Sole F80 Treadmill Problems

by Jonathan
(Saint Paul, MN, USA)

We are happy owners of the Sole F80 treadmill, suggested by this site. I prefer to see the weight and distance displayed in Metric units. This is supposed to be an option on the Sole F80, obviously, as it is sold in areas outside of the US. When switching to Metric units, the instructions look straightforward--but the workout changes drastically despite using the same settings in Metric.

I phoned SOLE and was told by a rather impatient male associate that "that's just how the thing works." He talked louder and louder, perhaps assuming I was unable to hear him. Finally I was transferred to his supervisor who offered to try to reproduce my experience on a similar Sole treadmill there in their lab. I never received a return call, but did get a shipment from FedEx of a whole new console for the F80 and prepaid return postage. The next console went together easily, but didn't perform any differently.

Do any others have this result? Switch your units to Metric--without changing anything else. (Using equivalent metric weights, obviously.) Do you get strange performance? I am using the HR1 program.

We like our Sole F80 treadmill, but would like it more if this were an option that worked.

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