True Z9.15 Treadmill User Review - Motor Problems

by Andrew Tainter
(Antigo, WI)

I purchased a True Z9.15 treadmill 3 years ago to put in our basement because my wife and I run a lot. Initially we were thrilled with its quality, quietness and 15mph top speed. However, after about 6 months the motor developed a grinding/ticking noise, so I called True Fitness to have it fixed. Despite labor being warranted for three years, they wanted me to fix it myself. So they sent me a new motor and I replaced it. Same problem. They sent me a control board, still no relieve. They sent me another motor and finally it worked.

One year later, the motor developed the same loud noise. We decided to leave it go to see if it would go away with more wear. Now 2 years later, I called for a replacement motor for the True Z9.15 because the noise got a little louder. True was prompt in sending me a USED treadmill motor that looked like it had suffered many years of commercial use. After I spent an hour replacing the motor, the new USED one had the same damn clicking/grinding noise! So I contacted True Fitness again via email to which three days later I still have not received a response. So I called True and spoke with tech Richard who was very polite and said he would send me another one. To clarify, I asked him if he would send me a new one and he said "Yes." True Fitness was very prompt sending the second replacement motor, but again, it was USED! I have not replaced this one yet, but I hope it takes care of the noise.

My biggest concern obviously is when my warranty on the True Z9.15 treadmill runs out in 2 more years and I have to pay for these USED replacement motors. I believe this is unacceptable on a $8500 treadmill.

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