Treadmill Distance Calculator: Know Your Time, Speed and Pace

If you want to know your pace and time, a treadmill distance calculator can quickly tell you how well you are doing in your workout. These display readouts can help you with conversions of speed, distance, METs, and calories burned as well.

Time & Speed Workout Tools

Treadmill Distance Calculator

The most basic treadmill will record time and distance walked, and some will even calculate the amount of calorie burn for you.

More advanced machines with electronic displays also provide a treadmill speed converter that tracks distance in miles/km and your end time, to calculate your average pace in minutes per mile and in miles per hour. Most treadmills give this readout in “real time” on the display during the entire workout session.

You can also look online for helpful tools such as a treadmill mph conversion chart, such as the one at that gives you an idea of the approximate effort of treadmill running as compared to road running. The chart factors in the lack of wind resistance that you would experience outside on a level road, while it takes into consideration the incline levels, from 0% to 10% on the treadmill.

Treadmill Distance Calculator

Treadmill Speed Chart

You can also use a treadmill calculator to estimate your pace for long road races. Try a few calculations by entering your weight, plus your workout time, treadmill incline degree (gradient), speed, and time to determine estimated pace for a 10,000-meter run or a marathon, as well as show calories burned, METs (units of metabolic equivalent), and more.

Another interactive pace chart is Merv's Running Calculator, which gives feedback even more detailed. Enter the distance, duration (hours/minutes), and pace (miles, km, 400m, or mph) of your workout, then request the treadmill distance calculator to show you how it compares as an equivalent performance at common race distances, as well as convert distance or pace to mi/km, pace at a percent of treadmill incline, and more.

Calorie Conversions

If you want to know how many minutes or miles you need to walk or run to burn up a targeted amount of calories, a treadmill distance calculator can do that for you as well.

The machine will need to know your weight for the calculation because everyone burns calories according to energy expenditure. For example, a 125-lb woman walking 60 minutes at 4 mph will burn around 284 calories. For the same time and mph, a 325-lb man will burn 439 calories. The heavier man burns more calories because he expends more energy even though he is covering the same distance at the same pace.

Input your weight on the console display before you begin your treadmill workout, that way you will get accurate readings. Otherwise, the machine will use the standard pre-programmed measurement based on a 150-lb user.

If you weigh more than 150 pounds, the treadmill’s calculator will underestimate your caloric expenditure, and if you weigh less, it will overestimate it.

As you can see, you aren’t limited to simply picking a time or distance target on a treadmill.

Using the treadmill distance calculator you will know your average minutes per mile and calories burned per minute, so that you can pick up the pace for better fitness, as well as training for 5K or 10K races, as well as half and full marathons.

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