Horizon CST4 Treadmill User Review

by Billy
(Pennsburg PA)

I purchased a Horizon CST4 2.25 HP treadmill a little over 3 years ago. I run approximately 3 times per week and approximately 3 miles per run. The first problem occurred in August when the treadmill shorted out and wouldn't turn on. Since I didn't purchase an extended warranty from Dick's Sporting Goods, they directed me to Horizon who directed me to a local sub contractor that diagnoses and fixes the treadmills. The technician came in and looked at the treadmill and said the switch and some relays were bad and needed to be replaced. That visit cost $99. He came back about 2 weeks later, installed the switch and relays and the treadmill still didn't work. That visit was $99 plus $26 in parts. He then indicated the mother board needed to be replaced (why he didn't diagnose this the first time is a mystery) - if they did it, another visit of $99 plus $265 for the mother board. I told him to forget it and I purchased the mother board online for $180 and installed it myself and the treadmill worked fine until the deck on it completely cracked in half about a week ago. I weigh 155 lbs and only run on it 3-4 times max per week. The treadmill is now useless as I won't spend the money to fix it as I only paid $1100 for it. I'm guessing the cost to fix the deck would be another $99 plus whatever the deck costs and then whatever goes wrong after that. Needless to say I will never buy a Horizon treadmill again.

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