A Treadmill for Swimmers: Lap Swim in a Perfect Current

With the benefits of a large swimming pool in a small space, the treadmill for swimmers is the perfect solution for maintaining health and fitness in the privacy your own home or yard.

If you are looking for a personal lap pool, it is because you have come to hate the hassle of going to the fitness center and being limited to certain times when the pool is available, having to share a lane during crowded lap swims or Masters, and so many other hassles. But you don’t want the hassle of maintaining a large in-ground pool in your backyard, either. The treadmill for swimmers is the answer.

Get the Best and Forget the Rest

EndlessPools.comdesigns and manufactures incredible home current pools for thousand of customers worldwide.

Founded in 1988, the Endless Pool is the leader in the field that has seen a sudden rush of home pool competitors who offer only jetted spa pools, which are basically rectangle shaped hot tubs.

The problem with a jetted spa is that it churns the waters in a choppy mess. Swimmers need the Endless Pool which provides a wide, high volume, non-turbulent flow

The advantages of the Endless Pool include:

  • Non-stop stroke time. You don’t reach the end going from side to side, so you aren’t constantly turning and pushing off. Like running on a belt on a treadmill, swimmers swim against a current and stay in one place.
  • The current runs at different speeds from zero to a racer’s pace making it suitable for beginners or master swimmers. You can also adjust the current speed in order to improve your technique on weaker strokes such as the butterfly.
  • - Request the Free Information Kit complete with a DVD or Video

  • Smooth, even, adjustable, river-like flow 21" wide by 16" deep.
  • Digital speed control via remote control with 52 speeds.
  • Easy-to-read 7" digital swim pace display.
  • Retractable security cover prevents 100% of the humidity from escaping into your indoor space.
  • Copper and silver purification system minimizes chlorine. The Endless Pool treadmill for swimmers requires very little maintenance. In fact, the Water Quality System makes the pool virtually odor free.
  • Small pool size is efficient and costs less than a large pool, with less water to heat and keep clean. In fact, the pool water needs only be changed every 1 to 2 years depending on use.
  • Pre-wired, pre-plumbed.
  • The kit easily fits through doorways so it can be installed in basements and garages by the factory-trained contractors.
  • Price? The Same as a Hot Tub

    Why own a Jacuzzi or hot tub when you can get more use out treadmill for swimmers is convenient, affordable, and fits almost anywhere. of a treadmill for swimmers?

    The Endless Pool offers a high quality adjustable current that is smooth and refreshing, and the entire pool takes up only a minimal amount of space. All of the designs are suitable for multi-purpose uses including relaxation, water therapy, fun, and of course, as a lap pool. There are four versions of the Endless Pool with prices ranging from $7,500 to $28,900 for complete systems:

    1. Fastlane Pool – soft-sided, affordable. Sets up in the backyard as new or retrofitting an existing pool.
    2. Fiberglass Endless Pool – available in a number of depths.
    3. Endless Pool Swim Space – with spa seating.
    4. Original Endless Pool – maximum design flexibility can be installed in new or existing spaces.

    Best of all, the pools are customizable (not dependent on a mold). The width, length, and depth are adjusted to fit your needs, but to give you an idea, the standard size of the treadmill for swimmers is 8' by 15' with a water depth of 39".

    The entire pool is just 42" high. It is convenient, affordable, and fits almost anywhere. You can exercise, train for a triathlon, lose weight, and alleviate the pain of arthritis – there are so many reasons to own your own home pool. Just imagine getting your laps in every day – and never having to go to the crowded rec center again!

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