The Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 Review - Newly Designed With Enhanced Features

The TC200 is one of two new models in the popular TreadClimber series, with an updated design focusing on function and technology.  

A treadmill, elliptical and stepper in one machine, it is targeted to walkers looking to get a great cardio workout and burn up calories in a shorter amount of time.

If you're in the market for a compact cardio machine that can help you reach your fitness goals quickly, the TC200 might just be the answer for you.

TC 200 - The Machine

The TreadClimber TC200 features two separate belts, called treadles.  It's kind of like they sliced a traditional treadmill right down the middle as you can see in the picture below.  

It has a fully backlit LCD screen showing you all of the relevant workout stats.

Let's take a look at some of the best TC200 specs...

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 - Compact Machine With Workout Tracking
  • 4.5 mph top belt speed
  • Quiet, motorless operation
  • Bowflex Connect workout tracking
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Heart rate grips and wireless monitoring
  • Media shelf with USB charger
  • 300 lbs. max. User Weight
  • Transport Wheels
  • Dimensions/Wt: 55"L x 31.5"W x 62.5"H / 202 lbs
  • Bowflex® Worry-Free warranty: 3 years on everything

The Buzz

UPDATE: As of Summer 2021 Bowflex has discontinued both TreadClimber models in favor of their all new treadmills. Check out the Treadmill 10 & Treadmill 22 as an alternative.

Although the redesigned Bowflex TreadClimbers are fairy new, there are several user reviews out there and for the most part they have been very positive.

The TreadClimber TC200 model has been more of a focus than the base TC100, simply because it has more technology built in, including the Bowflex TreadClimber App that lets you set workout goals, win achievement awards, track all of your progress and share all of the data with your favorite fitness apps.

You get 5 different workout programs and a unique Heart Rate Bar that shows you what zone you are currently in: Warm up, Fat Burn, Cardio and Performance.  You can use the grips or if you want a more accurate reading the TC200 comes with a free wireless chest strap.

Some of the other appealing features include a tablet holder, a USB charger, longer treadles for taller users, low impact belt, a free weight loss guide and compact design.

Some things to note: This is a machine for walkers, with a top speed of only 4.5 mph, so although it is touted as a treadmill, you can't really jog or run on it.  Keep that in mind if there will be any users who prefer to run when they work out.

Also, these machines are on the pricey side.  The TC200 Treadclimber is $1,999 on sale (the TC100 is $1,599 on sale) so they are certainly not entry level machines.  You can get a traditional treadmill in this price range with a lot more features and capabilities.

Some experts have discussed the hefty price tag on these machines and wondered if it is justified.  Others haven't focused too much on price but rather the improvements the company has put into the TreadClimbers and the effectiveness of the workouts.  

Another issue to keep in mind is the warranty.  At just three years on the Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 and two on the TC100, the warranty is definitely not ideal.  

If you compare that to lifetime frame and at least 2-3 years parts on similarly priced treadmills and ellipticals, it definitely falls a little short.  As such, if you do end up buying a TreadClimber, opt for the extended warranty for additional coverage if it is offered.

How Does the TreadClimber TC200 Compare to the TC100 Model?

There are currently only two Bowflex TreadClimbers on the market:  the TC100 and TC200.  There used to be other models like the TC5000 and the TC10, but all of them have been replaced to make way for the newest models.

The TC200 is definitely a step up from the TC100 in many ways, but it is also about $600 more expensive, so you have to take that into consideration as well.

The TC100 gives you speeds from .5 to 4 mph, contact grip heart rate monitoring, an interactive display, tablet and water bottle holder, USB charging port and a 2 year warranty.

The up-level TC200, as you've read about above, gives you an additional 1/2 mph speed to 4.5, wireless heart rate monitoring in addition to grip, 5 workout programs, longer treadles, Bluetooth workout tracking and syncing, heart rate bar and a three year warranty.

So the Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 is definitely a more advanced machine with much more capability and functionality.  Those who appreciate built in programs or want to keep tabs on their progress over time will definitely appreciate the more advanced machine.

However, if you want to save $600, the TC100 is a perfectly fine machine.  You'll still be able to burn a lot of calories in a shorter amount of time and target different muscle groups effectively with the three in one workout.

As far comparing the TC200 directly to treadmills, ellipticals or steppers it's very hard to do as they are really different machines.  All have their advantages and drawbacks.  The main consideration should be whether or not you want the option to also jog or run in addition to walking.  If that is the case a treadmill or open stride elliptical might be a better option for you.

If you are OK with a max speed of 4.5 mph, and like the idea of three different cardio machines combined, then then TC200 or its little brother the TC100 will be perfect for you.

Bowflex TC200 - Bottom Line

Of the two new models, the Bowflex TreadClimber TC200 is definitely the better choice, although it might be out of reach for most customers.

If you do have the budget for it, and want to try something a little different than the traditional treadmill or elliptical, then this might be the right machine for you.  Especially if you're more of a walker than a jogger or serious runner.

The TreadClimber App is a nice feature, as is the Heart Rate Zone bar with the included chest strap for accurate measurements.  

It's also a nice looking machine that doesn't take up a lot of space in your gym like other cardio equipment does..

As with their Max Trainer series the company offers a 6-week money back guarantee and financing options to help make the high cost more tolerable.  

You can always give the TC200 a try to see if you like the workout, and if not, just return it and give something else a try.

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