NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer - A $2000.00 Coat Rack

by Rob
(Grapeview, WA)

Dennis Kozlowski purchased a $6000.00 shower curtain. With the purchase of the NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer my wife and I seem to have purchased a $2000.00 coat rack disguised as a treadmill.

Pros: Good idea and design.

Cons: Perhaps units that came off the assembly line later are more glitch-free. However, ours has had more than its share of problems and is completely unreliable.


1. Loud clanking noise near front roller/ever-loosening belt: This problem was solved on the technician’s second visit. The solution included replacing poorly designed belt adjustment fasteners with ones of newer & better design that prevents them from coming loose and tightening them in excess of what is actually specified in the manual.

2. Belt & monitor speed discrepancy: Speed will be set on monitor to 4 MPH, for example, only to have the belt speed suddenly slow to approximately 1 MPH without warning, while the monitor continues to display 4 MPH. This is both annoying and a safety hazard and occurs at completely unpredictable times, maybe once, twice, or several times during an attempted workout.

This problem has not been corrected to this day. An attempt was made to correct it by replacing the motor & controller. However, that did not correct the problem. The technician was also sent a new monitor, but found it to be faulty/inoperative, left the existing one installed, and considered the repair complete, since the problem didn’t surface during his short visit. Sadly, I was away on business during that visit and found out later he was only on the unit for 1-1/2 minutes while it was running, which is an insufficient amount of time to replicate the conditions in which the problem surfaces.

I have made numerous phone calls to NordicTrack to see what they are going to do to fix this problem and turn this malfunctioning unit into a reliable piece of exercise equipment. While the Customer Service representatives are always pleasant, I am getting no return calls from the Service Coordinator(s) on when they will send someone to fix our machine.

We are sorely disappointed and question who really best represents the Biggest Loser? Jillian Michaels, the Nordic Track X7i, or us for buying one? The jury is still out.

This is not an anonymous posting. Latest Service Tickets/Work Orders 1776678 & 1762110 apply. I hope NordicTrack does contact us. More importantly, I hope they fix our machine and do so soon to restore what used to be a high opinion of their company.

If you choose to purchase one, I wish you better luck.

When the machine is finally fixed, a more positive message indicating so will be posted on this website and the others.

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Jan 21, 2012
by: Rob

I will keep this short by saying that NordicTrack has since given us a full refund. Rob from Grapeview

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