Treadmill Workout DVD Takes Your Exercise to New Levels

Now admit it, you are curious about a treadmill workout DVD but question how much you can possibly learn from it. What’s to know about a treadmill after all? You turn it on, and walk, or run, or jog … or go back to walking.

Who needs an instructional DVD on how to walk, we all learned that as a baby. Well, listen up, because you’re about to learn how a treadmill workout tape can improve your fitness level and get you to your goals in half the time!

Cardio exercise is so important that it’s necessary to go over the reasons to do it one more time. Not only does a cardio program (such as following along with a treadmill workout DVD) help to burn calories which leads to weight loss, it also makes your heart stronger so it doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood.

A stronger heart reduces the risk of heart attack as well as increases your lung capacity. In addition, exercise in general helps to reduce stress and lowers other risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Learning New Steps

To give you an example of how and why these tapes can work for you, take a look at the Treadmill to Fitness Workout DVD by Abdelhak Chegri. He is the founder of this training method and has adapted it to any treadmill so it will work for anyone. There are two half hour workouts on the DVD that cover treadmill footwork as well as warm-up and cool down stretches.

The first session on this treadmill workout DVD is the Action Foundation which is a general exercise program for anyone at any level of fitness. It’s designed to be fun and to get you motivated. It also introduces you to new forms of stepping while engaging your upper body. A cool down and introduction to stretches complete the beginner’s session.

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Next up on this workout DVD is what Chegri calls the Trhythmill Fusion. This is the more advanced program which gets you into more difficult steps, such as walking sideways and backwards on the treadmill as it challenges you to incorporate balance and coordination into the routine. These drills give you an excellent cardio workout. As with the beginner’s session, there is a cool down portion with more stretching exercise.

The idea of walking backwards on a moving belt is a little tricky (and scary) but with Chegri’s instruction, you’ll be intrigued that you can learn it so quickly. Those of you who have a higher level of fitness will pick up the advanced moves more readily and it gets easier the more you try it.

A Challenging Treadmill Workout

We would prefer that he demonstrated even more steps on the treadmill, or leave the stretching portion off since many of us have our own cool down methods. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to follow along and learn something new from this DVD.

We adapted several of the stretches he shows and will continue to apply them to our own training sessions. The treadmill workout DVD is designed to challenge you to take exercises to the next level and that’s just where you want to go!

Tips for Treadmill Workouts

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