Gold's Gym Trainer 410 Consumer Review

by Sylvain Lalonde
(Montréal, Québec, Canada)

I bought the Gold's Gym Trainer 410 treadmill for my 80-year old mother, based on good reviews for the product. I bought it at WalMart, brought it to my mother's and assembled it (quite a long and difficult operation, some screws do not fit well)on March 7 and it still does not work (the incline function). After many service calls, ICON Fitness now (April 16) tells me that the machine cannot be repaired; I have to disassemble it, carry it back to the retailer and get another one, if they have it in stock; I would then have to bring it back (it takes two strong adults to handle the product, it is very heavy and does not fit in most cars), assemble it and risk that it again would not work. Both WalMart and ICON Fitness refuse to be of further assistance. I will not be caught again buying anything at WalMart (it was a first, I was drawn by the price, but it ends up costing me double in time, energy and fuel). As for ICON, they should not be in the business of selling treadmills if they cannot offer better service. In today's world, companies attempt to delight their customers; this experience leaves me disgusted.

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