Landice Treadmill Consumer Review

by Cheryl
(Bangor, Maine)

I was looking to purchase a new treadmill and reading reviews noted the high rating on the Landice. I couldn't agree with the assessment of it's perfomance more. Wide deck, cushy yet firm to run on, solid, solid, solid. When divorced I kept my treadmill but let other stuff go,(easier to replace a couch or a car). The warraunty however...the first year or so after I bought it the repair and maintanance was solid. When I had chronic problems with slippage on the belt the repair service (dealership had changed)was not helpful. Dealing with them became increasingly stressful (and expensive) with no good results. I contacted the company to get assistance in finding options for effective repair. It went round and round more then the treadmill used to. Now, I address it for awhile then give up. I go to the gym if it is open. I am looking for a new (cheaper) treadmill I can just replace and not repair.

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