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(Surrey, UK)

We bought a £1,000 treadmill from ICON Health & Fitness in 2006. After about a year the running board broke and it has not worked properly ever since.

Over the past approx. 18 months we have been contacting ICON Health & Fitness regularly for service repairs and they take months and months to reply. Most of the time they just ignore us and they have refused to acknowledge that their performance has failed the terms of their guarantee and acceptable customer service standards.

If I were you I would buy a treadmill from someone else.

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Sep 28, 2012
ICON Support Failure
by: Sat Sandhu

I totally agree with the poster.

We bought a £2500 Nordic Track treadmill. After about 6 months the company decided to add a software update that put the treadmill to sleep if not used. Unfortunately they didn't test it on the T25.0 and as such our treadmill powers off in less than 1 minute, even if we are trying to use it (including while paused in between workouts).

And the treadmill doesn't stay on long enough to apply any firmware fixes the company issues.

So not only is it broken but they aren't able to fix it via a firmware update.

After 6 months of constantly contacting ICON - they finally replaced the console, but because it is a software issue that still hasn't fixed the problem.

I'm coming to the end of my 12 month warranty - so now I'm asking them for my money back since they appear to be too incompetent to fix the issue.

Incidently since day one I have pointed out that the treadmill doesn't handle metric properly and they haven't even fixed something as simple as converting miles to kilometres!!!

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