Freemotion 750 Treadmill Consumer Review

by Kelly
(Watertown, NY)

We purchased a Freemotion 750 treadmill in September 2011...the treadmill has NEVER worked consistently since the day we took it out of the box. Some days it works, some days it doesn't. We have attempted to resolve this issue directly with FreeMotion customer service, however we have been unsuccessful in getting a suitable resolution.

They have ordered replacement parts and and put me in touch with a repair tech, however some of the parts are on back order with no indication of when they will be available. They initially suggested my husband take it apart and check the wiring...seriously?

So here I sit with essentially a brand new treadmill that I cannot use. I am completely frustrated as I should NOT even be having quality issues three months into owning this piece of equipment. I previously owned a $400 Walmart treadmill for seven years, ran miles on that thing and it never gave me a day of angst. Worked like a dream the day I sold it at a garage sale. Quite unlike this product which has given us nothing but grief from the day we unpacked it and powered it up. I have never owned such an unreliable, temperamental piece of equipment.....HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!

UPDATE: The company offered to send out replacement parts and gave me contact information for a repair technician, however it is almost two months later and I am being told the parts for the Freemotion 750 are still on back order. Any time I attempt to call customer service, I am on hold for literally phone battery actually went dead waiting to speak to someone. So essentially here I sit with a $1300 piece of equipment that I have not been able to use since the day it arrived.

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