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You may not recognize the brand name, but SportsArt Fitness treadmills are made by the manufacturer behind some of the finest treadmills on the market, including Precor, Smooth, Schwinn and Ultrafit. They are manufactured under strict quality control using superior parts and electronics. They currently offer both an in-home and commercial line of treadmills, cycles, ellipticals and more.

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SportsArt Treadmill

SportsArt isn't yet a household name because, although they've been manufacturing treadmills for thirty years, they were sold by Precor and other premium brands under their own labels. SportsArt is now coming into its own as a direct retailer because people are discovering that they can get a commercial grade treadmill that is not only comfortable but stylish and affordable as well.

While they aren't cheap, you can get SportsArt Fitness treadmills for anywhere from $2000 on up when they are on sale. These are premium machines, but even at $2500 for some models, you're paying about $800 to -$1,000 less than you would for a comparable model from any of the popular luxury treadmill brands.

The current lineup consists of the T615, T635, T635M, T645, T655MS, T655S and T675.  You can check them all out on the SportArt website to compare features and capabilities.

Because they are manufacturing at their own facilities rather than importing the treadmills themselves, SportsArt can give their online customers a great deal without compromising on quality. Until recently, you didn't really see SportsArt Fitness treadmills online; you had to purchase from a bricks and mortar store, so they didn't get the high profile or numerous reviews some other brands got simply by virtue of being online. Fortunately, the brand has come into the 21st century and now sells direct to consumers or through big box retailers like Amazon. You can currently find any of their treadmills on sale for anywhere from about $2,000 for their entry level model to $5,299 for the T631 treadmill.

Combining Comfort With Stability

One of the best components of the SportsArt Fitness treadmills is the MyFlex Plus deck system. They've done extensive research and then tested their unique running decks in the field, bringing buyers the ultimate balance between shock absorption to protect the joints and stability for injury-free running. The deck also has a lifetime warranty, which is a must at this price point, particularly if you're going to be punishing the machine on a regular basis. Fortunately, SportsArt Fitness delivers. 

Popular With Serious Athletes

Because SportsArt treadmills have been seen and used for years in commercial gyms, they are quickly developing a following for in-home use by serious athletes who know that the powerful motors, unique decking and exacting standards that brought them excellent commercial treadmills can now bring them in-home models that rival the big boys for less pocket money. The consoles are attractive and detailed, with blue back-lighting and full color readouts to keep you motivated, and the generous running decks make SportsArt treadmills the perfect choice for multiple users.

We Can't Say Enough Good Things

Yep, we're singing the praises of the complete line of SportsArt treadmills. You simply won't get a better price on a high-end, premium treadmill anywhere else. The company's dedication to exacting standards for everything from parts and electronics to the sleek styling is evident in every model.

Because they oversee their own manufacturing and are dedicated to providing top quality products to their customers, SportsArt Fitness can offer excellent deals without losing any profitability. If you want a premium grade treadmill at a price well below that of the more famous luxury lines like Precor, we suggest you give SportsArt Fitness treadmills a try.

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Model Reviews

SportsArt Fitness T611 - The T611 gets high marks in reviews for being a sturdy, reliable machine with precision engineered parts. ActiveZone shows which muscle groups you're targeting.

SportsArt Fitness T621 - The T621 features whisper-quiet performance, superior performance and a deck system that balances cushioning against stability.

SportsArt Fitness T631 - Incredibly quiet and smooth; MyFlex deck cushioning system reduces heel strike impact significantly to preserve your joints.

SportsArt Fitness TR20f -  A premium folding model that can give you an excellent workout without having to pay an arm and a leg

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