y.)

I recently received a NordicTrack C1500 treadmill as an upgraded replacement for a Nordic Track C2255 treadmill that was a lemon.

When the treadmill arrived the diplay console didn't work. After two months of use one of the shock absorber brackets sheered off of the frame, rendering the treadmill completely useless.

This is the fourth NordicTrack treadmill I've received because of my purchasing extended warranty protection. They are great about honoring the warranties, but I would never purchase their equipment again.

The treadmills just can't handle 200 lbs even though the NordicTrack C1500 was rated for 350 lbs.

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NordicTrack C900 Pro

by Tony Chai
(Annandale, VA, USA)

Palmsize white spot and scratches near the logo.

Palmsize white spot and scratches near the logo.

There were many scratches, scuffs, and discolorations on and around the deck. The console was ok. Everything works, but it looks like it got banged around in the warehouse.

If a TV came with all the blemishes, it would get sent back, but having spent 5 hours to assemble it, well...and customer service didn't care about any of this when I called and wrote to them. The treadmill is louder than I expected.

I'm having someone come out because it squeaks loudly when I run.

I would not purchase a NordicTrack again.

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NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer - A $2000.00 Coat Rack

by Rob
(Grapeview, WA)

Dennis Kozlowski purchased a $6000.00 shower curtain. With the purchase of the NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer my wife and I seem to have purchased a $2000.00 coat rack disguised as a treadmill.

Pros: Good idea and design.

Cons: Perhaps units that came off the assembly line later are more glitch-free. However, ours has had more than its share of problems and is completely unreliable.


1. Loud clanking noise near front roller/ever-loosening belt: This problem was solved on the technician’s second visit. The solution included replacing poorly designed belt adjustment fasteners with ones of newer & better design that prevents them from coming loose and tightening them in excess of what is actually specified in the manual.

2. Belt & monitor speed discrepancy: Speed will be set on monitor to 4 MPH, for example, only to have the belt speed suddenly slow to approximately 1 MPH without warning, while the monitor continues to display 4 MPH. This is both annoying and a safety hazard and occurs at completely unpredictable times, maybe once, twice, or several times during an attempted workout.

This problem has not been corrected to this day. An attempt was made to correct it by replacing the motor & controller. However, that did not correct the problem. The technician was also sent a new monitor, but found it to be faulty/inoperative, left the existing one installed, and considered the repair complete, since the problem didn’t surface during his short visit. Sadly, I was away on business during that visit and found out later he was only on the unit for 1-1/2 minutes while it was running, which is an insufficient amount of time to replicate the conditions in which the problem surfaces.

I have made numerous phone calls to NordicTrack to see what they are going to do to fix this problem and turn this malfunctioning unit into a reliable piece of exercise equipment. While the Customer Service representatives are always pleasant, I am getting no return calls from the Service Coordinator(s) on when they will send someone to fix our machine.

We are sorely disappointed and question who really best represents the Biggest Loser? Jillian Michaels, the Nordic Track X7i, or us for buying one? The jury is still out.

This is not an anonymous posting. Latest Service Tickets/Work Orders 1776678 & 1762110 apply. I hope NordicTrack does contact us. More importantly, I hope they fix our machine and do so soon to restore what used to be a high opinion of their company.

If you choose to purchase one, I wish you better luck.

When the machine is finally fixed, a more positive message indicating so will be posted on this website and the others.

Comments for NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer - A $2000.00 Coat Rack

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by: Rob

I will keep this short by saying that NordicTrack has since given us a full refund. Rob from Grapeview

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NordicTrack T5.5 Treadmill Consumer Review

by Karen
(Winnipeg, Canada)

I just purchased the NordicTrack T5.5 treadmill over a week ago and just love it! A bargin at $700 Canadian.

It comes with a cushioned platform with a length of 5'10" and a width of 2'9". It folds for easy storage. There is assembly required but all hardware comes on a clearly marked piece of cardboard.

This NordicTrack treadmill was so easy to put together. It has a number of features. It does incline, comes with an ipod/mp3 player jack, decent sounding speakers for a treadmill. It also has ifit live work out, my trainer, world tour walk. I haven't had a chance to try out everything yet but the NordicTrack T5.5 is going to be alot of fun.

I'm looking forward to the personal trainer who talks to you! And I can walk on the great wall of China! You do need a computer for that. What a bang for your buck.

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NordicTrack C1750 Treadmill User Review

by Ryan
(Alberta, Canada)

I purchased the NordicTrack C1750 treadmill for $1600CAD in Feb 2012.

Easy to use layout
Lives up to most expectaions
Fast and good incline range
iPod works through the speakers
Solid build
Good warranty coverage

Screen is small, info can be hard to read at a run
Touch screen is not very responsive
Heart rate chest strap only works when you are closer to the console
Fan is small and only good on your face
Decline angles cause tread stoppage

System was having trouble early on and would have uncommanded shut downs. Incline stopped working all together. Called NordicTrack for service. Told to wait 48 hours for local service, they called later that day. Scheduled servicing for next day at 1:30. Tech showed up at 1:30, tore the machine to pieces with no obvious fault found. Reassembled, and recalibrated, and installed updates. Machine works great again. Very happy with service. No charge.

Final Comments
Love the machine other than the touch screen. After using the NordicTrack C1750 I would recommend NOT getting the fancy touchscreen because it is the downer of this unit. I would actually prefer the standard easy to read LED number layouts that you see on most gym treadmills. Otherwise I am very pleased with the unit and service.

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NordicTrack C2255 Treadmill Motor Has a Lifespan of 5 Years

by Sandra Small
(Charlotte, N.C.)

The NordicTrack C2255 treadmill motor blew out at 5 years with walking on it 6 miles per week.

When I called to tell the tech of the loss of power when walking and that I thought the motor was gone, she recommended purchasing a new belt and lube kit.

I paid for service call to tell me my belt was fine and that it was the motor. I then had to order the motor and pay for another service call.

That was a couple months ago and now the back roller broke which means several more hundreds of $$$. Told the tech I was unhappy with 5 years of service from a now $1000.00 treadmill and was hung up on.

I now realize you can purchase a $200.00 to $500.00 treadmill and get at least 5 years service out of it and come out better than buying a $1000.00 NordicTrack treadmill and getting no more mileage from it.

Save your $$$ and go for the cheaper makes. Have never tried the commercial lines, so I can't say if they are any better but they cost a lot!

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NordicTrack C1250 Treadmill User Review

by Gregg

We have used the NordicTrack C1250 treadmill about two weeks. I assembled it myself with little difficulty. I purchased two Allen wrench sockets which made the assembly much easier.

The treadmill started up perfectly. We are still getting used to using the wireless feature--it seems that we sometimes lose the connection between sessions, but powering off the unit and starting it back up usually solves the problem.

I have not tried browsing while using the treadmill, which is one of the reasons I bought this unit. I like the online sessions with Jill, though--it provides extra incentive.

I see that NordicTrack does not currently list this unit on their Website which concerns me some. The closest unit to it is the C1750 which offers -3% incline, but only has a 7" touchscreen.

Since I hope to browse while using the treadmill, I preferred the 10" touchscrren.

But I would be interested in knowing why the C1250 cannot be currently found on NordicTrack's Website. Supposedly the NordicTrack C1250 treadmill is a new 2011 unit.

So far, I am satisfied overall. I just hope the reliability holds up to my expectations.

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ICON Health & Fitness Customer Service & Warranty

(Surrey, UK)

We bought a £1,000 treadmill from ICON Health & Fitness in 2006. After about a year the running board broke and it has not worked properly ever since.

Over the past approx. 18 months we have been contacting ICON Health & Fitness regularly for service repairs and they take months and months to reply.

Most of the time they just ignore us and they have refused to acknowledge that their performance has failed the terms of their guarantee and acceptable customer service standards.

If I were you I would buy a treadmill from someone else.

Comments for ICON Health & Fitness Customer Service & Warranty

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ICON Support Failure
by: Sat Sandhu

I totally agree with the poster.

We bought a £2500 Nordic Track treadmill. After about 6 months the company decided to add a software update that put the treadmill to sleep if not used. Unfortunately they didn't test it on the T25.0 and as such our treadmill powers off in less than 1 minute, even if we are trying to use it (including while paused in between workouts).

And the treadmill doesn't stay on long enough to apply any firmware fixes the company issues.

So not only is it broken but they aren't able to fix it via a firmware update.

After 6 months of constantly contacting ICON - they finally replaced the console, but because it is a software issue that still hasn't fixed the problem.

I'm coming to the end of my 12 month warranty - so now I'm asking them for my money back since they appear to be too incompetent to fix the issue.

Incidently since day one I have pointed out that the treadmill doesn't handle metric properly and they haven't even fixed something as simple as converting miles to kilometres!!!

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NordicTrack E15.0 Elliptical with iFit Live™

by Luv Whales
(Delray Beach, Florida)

This has been the worst experience of my life!!!! i bought the E15.0 Elliptical from NordicTrack with the idea that because they are a big well known company the product would be good and the service would be decent.

A month after I had my elliptical it broke. They sent a service tech that was basically just a part time service tech, not his real job, and he did more damage than good! So they sent a different service tech who kept cancelling on us and then was coming to fix it with a "friend", so unprofessional!

When I call Icon customer service they basically are no help whatsoever. I am now stuck with a broken machine that has NEVER worked properly and NordicTrack says I am past my 90 day warranty. However, for the 90 days I was waiting on techs to service the unit!

Worst customer service ever!! Do not buy from NordicTrack ever!!

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Piece of Junk Nordic Track Treadmill Desk

by Patrick
(Yreka, CA, USA)

We only used our Nordic Track Treadmill Desk about 10 times and then decided to use it again, after warranty expired but it would not start.

Customer "service" folks at Nordic Track had us open up the big black box and the console and just under the desk where it connects to one of the vertical legs but everything looked good.

For about $350 they were willing to ship parts which might or might not handle the undiagnosed challenge with the "start" button. We have never been more disappointed in a piece of equipment or company or customer "service".

Anyone who thinks they can fix it, come and get it!!!

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nordictrack commercial 2950

by Felix Rivera
(Bronx, N.Y. USA)

just got the new 2950 and already have problems. started, seeing a small oil leak underneath motor housing witch has become more profound as time has gone by. love the machine but concern it may have been damage during delievery.

called Nordictrack to explain my concerns and they are telling me this is normal. I don't think so. I've never ran on a treadmill with oil leaks or oil on the running belt. seems they rather lose a loyal customer then address my issue. Just beware my fellow runners with buying direct from NordicTrack.

I myself am looking for a new company to buy my next treadmill from as we speak. one not made by Icon fitness. the makers of NordicTrack, proform, free motion fitness, health rider, Ifit. just to mention a few. P.S. wish I could up load photo but don't know how to from my computer.

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Nordictrack Commercial 1750

by Wendy
(Barrie Ontario)

I ordered a Nordictrack 1750 on Dec 1/2014. They promised a two week delivery. After a week I started to call because I have read their service and delivery is not the best. In 18 days they have never called to tell me there is a problem. I want it for a Christmas gift. After 18 days their story is it is just arriving in the warehouse, will take 2/3 days to process, 2 more weeks to ship, and no, I won't have it for Christmas. Their wait time on the phone is almost an hour. They do answer the chatline, but really can only apologize.

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Nordictrack treadmill

by js
(henderson, nv)

Buyer Beware: I received my $2000.00 plus treadmill with white glove about 2-3 weeks ago with warranty purchased. They brought it in all set up. Told us that they had nothing to do with if it. The treadmill was broke from day 1. Now I am fighting to have it taken back.

They don't return my calls or emails. Supposedly they will take it back within 30 days. So I have contacted the BBB. Hopefully they can get something done. Don't purchase a Nordictrack.

Customer service is terrible. Waited for half hour just to speak to someone and she didn't know what was going on so she gave me someone else who said he would do something about it. And he didn't. Be aware this is very expensive without the backing.

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NordicTrack X22I treadmill - Never worked

by Corinne Ohannessian
(Argyle, Texas)

I purchased a 1750 but Nordictrack pushed to upgrade to the x22I. I agreed. On May 15th 2020, I received the treadmill and had it put together. The treadmill came on, then the ifit needed to be upgraded. The upgrade failed. I contacted support who tried to help then determined the machine came with a defective console.

They ordered the part. I am still waiting and I cannot get any update. I received an email stating the part was on back order. It is June 8th and still no word. Ifit said they would give me a 10% discount for the fact that the 2100.00 machine never worked.

That also never came through. When I enquired about returning the machine, I was told sure but you will pay over 200.00 to return. I asked why and was simply told that I am refusing the fix so I would have to pay.

All I want is for this thing to work. I did not buy it to simply look at it.
I am so very disappointed in the fact that I am getting the run around and cannot get straight answers or resolution.

Never again will I deal with that company.

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