The Vision TF20 Offers Great Features and a Foldable Frame

The TF20 is a high quality, entry-level treadmill from Vision Fitness. Built with a foldable frame, the machine is very quiet, packs a wide range of features, and comes with a great warranty.

The Machine

The Vision Fitness TF20 gives you three different options as far as consoles are concerned.  There's the Classic, the Elegant+, and the Touch+. The Classic offers an extra-large LED display and has five built-in workout programs. The Elegant+ has a 10” touchscreen display and has 15 workout programs. The Touch+ has a 15.6" high-definition display and has 19 workout programs included.

Let's take a look at the main specs on the TF20

Vision TF20 Treadmill
  • 2.75 CHP Johnson Drive motor
  • 0.5-12 mph speed
  • 0 - 15% Incline
  • InfinityDeck Cushioning
  • Up to 19 workout programs
  • 2-ply maintenance-free belt
  • 20" x 57" running area
  • Contact grips and wireless heart rate
  • 375-lb. Max User Capacity
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, motor, cushioning; 5 years parts, 2-years labor

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The Buzz

One of the very first things you will notice about the TF20 is that it is incredibly quiet. The motor is designed to run at very low RPMs and makes very little noise even when you operate the treadmill at high speeds.

A nice feature on the TF20, as well as the other models such as the T40 treadmill, is the fact that you can choose from three different consoles – Classic, Elegant+, and Touch+.

The Classic is the cheapest option with a basic LED display and five preloaded workout programs. If you can afford to spend a few hundreds more, you can go for the Elegant+ or the Touch+, both of which have more built-in workout programs and come with innovative features like ViaFit, Virtual Active, and Sprint 8.

ViaFit logs your workouts, helps you monitor your workout progress, and allows you to share your workout data with your favorite third party apps effortlessly.

Virtual Active displays high-definition footage of the American Northeast and Northern Rockies, adjusts the incline automatically to simulate the running terrain, and allows you to experience the thrills of outdoor running right from your workout room.

Sprint 8 is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) program which allows you to burn more calories, boost your energy level, and gain lean muscle mass within eight weeks.

Users seem to be very happy with the multiple console options on the Vision TF20,  as they can choose a console based on their needs and budget.  Most treadmills on the market, regardless of price, come with one console option.

The infinity running deck is yet another feature that seems to have impressed critics and customers alike. True to its name, the belt requires no maintenance for up to 21,000 miles, which amounts to nearly 4000 hours of training. The belt fibers are infused with synthetic wax. So, unlike ordinary tread belts, the infinity belt does not require lubrication at all.

The deck is 57" long, which is ample for most users, but if you want something that will accommodate longer strides, take a look at the TF40, which also has a more powerful motor.

The machine has both hand grips as well as a wireless receiver for heart rate tracking. The wireless chest strap, however, is included only with the Elegant+ and Touch+ consoles.

The TF20 treadmill can incline up to 15% and has a top speed of 12MPH. It has a user weight capacity of 375 pounds, which is impressive for an entry-level model. The warranty is also very good – lifetime on frame, motor, and cushioning, five years on parts, and two years on labor. You will be hard-pressed to find another treadmill in the same class with better warranty.

Lastly, users appreciate the folding frame, which is nice to see on a durable, well-built treadmill like the TF20.

There are, however, a couple of things that critics are not very thrilled about. One that comes up in reviews is the running area, which at 57” is not ideal for taller people. The second one is the 2.75 CHP motor, which is ideal for walking and jogging, but not powerful enough to support heavy running. So, if you are tall or plan to use the machine for running, you should consider buying the up-level model – the TF40 – which has a 60” running area and a 3.0 CHP motor.

What We Say About the Vision TF20

The Vision Fitness TF20 is a top quality treadmill with excellent features. It is solidly built, requires very little maintenance, and is very quiet.

It is priced a little too high for an entry-level model (starting at $1999 with the base console), but the addition of innovative technology like ViaFit and Virtual Active and exciting features like Sprint 8 justify the price tag. If you are looking for a treadmill for walking, jogging, and light running, this is a fantastic choice.

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