The Matrix TF50 is a Powerful, Foldable Treadmill

The Matrix TF50 is one of five new residential treadmills introduced a short while ago as part of the company's big push into the home market.  Known worldwide for making some of the highest quality exercise machines, Matrix is hoping to make a big splash in the residential arena as well.

Matrix TF50 - The Machine

The TF50 features advanced cushioning, a strong, durable deck and loads of unique technologies that make them stand out from the competition.

Let's take a look at the main features...

Matrix TF50 Folding Treadmill
  • .5 -12.5 mph speed
  • 0-15% incline
  • 20" x 60" deck
  • 3.25 HP industrial motor
  • 2-ply, 2.2mm deck
  • Ultimate Deck cushioning
  • Four console choices
  • 81.3" L x 35.8" W x 62" H
  • 400 pound max user weight
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, motor and cushioning; 7 years parts, 2 years labor
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The Buzz

The TF50 has received great reviews since it was first introduced, as it is not only an extremely high quality machine, but it is also foldable and has a ton of great entertainment features.

Usually the commercial-quality machines are lacking in additional features outside of solid construction...but this one gives you everything.

You get a generously sized running deck, 20" x 60", which is an upgrade from its little sister the TF30, which offers a 55" wide deck. You also get a powerful, yet quiet 3.25 HP Johnson Drive motor, speed up to 12.5 mph and incline up to 15%.

The Matrix TF50 also features a number of unique technologies that Johnson Health and Fitness is known for. You get Variable Response Cushioning that gives you the right amount of give in all spots to minimize impact on your knees and joints.

The TF50 also has the newly introduced iFit workout program, which gives you a wide array of both live and on demand workouts on and off the machine, as well as Google map integration to choose your own course, workout tracking and sharing, and a whole lot more.

Perhaps the best feature of all, one that's spoken about often in customer reviews, is the choice of four different consoles depending on your needs.  You have the basic XR LCD screen, the XER 10" touch screen, the XIR 16" HD touch screen or the XUR 22" premium HD touch screen.

The three touch screen options give you internet connectivity, fitness and other apps, Bluetooth, speakers and USB port.

The TF50 is very similar to its non-folding counterpart the T50, except it has a higher step-on height, a 4 wheel transport system and is a little bigger in size and weight.

All in all the Matrix TF50 treadmill is one of the best commercial-grade folding machines you can buy these days, and definitely worth a look if you have the budget.

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How Does the TF50 Compare to the Other Matrix Treadmills?

Matrix TF50 Console

There are currently only five Matrix treadmills on the market, so it's much easier to choose the perfect one for your home gym than it is with their competitors, Life Fitness and Precor. Both of those companies have many more options.

All of the machines that Matrix Fitness makes are rock solid and built to last, so regardless of which one you get you're making a great decision and getting an amazing treadmill.

Let's take a closer look at all of them so you can see how they compare to each other...

The base model in the series is the T30, which is going to be the least expensive treadmill and also the most compact.  It comes with a 3.0 CHP motor, 12% incline, up to 12.5 mph speed, a 20" x 55" running surface, Ultimate Deck cushioning, easy folding, workout tracking capability and a 350 lb. max weight capacity.

The folding version of the T30, called the TF30, adds a 3.25 CHP motor and 15% incline capability.

Moving up you have the TF50, the more advanced folding treadmill with a larger running surface, 20" x 60", more durable frame and a 400 lb. max weight capacity.

You then have the non-folding T50, which is essentially the same as the folding T50, except it is about 30 lbs. lighter and about 2" shorter, so it's a bit more compact.

At the top of the lineup you have the non-folding T75, which gives you an even roomier 22" x 60" running area and a unique commercial-grade AC motor for enhanced performance.

So as you move up the series, the main improvements include the size of the deck and the maximum weight capacities of the treadmills.

Which Matrix Treadmill Should You Buy?

As we mentioned, you simply can't go wrong with any of the Matrix machines.  They have all topped our lists of best treadmills in various categories, and consumer ratings on all of them are top notch.

The T30 is going to be your best bet if you want the most compact and least expensive model.  But keep in mind it has the smallest running area as well, so if you are on the taller side it may not be as comfortable for you.  Plus the T30 and TF30 have the lowest maximum weight capacity.

We definitely recommend the Matrix TF50 or its non-folding counterpart T50 as they give you the larger deck to stretch out, the 400 lb.max weight capacity, a slightly thicker belt as as well as a stronger warranty.  It's worth the few hundred extra for all of that.

As far as the top of the line T75, it's an awesome machine, but you don't necessarily need the stronger motor and larger deck unless you have multiple users hitting the machine pretty hard on a daily basis.  For most home use the TF50 or T50 will be perfectly fine.

What about the four console choices? Which one should you pick? That'll depend on your budget and your needs.

Our favorite is the mid-level XER Intuitive Console, as it gives you the bright 10" touch screen display, tracking capability, all kinds of apps and tons of workout programs.

If you want to save $500, then go with the basic XR Simple display.  It's not a touch screen, but you still get a lot of capability

The top of the line XIR and XUR consoles are very cool, but you don't really need the 16" or 22" HD touchscreen...the 10" on the XER Intuitive console is big enough in our opinion.

What We Say About the Matrix TF50

We really like the Matrix treadmills that we have seen so far.  They are very similar to the ones we use at the gym, not only in construction but also in design and feel.  So it's really like you are in the gym when you use it, without all the sweaty people around you.  :)

If you want to save a few hundred take a look at the TF30 as well.  It has less features and isn't as durable as the Matrix TF50 but it's still a great machine.

If you don't need a folding treadmill, consider the T50, which is essentially a non-folding version of the TF50.  And if money is no object and you just want the best, the T75 is an impressive machine as well with the largest running surface in its class.

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