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In just a dozen years, Bodyguard treadmills have come on strong, earning the highest praise in the industry for their quality construction and design.

Their approach to the business is something other makers should strive to emulate: Bodyguard limits the number of treadmill models they offer, currently three, and don’t have a weak entry in the line-up.

Procycle, the Canadian parent company of Bodyguard, even took a chance and came out with a couple of lower end, less expensive, Chinese imports but loaded with the same Bodyguard features.

The results are first rate. The full treadmill line ranges in price from $2,999 to $4,499, as they got rid of the lower priced options over the last couple of years.

Gorgeous Treadmills

Bodyguard Treadmills

Giving these treadmills Best Buy kudos just doesn’t seem like enough of an endorsement. These are well-designed, well-built, mighty machines worth every penny you pay for them. We don’t want to simply approve of them as much as we want to shout from the rooftops: Do not pass up Bodyguard treadmills!

Not only do they come with big motors with lifetime warranties, these treadmills have roomy running decks (from 60" to 63"), strong and stable frames, beautiful sand-colored finishes, and challenging workout programs to keep you training for hours.

Current residential models include the T-30, T-45 and T-75, all of which can be found on the official company site.

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The Machines Adored By the Pros

Bodyguard clearly has one rival in its sights: Landice. They aim to beat their main competition in every category; from reliability, workmanship, cushioning, motor output, noise level, and treadmill components … to just about everything else. Do the pros think they’ve succeeded? Yes, in every way their reviews reflect how much they “heart” these machines.

What We Say: Just -- Wow!

We recommend the Bodyguard treadmills without reservations. They are absolutely equal to-- if not better than -- the highly-regarded Landice machines. Both makers have left behind most other manufacturers as they consistently try to out-do each other in terms of pricing and outstanding performance.

In the end, the consumer benefits no matter which treadmill model they choose.

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Bodyguard Treadmill Model Reviews

The Bodyguard T240 - a well-designed model that has received Best Buy awards from experts.

Bodyguard T280C - outstanding for performance, comfort level, quiet operation, easy of use, one-piece welded frame, big user capacity, and best warranty in business.

Bodyguard T300 - The T300 commercial treadmill was rated as one of the top 3 or 4 Best Buys in its price class by Treadmill Doctor; ideal for home gyms and corporate gyms where space is a premium.

Bodyguard T460X - rates well above average in every aspect: power, cushioning, noise level, quality, size and a strong warranty; made the 'Best Buy' list for 2009.

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