NordicTrack X11i Review

by StuckInNJ
(Princeton, NJ)

This certainly is an impressive machine. A couple of things about which to think when ordering:

There are weeks of uncertainty about when the trainer will arrive. Logistical support is poor. It's big - I don't mean big in the sense that it takes up room - it's big and heavy for moving. You may need to arrange for someone to come and move it, especially when taking it down stairs. We didn't recognize that the trainer comes almost assembled so the treadmill is a heavy piece for two strong adults to move. The manufacturer does not have any services to help in this regard. If you want to use it right away, be ready with movers. And add that to the cost of ownership. It was already expensive before adding this into the mix.

Set-up is easy. Very little in the way of issues there. It is a beautiful machine.

Unfortunately, when we did the calibration, the treadmill inclined all the way and never reset. Not sure what the issue is - the repair person who supports the warranty won't come out until a replacement motor is sent out. He doesn't want to waste his time. Since his time is more material to the manufacturer than mine, I guess this makes sense. Factor this in when you consider the warranty.

The part hasn't arrived by the way. It was shipped in early May and is stuck in some limbo between the post office and our house (for some reason, the shipper uses two separate delivery companies in combination to optimize the potential for failure).

The second try at getting the part to us is left in another limbo called "spare part is currently unavailable but we will ship it to you when we have it." This is not a positive review. I think the machine is fine (though I've yet to try it) but the support effort is offensive.

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