Fitline T300 Treadmill - Four Defective Electronics Boards

by Anonymous

I have had the Fitline T300 treadmill for a little over 18 months. It is currently operating with its fourth upper electronics board and even that one is not working correctly.

The first one would not read the heart rate monitor. (Note, if you are in Canada, avoid Fitness Source: it took months before they would handle this complaint.) The second board just plain stopped driving the mechanical components. The third board had some LEDs that would never light and some that would never go off. The current board is not reading the heart rate monitor. In fact, the board itself is generating a pulse of 235 bpm as registered on my Polar watch.

The design of the electronics board for this machine is clearly inferior. Certainly do not buy a Fitline T300. You should probably avoid Fitline Fitness altogether.

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