The Bowflex 7-Series Treadmill for Dedicated Runners

The Bowflex 7-Series treadmill is the top model from Nautilus. It retails for $2500 but you can often find it on sale for $1500 or less. What do you get that the 5-Series doesn't have? For an extra $300 you get an additional three workout programs, a more powerful 3.5 hp motor and a higher user weight capacity. In other words, it’s a treadmill for dedicated runners.

The Machine

No doubt, the larger 3.5 hp continuous duty motor makes the Bowflex 7-Series Treadmill a serious contender. You can use it for intensive interval workouts and the 60" running surface is suitable for tall runners with a long stride. The 7-Series treadmill has all the features of better known brands:

Bowflex 7-Series Treadmill
  • 3.5 HP continuous duty motor
  • 12 mph maximum speed
  • 0-12% incline
  • 15 Workout programs
  • Pulse grip and telemetric heart rate monitor
  • Backlit LCD display
  • 2.5” rollers
  • 20” x 60” running surface
  • SoftDrop folding mechanism
  • Warranty: Frame 15 years; motor 10 years; parts & electronics 2 years; labor 1 year

The Buzz

Bowflex 7-Series Console

UPDATE:  The Bowflex 7-Series is no longer available.  Check out the latest Bowflex treadmill reviews here.

Fitness pros don't comment much on the entire Bowflex treadmill line. They concede that the Bowflex 7-Series treadmill is the best of the entire series and a great machine for tall runners.

They like the impressive selection of workout programs that include hill intervals, a heart strength recovery test, calorie and distance goals, fat burn and custom programs.

Bowflex treadmill users say the have no trouble staying motivated with such a variety of workouts to choose from. This is definitely a big plus for anyone who has purchased this model, considering that lack of motivation is the prime reason for turning a treadmill into a coat hanger. Consumers who bought the Bowflex 7-Series commented on its stability during use, ease of storage and portability.

What We Say

Yes, it's a great model. But it's quite expensive considering the plastic parts Nautilus uses to lessen manufacturing costs. The Bowflex 7-Series is known to develop noise as some of the plastic parts start to wear down with continuous use.

The 2-year parts warranty and 1-year labor warranty is nice to have if problems develop during that timeframe, but after that, repairs become expensive.

We suggest you take a serious look at the Sole F83 which has comparable features, a better warranty and a better sticker price. If you just have to have a Bowflex, the Bowflex 7-Series treadmill is as good as it gets.

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