FreeMotion - Buyer Beware!

(Mesa Az)

I purchased a Free Motion treadmill less than 30 days ago. Approx 1 week after buying the incline went out.

I called Customer Service and went thru troubleshooting issues nothing worked. Customer service discouraged a service call until I tried replacing a wire to the incline motor (which may or may not be the problem). I am not mechanically inclined, that is why I paid for it to be assembled. I was told to try to fix myself first.

Ok I don't have a choice, so I was to be mailed the wire.Two weeks later I am assured I should have it today.. I still can't use treadmill since I bought it for training incline.

The original Customer Service agent was frustrated that I didn't want to fix my machine myself and offered me a "lubrication" for the treadmill for my troubles. I have called and emailed. I also reached out to a Customer Service Manager, Adrienne Hunting.

Please forgive me if I sound upset, but I invested over $2,000. in a treadmill and I can't use it.

It's not even 30 days old. I read review from people and former employees.

Dont trust Fitness Company Reviews ( I have emailed them as well asking that they take a "second look". A former employee code wrote they are trained not to authorize the $85.00 service call to fix equipment..Just Google and you will find it.

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