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Oct 30, 2013
Disappointing Feedback
by: Anonymous

Thanks to all the people who spent the time to review this equipment.

I was just about to purchase this P.O.S. Not any more!!!!

Sep 12, 2013
by: Disappointed

I purchased a TC20 about a month ago. I really enjoyed using it until one of the shocks went bad. They sent me another shock I put it on and with less than an hour of walking on it, the one they sent has gone bad too.

Now I have to pay about $500 to send it back. They offered to send a third shock, I refused the offer because I don't want to be stuck with a broken machine once the warranty has expired.

I will lose $500 but I think in the long run I will save money not buying replacement shocks. I will buy a treadmill set the incline to 3 or 4 and walk on it.

The machine didn't work out, but their customer service is outstanding.

Apr 14, 2013
I agree totally
by: etta

I wish I had read this comment before I shelled out almost $4,000.00 to get the Treadclimber TC20. It has proven to be a peace of junk. Two weeks after I started using mine, the machine would stop during my workout. Stop. Just like that. I called Bowflex and the double speak started. In the end, the explanation was that one part of the machine was not communicating with the other. Bowflex kept sending different parts for replacement -- the motherboard was replaced twice; the part at the top (I forget what they call it) was replaced three times. Each time, after a couple of weeks use, the problem would occur again. I am a fit person and I used the machine daily, sometimes for 30 minutes, sometimes for an hour, depending on how much time I had in the morning. Any case, eventually, Bowflex replaced the machine. The new machine was installed a week and a half ago. I started using it every day for 30 minutes at 3.5 miles an hour. Today, I wanted to use it for an hour. What do you know? After 45 minutes, it stopped mid exercise. So, I am facing the reality that I just threw my money away. IT HURTS!!! Really, really does.

Apr 07, 2013
Worst investment
by: Anonymous

Wow!! What a disappointment after paying over $2,000.00:

a) The deck cracked after 1 month (neither of us are over 180 lbs.
b) Nautilus sends you new decks. You have to install them yourself!
c) The treads are shredding along one side and even pieces falling off. My honey sits in front and turns the screws to be sure the treads are in the middle of the walking deck.
d) Nautilus sends you new treads. You have to install them yourself.
Seriously!! We are both in our 70s and it's not a project we'd like to take on. $2000.00 and we have to repair our own machine 2 months after we purchased it.
Wow, I should have gone to Sears or Costco and purchased a plain treadmill for a LOT LESS MONEY and not have to worry about repairing the unit myself.
I purchased the TC10.
Thank goodness I didn't spend thousands more on the Top-of-the-line.

Sep 18, 2012
Worst Health investment EVER!!
by: Anonymous

I purchased the TC5500 series in May 2011 for weight loss and physical exercise for me and my son.

We actually believed everything that was advertised every 5 minutes on the T.V.:"only 30 minutes 3 times a week and you'll lose weight, all you have to do is walk". What a bunch of BS!
They never talked about size or weight limits when I was considering my purchase....after all, isn't that their target demographic? Overweight people!!!

My husband is a general contractor who builds for a living, and even putting this machine together tested his patience. Within using the machine just twice, the treadles locked up, and my minor son ending up being jolted, and chipped his front tooth. He had just gotten his braces off, and now we had to go to the dentist to have his $5,000.00 straight smile fixed.

I called Treadclimber immediately; they sent new treadles, as well as the rep they hire to set the machine up. The rep even commented about the amount of trouble-calls the Treadclimbers have.
He also said the treadles were defective.

We've had the motor-board replaced once, and are again having problems with the machine shutting down after 15 minutes of use...the new motorboard isn't even a year old!!

We lube it religiously, and it is only used 3 times/week by one person!

I called Treadclimber again last night, and was given the run around..." just have your son walk 10 minutes at a time, you might want to invest in a personal trainer for weight loss" and a bunch of his own personal experience by him and his wife about their weight loss journey, but no customer service whatsoever.

Quite frankly, I've had enough, and am thinking about filing a lawsuit similar to the one the woman filed against Nutella for saying their hazelnut spread was nutritious....she actually won a huge award, and sent a message to companies who false advertise to promote their crap.


Aug 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have read a lot of negative reviews about the Treadclimber. However, no one ever states how much the machine costs. Does the 60 day guarantee they give for home use really apply? Do they set it up and break it down if you want to return it? I would really appreciate finding out about this part of the purchase.

Aug 11, 2012
Pay a Little Extra for In-Home Assembly
by: Nan

I bought my Treadclimber last December and for the most part it has worked great. I just had a tech out to take it apart and put it upstairs for me - but the next day when I got on the machine the left shock gave way within 7 minutes of use. This stinks because I am remodeling my home and the Treadclimber was trapped at the back of a room full of furniture for like 2 months - I used it religiously 1 hour a day before then and I was looking forward to using it again, but then the shock broke. :-( Obviously when the tech took it apart and put it back together again he did something wrong. So Bowflex is sending a replacement shock and another tech will be out... here is my complaint.

Nautilus uses a company called GoConfigure to put the machine together. The guy who originally came out was great. But this most recent appointment (for which I paid $179) was a joke. It took almost two weeks from payment to get an appointment. And in that time GoConfigure kept leaving random messages on my voicemail confirming these phantom appt times that they set with NO ONE! I had to keep calling like WTH is going on? Try calling me first! I told them half a dozen times when I was available but they never seemed to take the hint and kept trying to schedule the appt while I was at work... finally I just used my lunch break to meet the guy... and now I have that to look forward to again.

As for the complaints below - I notice one common denominator - seems like no one sprung the extra few bucks to pay for someone to put the machine together when they first got it... and now it's not working right. Surprise, surprise. It's a complicated machine - I'm pretty sure these techs were trained to put it together - what makes someone think they can just put it together themselves without training? Just pay the extra fee and save yourself the headache.

Jul 15, 2012
BBB Can Help
by: Anonymous

I appreciate the fact that you folks took the time to write these complaints for those of us who haven't yet decided to buy a Treadclimber. My husband & I were intending to by a TC10 Treadclimber but I am not so sure now. However, I would like to suggest that if you haven't already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online that you should do so.

I have always used to check out companies before I do business with them & when I did have a $4500 issue I filed a complaint & got a rapid positive response from the company I complained about. You can file complaints on any company even if they are not BBB accredited members & the Better Business Bureau will contact them about the complaint & track the results.

Thanks again & good luck to you all.

Jun 25, 2012
Too Heavy
by: Anonymous

I love my TreadClimber, but man are they heavy!

Jun 08, 2012
Thank you for this website
by: Anonymous

We were considering buying a TC20 priced at $3299. We checked the BBB website and nothing came up. Then we googled reviews and received this website. We're very glad we researched this product first. It saved us from making what could be a VERY BAD investment. We'll stick with the gym. :-)

May 16, 2012
What a Nightmare!
by: Over It

I received a damaged machine that is too heavy to get in the door alone. The instructions manual is a joke. They do not tell you that part #10, the hardware card, is already built into the panel. They tell you that part #13 is a Treadle Support Block, turns out it is just a part of the shipping and cardboard in the box, not a part. I finally got the thing built to find out that a sensor near the right wheel on back came loose during shipping and needed to be replaced, so I had to take part of the machine apart again. Now the treadles are hitting the bottom of the machine as soon as I pick up speed, so they told me that the easiest plan was to send another whole huge box with another treadle portion to put together. I called and asked what I am to do with the first one they sent, because no trashman can pick the thing up. They have no reply. This is a nightmare, I hate the machine at this point, absolutely wish I never ordered this "thing" and probably will not even pay for it, what a joke.

May 10, 2012
Bowflex Treadclimber
by: Anonymous

The Boflex Treadclimber is a headache.

1.) The machine will only start using a plastic "key" (peg) . Yah yah a "safety" feature.

2.) To start the machine you have to insert the peg and turn on the machine but that is just the beginning. Next you must enter your weight, each and EVERY time you attempt to use this machine. Then you must select the level. Next you have to REPEATEDLY push the start button and all the while seconds are being counted , probably 20-30 before the belts start moving.

3.) The machine sounds like sneakers in a clothes dryer when in use.

4.) In my case , after the initial startup, the machine stops EVERY time at EXACTLY 32 minutes.

YES I have recalibrated it. Yes, I have used the lubricant on it.

But NOTHING and I mean ABSOLUTELY nothing has worked to stop it from a sudden , nearly spine snapping shutdown at exactly 32 minutes after starting.

5.) When I restart the machine after the initial shut down, it runs for exactly 2 minutes and shuts down again.

6.) This is repeated if I try to restart the machine for a third or fourth attempt . A nearly spine snapping sudden shutdown at exactly 2 minutes.

7.) At each start up I must recalibrate by entering my weight. It will not run unless I do and that includes the 2 minute runs listed above.

This machine is the WORST piece of home exercise equipment I have ever purchased.

I have tried customer service but the technicians are snooty and NOT helpful AT ALL. Their solutions DO NOT WORK!

This has been going on for 3 years.

Someone asked why I had not returned it, it was under warranty. Have you ever opened a box containing a large piece of exercise equipment? How many people can open one of those boxes and remove the machine without totally destroying the box? I venture say very few.

Even if I had the box or replaced it while it was under warranty I doubt I could have disassembled it and gotten it into any box and I certainly do have the strength to lug it out of my house and into a car, assuming it would it fit. Then take it to be weighed and shipped. Logistically, I could not pull this off.

I had a WALMART cheapy elliptical that worked better and was easier to operate than the Bowflex Treadclimber. I wish I had not given that away and I dearly wish I had never heard of the Bowflex Treadclimber.

Mar 10, 2012
Don't Buy the Bowflex TreadClimber TC20
by: Anonymous

My Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 broke down after three weeks of use. A replacement shock was needed. Seemed like an easy fix. I've been informed that my replacement part will ship on April 28. Did I mention that it was ordered in January? Don't buy Bowflex. I can't understand why such a simple part is unavailable, unless they're no longer making the TC20, in which case, no replacement parts will be available in the future.

Feb 20, 2012
Hate this machine
by: Anonymous

I just received my Treadclimber and I am extremely disappointed with the structure and the service provided by Bowflex. I had to hire someone to assemble the machine because it was too big of a task for me and unless it wasn't assembled properly, the digital screens are not easy to read in a dark room. I called them, and waiting online for 15 minutes even though the recorder says: "there are no callers ahead of you". I was told I would get the machine within 10 days (I am from Canada) and I ordered the machine on January 3rd and received it on February 10th. All in all I totally regret buying this machine and because it would cost me $300 to send it back + I paid $125 to have it assembled, and I would have to have it disassembled, it is not worth sending back, but be aware, you will be disappointed.

Feb 15, 2012
by: Alex Rodrigues

I’m writing this about the Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 that I bought.

I bought the TC5, and like other customers, I received a damaged machine!

I called customer service, waited for more than 30 minutes to get an agent, and after saying that I don’t want a replacement part because I don’t want to got through another 4 hours of assembling the “thing”, or getting another defective part (as other people have reported) I was told that I have to wait for at least 5 business days to see if they will approve the return or not!! Or that I could return it and pay for it myself!

I Could not believe it! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

Also, my machine makes a loud banging noise.
I recommend people not buy this machine.

Now finally Nautilus approved the return of the damaged TC5 that I received. However, they will not send me a return label that will allow FEDEX to pick up the boxes at my house , as it was delivered!!

Can you believe that? I’ll have to carry almost 200lbs to a FEDEX store? This is so ridiculous and outrageous! If they delivered it to my door, why not pick it up at my door? How much more this would cost to Bowlflex? I think they do this in the hope that the customers will give up to return it, since it will cost a lot of money to make private arrangements to have this picked up and taken to a FEDEX store.

I’m totally disappointed and frustrated with my experience with Nautilus-Bowflex. I’ll do all I can to publicise the horrible ways that Nautilus customers are subject to.

Thank you for the space you provide here so customers like us can expose the horrible side of some companies.

Feb 13, 2012
Treadclimber starts smoking after 20 minutes
by: Anonymous

Twenty minutes into my workout my Treadclimber starts producing a burning smell. They have sent me a new motor when it was still under warranty and it did the same thing. I have replaced the "board" and have kept up all of the maintenance as suggested in the owners manual. This machine is a piece of junk and I would never recommend this product to anyone. I would tell them to go join a health club!

Jan 26, 2012
Bowflex TreadClimber TC1000
by: Anonymous

I purchased the Treadclimber in December. The Treadclimber was very bulky but was fairly easy to assemble. However, once assembled the Treadclimber would work until the slightest touch of the screen. It would stop if you placed a water bottle in the cup holder or the slightest jog of the top panel. It has been three weeks and I have been waiting for replacement parts and I will have to reassenble the parts myself. This machine is very expensive and from what I hear it does not last long. In order for me to return it I must pay shipping which would cost close to the amount I paid for the actual machine. The warranty is terrible as well. Customer serice is a joke. Each time I have called I have been on the phone for over an hour!

Jan 17, 2012
No issues here
by: Anonymous

I have owned a Treadclimber for years and have never experienced an issue.

Dec 27, 2011
Bad Machine?
by: Lawmantoo

Based upon the complaints from previous purchasers and the fact that Bowflex pulled all their commercial units from the gyms, I am convinced that my purchase of a machine would be a poor if not a risky investment. Bowflex should fix their problems, fire the engineer who sized the motor and move on.

Apr 23, 2011
Hydraulic Cylinder Failure
by: Dave

My neighbor gave me his 2008 TreadClimber because he couldn't adjust to it. I used it daily for about a week, then oil poured out of the H. Cylinders. I purchased a new pair of shocks, and they were defective. They sent another pair, and again were defective. The next shipment is supposed to be tested prior to shipping, so maybe they will work. When I installed the new shocks, the pedals went to the floor. I enjoyed the TreadClimber for a week and hopefully I will get more enjoyment. But after reading the negative remarks, I may have to throw it out.

Jul 06, 2009
Bowflex TreadClimber TC3000
by: keith hanchett

The Bowflex TreadClimber TC3000 and Bowflex customer service is garbage. My machine quit working, I did the diagnostic as described in the owner manual. I told the so-called support staff that the machine was in a dry environment, that there was no corrosion. I also asked if there was a fuse in the system. The tec then told me she was sending a new board and cables for a total of $206.96.

The new board and cables arrived in five days. I upacked the box and noticed that the board did indeed have a fuse. I pulled the fuse out of the new board and placed it in the existing board and the machine powered right up. I called Bowflex and asked why they would not just send the fuse, I was told that it was proprietary and that it was also a saftey issue of replacing the fuse. It was much easier to replace the whole board. What a crock. Bad equipment, bad company.

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