The ProForm 680 Trainer Treadmill – Decent Entry-Level Model

The ProForm 680 Trainer treadmill is part of Icon Fitness line of bargain budget machines that comes with all the basics, yet they include a couple of cool features such as an iPod® music port, quick speed and incline controls, and an easy-to-use console in order to add value to the machine. Icon sells more treadmills than anyone else so they know what it takes to please their legions of buyers.

The Machine

The ProForm 680 Trainer treadmill is a great looking machine that has a bright orange ClearView™ backlit console that displays your speed, incline, calories burned, distance, time, and more. The full list of the specs includes:

ProForm 680 Trainer Treadmill
  • 2.8 HP Drive motor
  • 0-10 mph QuickSpeed™ Control
  • 0-10% QuickIncline™ Control
  • 20" x 55" tread belt
  • 10 QuickSelect™ Workouts
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod®
  • Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 Sound System
  • TreadSoft Max™ Cushioning
  • 300 lbs. max. User Weight
  • 20-year motor warranty; 1 year parts and labor

The Buzz

UPDATE:  The ProForm 680 Trainer has been discontinued.  To find a comparable treadmill check out the new full lineup from ProForm to see which model appeals to you.

There are lots of budget components used in these machines so don’t expect high quality for $599. Experts advise that the ProForm 680 Trainer is a walker’s treadmill since the 2.8 HP motor only delivers about 1.25 continuous horsepower, which is the true measure of a motor’s output. (The Proform 980 Audio treadmill’s 2.25 CHP motor is more powerful than the 680’s 2.8 HP motor.)

The basic construction is sound, making the ProForm 680 Trainer a decent entry level model. Get an extended warranty just in case: a 1 Year Warranty is $69.95; 2 Years is $99.95, and 3 Years costs $120.

For the incredible price, most consumers are quite happy with their purchase of the ProForm 680 Trainer treadmill. If you are on a limited budget, or don’t want fussy goodies on the console, this is a good machine if you’re an avid walker. As for the features it does have; the speakers are adequate, the display couldn’t be easier, and the frame offers remarkable stability even for supporting a heavier adult user.

The cushioning is somewhat lacking though walking on the ProForm 680 Trainer does provide more joint protection than walking on sidewalks. TreadSoft Max™ is a fancy name for what is only adequate deck cushioning but that isn’t an important feature at this low price. Wearing a good pair of sneakers helps you to overcome most treadmill cushion problems.

What We Say

The ProForm 680 treadmill is a basic version of the 980 Audio Trainer so you can save $150 if you don’t need or want the iFit® workouts, the fan, the fold-up design, and the larger motor. With some tender loving care, the ProForm 680 Trainer treadmill should last you a few years without giving you trouble.

Since the company offers free shipping (a savings of $125), we recommend you get one of the extended warranties to further safeguard your purchase. You should also consider purchasing a treadmill mat. This accessory is vital to not only protect your floor or carpet; it will also extend the life of the motor and rollers.

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