The Sole S73 Treadmill - an Excellent Choice in a Home Treadmill

If you aren’t hurting for space, the Sole S73 treadmill is the same high quality as their folding models, but for a bit less money. As usual, Sole has put top quality components into the treadmill and still manage to offer it at a more than reasonable price.

The Machine

The Sole S73 is built with the jogger or regular walker in mind, but the powerful motor means that even an individual who runs regularly should get years of use out of it, making this treadmill a bargain at $1,700. Features include:

Sole S73 Treadmill
  • 3.0 HP continuous duty motor
  • 12 mph maximum speed
  • 15% maximum incline
  • 20” x 60” running surface
  • 350 lbs max. user weight
  • Wireless HR monitor
  • Red LED display console
  • 2.75” rollers
  • Custom Flex deck
  • 6 programs plus 2 user programs
  • Speed & incline controls in arm rests
  • Warranty: Lifetime on motor, frame & deck; 5 yrs. parts; 2 yrs. labor

Let’s pause a moment and contemplate the two years labor warranty. Can you think of another treadmill that’s covered for two full years of service at less than $2,000? Neither can we. You have to put a certain amount of faith in the Sole S73 treadmill based on the excellence of the warranty.

The Buzz

UPDATE:  The S73 treadmill is no longer being sold, recently replaced by the all new Sole S77 model.  Check out this upgraded model for specs and information.

Customers who have purchased a Sole S73 treadmill always praise the console display. The tri-color LED read-outs make it much easier to keep track of multiple functions and information at a glance. The Sole S73’s heart rate percentage profile is a neat feature that shows whether you are below target (yellow), at optimal heart rate (green) or above target (red). For those who are still learning about heart rate monitoring, this feature simplifies things considerably.

Trainers admire the warranty and say that the Sole S73 is a fine choice for most people who want an in-home treadmill, but they also suggest comparing this model to the S77 if you plan on doing some full-out running. They have concerns about the running deck length, which is a bit short at 55” if you want to sprint, run or go faster than a jog.

What We Say

There are no serious problems with this treadmill. In fact, the Sole S73 is an excellent value and will be more than enough for most users. We just hate to pass up the opportunity to go one step further for only $200 more by moving on to the S77. You’ll have to compare the two and decide if you think you even need the extras on the other model. If you don’t, then the Sole S73 treadmill is a good choice.

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