Epic TL1700 Treadmill Consumer Review

by Ann
(Carlisle, IN)

My sons bought an Epic TL 1700 treadmill for a Christmas present for me. I am 66, weigh about 125 lbs and use it 3-5 times a week. It quit after 6 months. I called ICON customer service and they sent me a long email and told me a service company would contact me in 3-5 days. After a week, I contacted them again. Then I read my agreement that I had a year's warranty on parts but not labor. The service company that was supposed to call was over a hundred miles away. I emailed to see what their service call would be, but still haven't heard from them. My husband finally spent over 3 hours and got the treadmill repaired, for now. I would not recommend purchasing the Epic TL 1700, even though it cost around $800, it still should have lasted longer without a repair.

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