Bodyguard Champlain - Bodyguard 460XC Consumer Comments

by Ivanka Kuran
(Coeur d' Alene, ID)

I have owned a Bodyguard Champlain treadmill for 10 years and have loved it!!! In that time, I have used it to train for 15 Ironman's and 16 marathons. It is still going strong and I have never had any "down" time or problems. Now, I have decided to upgrade to the 460XC since it has some upgraded interactive features and I can program race courses into it including up to a 3% decline. It is very quiet and smooth. These treadmills and their shock absorbing qualities are the reason I have been able to continue to do longer races with minimal injuries. I can't recommend Bodyguard and their quality more highly - THANK YOU!

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