The NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3 – 40% Tilt Burns 5 Times More Calories

The innovative NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3 Interactive is for a target market of fitness buffs who want to maximize cardio training in the shortest amount of time. Exercise is craved by the body’s muscles and skeletal system, but also provides crucial conditioning for the lungs, as well as the heart -- the most important muscle in the body. If you’re into advanced cardio training, rather than just running or walking, this could be the machine for you.

The Machine

With the NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3, you will burn up to 5 times more calories using the incline than you would by working out on a traditional treadmill. The incline can be increased in .5% increments until it tilts up to an awesome 40%, with the highest incline point measuring 26" off the floor. The Grafixx™ Hi-Altitude Display shows you your workout in 3-D. As you climb virtual hill trails an animated figure climbs along reflecting your progress. The display also tracks your speed, time, distance, vertical feet, calories burned and calories/hour burned.

The list of features of the NordicTrack Incline X3 includes:

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3 Interactive
  • 2.8 HP Drive Motor
  • 0-10 1-Touch ™ Speed Control
  • 0-40% 1-Touch ™ Incline
  • 9 Incline Trainer Workouts
  • iFIT® workout card technology
  • iPod® Compatible Music Port
  • Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 EQ Sound
  • 20" x 50" Tread belt
  • Heart Rate Monitoring; built-in hand grips & wireless telemetry
  • Reflex™ Cushioning
  • 300 lbs. max. User Weight
  • CoolAire ™ Workout Fan
  • SpaceSaver® Design
  • Lifetime motor warranty; 1 year parts & labor

The Buzz

UPDATE:  The X3 Incline Trainer is no longer being produced, replaced by a whole new lineup.  Check out all of the new NordicTrack Incline Trainers including the X7i, X9i and upper-end X11i at their online store.

Experts and trainers appreciate the novelty of the NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3, as well as its programming and great graphics, the iFIT® feature, and the music port.

But there’s a big concern in the lack of guts put out by the small 2.8 HP motor. Treadmill reviews cite problems with the motor burning out as well as the deck breaking. The reason for this is that walking on a steep incline on a regular basis puts a ton of stress on a weak motor, far more stress than running on a flat belt does.

Also, when the treadmill is used at the lowest level for running, the 50" belt isn’t comfortable for taller users. Note: because of the small motor and high incline, the NordicTrack X3 Incline Trainer should be used by lightweight users (under 175 lbs) only.

Not only will you fire up your internal furnace to burn a lot of calories, you’ll tone your legs and body and give your heart a real cardio workout session when the incline is set at 40%. Consumers love the 3-D display on the NordicTrack Interactive Incline Trainer X3 as well as the virtual adventures of mountain hiking -- it’s a totally new training experience.

What We Say About the X3 Incline Trainer

We can envision the people who would benefit from this type of special NordicTrack treadmill; such as alpine trekkers, hikers, climbers, trail runners, and BMX bikers.

The Incline Trainer X3 would also be good for people interested in reaching upper levels of the Target Heart Zone which they may have trouble doing with a run/walk program on a regular treadmill.

At $1499 MSRP, the NordicTrack Incline Trainer X3 is certainly affordable, but we are reluctant to recommend it after hearing what the tech had to say about the reported repairs on these motors and decks.

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