The Gold’s Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 Treadmill – a Candidate for Best Buy Kudos

We haven’t seen the Gold’s Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 treadmill on many “Best Buy” lists but that’s an oversight that may be corrected soon. For the price and the incredible features, this machine sets the bar higher for other competitors in the under-$600 price range.

The Machine

On the ClearView Backlit display, you’ll find 6 interactive workouts controlling the speed and incline of the treadmill, plus a music port to keep you entertained. The full list of features of the Gold's Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 treadmill includes:

Golds Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 Treadmill
  • 2.8 HP Motor
  • 0-10 MPH QuickSelect™ Speed
  • 0% to 10% QuickSelect™ Incline
  • 20" x 55" Tread belt
  • AirStride™ Adjustable Cushioning
  • 6 Audio CrossWalk Workouts
  • Upper body Workout Arms
  • BodyPulse™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod®
  • 2 built-in speakers
  • 275 lbs. max. User Weight
  • SpaceSaver Folding Design
  • 25-yr motor warranty, 1 year parts and labor

The Buzz

UPDATE:  The Maxx Crosswalk 650 has been discontinued. Take a look at the current Gold's Gym treadmills to see if one appeals to you.

Most pro trainers and experts are astonished at the quality offered here. Here’s a short list of the pluses: plenty of programs, quiet motor, good-size walking area, as well as nice cushioning and a power incline -- all for an affordable price.

The only few negatives are that the heart rate monitor is not accurate, the moving handles don’t add all that much to the workout, and the warranty is weak.

The Gold’s Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 treadmill is highly recommended by owners who are satisfied with the way it holds up with every day use. Treadmill reviewers have some nagging points to bring up, for example: the fan blows over the head of short users, and the volume isn’t adequate enough for the mp3 player.

Those points are trivial but here’s one you must keep in mind: The price makes people think this is a small treadmill -- it isn’t! The Maxx CrossWalk 650 is heavy and you may want to opt for paid delivery and set-up.

Unlike many other $600 budget machines, this one is not compact. Check the footprint before you buy as this Gold’s Gym model is one of the largest sub-$1000 machines on the market.

Being a solid machine is ideal for that non-wobble feel, but not so great if you’re planning to haul it downstairs into the basement.

What We Say

At $599, Gold’s Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 is a candidate for “Best Buy” kudos among budget machines, and they throw in Free Shipping to boot when you order online.

The warranty on parts/labor is short so you should think about getting the extended service plan ($69 for one year; up to $119 for three years). And you can look into purchasing a hand-held heart rate monitor which will be more accurate than what’s loaded on this machine.

We’d also advise you to be sure to position the treadmill where you can simply fold it up. (In other words, don’t try to roll this heavy beast around.)

While the Gold’s Gym Maxx CrossWalk 650 treadmill isn’t a club quality model and isn’t intended for use by avid runners, this $599 machine offers tremendous value for the price.

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