Bowflex Treadclimber Marketing Hype

by Tina
(Austin, Texas)

I purchased a Bowflex TreadClimber almost 2 years ago hoping it would deliver the results (or even some of the results) the product promises in its advertising. While I know there is always exaggeration in commercial advertisements, I can't tell you how disappointed I've been with the TreadClimber purchase. I use my TreadClimber faithfully (much more than the advertised 3 times per week for only 30 minutes). I am usually on it 4-5 times per week (some weeks even more). I started at the suggested 30 minutes but have even increased my time from 30 minutes to 45 minutes per session hoping (just by some chance) for better results. I still have not come close to achieving the results I saw advertised when I purchased my machine or that I recently saw in a commercial for the Bowflex TreadClimber a few days ago. In 2 years (and this is along with a diet regimen...just in case you might think I eat away all the positive affects the machine has to offer) I have lost a whopping 6 pounds....that's it, 6 pounds.....not the 4 or 5 dress sizes or the 30-40 pounds or the leaner, swimsuit ready body, or the body I haven't had since high school.....6 pounds!!!!!

While I know there is always hype in advertising and that in the small print at the bottom of the TV that no one (not even with their reading glasses) can catch and read, I feel that Bowflex needs to take a look at what they are promising to sell their product. I am getting no better results than if I went outside and walked in my neighborhood, and believe me it would have been a lot easier on the pocketbook (if I had decided on the outside option)!!!!

This is one product I cannot recommend to my least not over any other machine out there, especially with the hefty price tag that accompanies it.

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